Conspiracy blame coronavirus on 5G internet

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I challenge anyone to watch the 60 min video this page &
claim there is nothing to it,  or it is all a coincidence. 

the 60 min vid > 1st 5 mins feels like a fiction but after that ....
OMG what the hell
If nothing else it explains the facts of Cold V's Flu and Virus V's Bacteria - very good

Conspiracy tips

Conspiracy Theories Are Spreading As Fast As Coronavirus. 

Here’s The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities.

when your aware of history you better understand whats going on around you today

just consider we are over stating the facts by ????? 20% or 50% ok then your only 50% scammed by them and us .. wtf  


Conspiracies blame coronavirus on 5G internet

Conspiracy theorists are infecting YouTube and Facebook with bogus theories that 5G mobile internet is responsible for the coronavirus.

One prominent anti-5G Facebook group has shared a number of erroneous posts, claiming 5G is the culprit behind a virus that has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide.

 Its creator, Dutch “UFO researcher” John Kuhles writes: “I challenge anyone to watch this video at least twice and claim there is nothing to it, [or] it is all a coincidence. Yeah right. Certainly not.”

a few mins into the video this lady really calls out the facts

The video Kuhles is referring to resides on the YouTube page of a conspiracy theorists named Dana Ashlie. In it, she waxes poetic for nearly an hour about the dangers of 5G and how it’s not just plausible, but probable, that Wuhan’s rollout of 5G led to a sickness with the symptoms of radiation poisoning.

If you’re looking for credentials, fear not, Ashlie received the message directly from God. No further credentials needed. According to her Patreon page, “[God] generously shared with me dreams and visions (about immediately unfolding end time events.” Luckily for her 190,000-plus subscribers, he also blessed her with “a marketing background to make videos that are relevant and riveting.”

This “relevant and riveting” content includes videos like this one, about Taylor Swift’s role in spreading anti-Christian propaganda. Or there’s this one detailing the reasons Nikolas Cruz — the gunman responsible for 17 deaths at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — was actually the victim of a secret military mind control device.

For what it’s worth, fact-checking services like Full Fact debunked Ashlie’s theory weeks ago. 

Though they continue to make their rounds.

The video is 60 mins and very factual.. the 1st 5 mins feels like a fiction but after then OMG what the helll
If nothing else it explains the facts of Cold V's Flu and Virus V's Bacteria - very good

The fuck did I just read?

The theories center on two main points. The first is that Wuhan was the first city in China to roll out 5G. It’s also believed that coronavirus originated in Wuhan. Correlation though, does not equal causation. Wuhan was one of 16 cities to debut 5G at roughly the same time. None of the others have reported abnormally high instances of the virus.

The second talking point is that 5G damages the immune system, leaving immunocompromised individuals highly susceptible to the disease — and immunocompromised, in this case, would mean anyone exposed to 5G. But there’s no evidence to support the claim that 5G weakens the immune system. In fact, there’s little evidence to support the claim that 5G adversely affects the health of humans at all.

A paper published in 2005 by the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety concluded that the radio frequencies commonly used for 5G transmission posed “no adverse health effects” aside from the heat produced by wireless devices. Its conclusion followed a study of more than 1,300 peer-reviewed studies on the biological effects of radio frequencies.

Facebook, for its part, has done little to stop the spread of misinformation. Facebook has pledged to slow the spread of misinformation by labeling erroneous stories such as this and directing users to more authoritative information. As of this morning, only a handful of these posts contained such a label.

On YouTube, which is routinely ground zero for these types of conspiracies, the videos continue to rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

We’ve reached out to both Facebook and YouTube. Neither immediately replied to our request for more information.

Users on both sites seem to be basing the bulk of their claims on a flawed study from 2000 stating that 5G was “likely to be a serious health hazard.” The study though, was later debunked.

Physicist Dr. Bill P. Curry analyzed data and summarized that the dose of radiation affecting the brain increased with the frequency of the wireless signal. His warning spread far and wide, invoking panic and anxiety over the potential health risks of 5G.

Unfortunately for Dr. Curry, he got it all wrong. According to experts on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, this type of radiation — known as non-ionising radiation — actually becomes safer at higher frequencies. (Though extremely high frequency radiation, like that of an X-ray, does pose a health risk.)

Experts believe that Dr. Curry failed to recognize the protective qualities of human skin when he performed his study on lab rats. His analysis ignored conventional wisdom that the skin acts as a barrier, protecting the internal organs, from high frequency radio waves — such as those used in 5G technology.

“It doesn’t penetrate,” Christopher M. Collins, professor of radiology at New York University, told the New York Times. Collins has spent years studying the effect of high-frequency electromagnetic waves on humans.

In this case though, it doesn’t appear sound science will stop the proliferation of these types of theories — at least not while the creators responsible for the videos continue to profit from ad revenue and affiliate links to alternative therapies.

Mis info

No pun intended albeit a death is a death and should be seen as the equal tragedies they are, or at least they should be.

Press Needs to Be Held Accountable for Hurting People


Reference on 5G

extract from page full report on 60ghz see link below snap shot

Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties

FAQ on 5G Towers

we ran a google search to see these popular questions, live link below snap shop

tower map

sample view: screen shot (link below image)

  • select Country, Carrier
  • and you can also select area
  • then compare the towers to the colour legend

Zoom in to check for Purple = 5G tower

watch the towers get turned on / off and compare to Corona activity - Co incidence 

sorry about 5G facts but there's more 

we already have 5G mini tower in our homes 
it's called W.I.F.I. if your system can switch between 2mhz and 5mhz then you got 5G baby 

read and weep 
Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous – Get The Facts!

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


In Short

S.T.O.P.  Start TObserve Purposefully

do fact check info and benchmark 

validate the integrity of the 3rd party info  - ie.,, dnt assume all is correct

understand the difference between a Knee Jerk and a Reflex
be aware that people give you advice for financial gain


the major issue is stop the spread, the faster stricter controls the quick the threat passes 


The C

The Conspiracy theory

The 60 min is very factual.. 
1 st 5 mins feels like a fiction but after that OMG what the hell
If nothing else it explains the facts of Cold V's Flu and Virus V's Bacteria - very good

Dr Thomas Cowan

added 23/03/20
What 5G does to your body

In a video recorded at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona, on March 12, doctor and anthroposophist Thomas Cowan says every time a fundamentally new electrical technology is introduced, we see a pandemic.

"A biological shock wave occurs, because our organism does not know what to do with the stressful new situation. Many people die and the rest survive, but with an excited biology," Cowan said.

This happened in 1918 with the Spanish flu, which occurred with the worldwide introduction of radio traffic.

Cowan says when they asked renowned anthrophosist Rudolf Steiner about the millions of victims of the Spanish flu in 1918, he replied: "Viruses have nothing to do with it. Viruses are reactions of the poisoned cell that, in defence against the poison itself, secretes the viruses to allow the cell to survive.

"Viruses are therefore waste products of the human cells and therefore do nothing themselves.”

Considering the numerous ways in which people are poisoned by antibiotics, radiation, insecticides, radioactivity, medicines, junk food, polluted water and air, and other harmful substances, Cohen says their resistance and their cells are destroyed. The cells themselves secrete the viruses as a defence response.

One version of 5G, called millimeter wave, runs on very high-frequency radio waves. Those signals can't travel long distances, which requires towers to be placed close together and installed in more locations.

That has reignited worries that the 5G radio waves – emanating from land and in space – could produce harmful radiation, causing brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches and other illnesses.

5G will supposedly be 600 times faster than the current speed of 4G mobile networks, and 10 times faster than the fastest fibre-optic connection in South Africa.

note: the student answers correctly re which city = Wuhan 
this is confirmed in info this page re 5g towers


King wears no clothes
added 17/3/20

Ok, all you saying I’m a tin foil job, you need to ask yourself this. 
SARS and H1N1 were a hell of a lot more contagious and virulent than Covid19 - FACT!, so why didn’t we go into full lock down in those cases? 

You 🐑 need to listen to this short 10 min video of a trained doctor who asks the highly pertinent question — did China hype up their own virus and make something huge out of it? Why would you even trust the news coming out of Communist China anyway? 

Also, where are the diagnoses being made? In the general population? In clinics and hospitals? In ICUs? That makes a difference to the numbers of “Covid19 cases” being logged. This thing was all hype from the beginning and its been media driven and we are already seeing the tangible result which is a further restriction on civil liberties, extended police powers of arrest, and talk of mandatory vaccination. 

Anyway believe what you effing well want to .. bunch of sheeple. 😂

if you think that's a conspiracy then how about 
Video: King wears no clothes

This short talk puts things into perspective. Coronovirus has always been present
and a co-factor in numerous routine viral respiratory infections both lethal and not.
What they have done, starting in China, is they have taken COVID19 in isolation and
 they have given it the image that it's the big bad lethal virus when in fact it's not at all
(as it has a very low mortality rate). Then they have diagnosed that segment of the
population which would produce the most positive tests -- namely people in hospitals,
clinics and ICUs. If they had tested the entire populations of countries they would find
very low rates of presence of Covid19. It's all to do with the manipulation of diagnostic
statistics. He ends by saying, rightly, that this whole panic is being driven by political
and financial agendas by the scientific community.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a specialist that understands crisis about the coronavirus. 
Please support us to investigate further 90min cinema documentary - indiegogo
Why we need to make this film: 

Wolfgang Wodarg says: The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China's cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer. Evidence-based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media, and ministries. webpage of Wolfgang Wodarg <> Producers of the video:

Related topics 

best fake and Truth on COVID-19 Rebrand of Seasonal Flu 

join the group and "Get on board" 

Scientific Community fabricated data on COVID-19  

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg vid: 

added 24/3/20 
10 min vid by Dr Thomas Cowan
explains that a virus is created inside your body becoz of disease
and what caused the disease  (5G)  - easy to follow vid

link to video 

new data shows 5G triggers Covid-19

Best Diary of COV events Rock Fell cut cover

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19 daily log at wab

More Conspiracy videos wab

Sheep Society

or just watch video below

best fake and Truth on COVID-19 Rebrand of Seasonal Flu 
join the group and "Get on board"

LuckyPhill heads or tails

undecided .. flip it heads or tails 

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