is 5G the cause of Covid-19 ?



many hours of research to qualify the theory that 5G tower (60mhz) causes Corona (covid-19)

The effect of the tower radiation causes disease in the body
the body creates a virus to fight the disease 

Page drafted 18/3  updated 17/6/2020

turn off 5G towers
but we also have them in our come called wifi routers . that is if they are 5mhz

The videos in this page make compelling evidence 


What is Disease

a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

24/3 see video item "Dr T" explains a virus is a reaction to a "bad thing Domain"; external or internal

What is a Exosome

google search What is a Exosome

Exosomes explained by Dr Kaufman 
info below is an extract from 70 min video at

Exosome are similar to a Virus, in terms of effect on cell

Exosome facilitates healing by killing poisoned cells 

nb: a virus is created within the body to attack / fight / destroy "insults" (something poisonous) - its your personal army to attack invaders - you could argue your army is bad - as they have to do bad things - they kill intruders and will cull (kill) your infected cells to protect the body 

Timeline  6.46

article published 15/09/2003  - James Hildreth

Scientific Hero: Dr. James E. K. Hildreth
article 9/06/2014 recognised by WHO for achievements

Link to this section 

What is a Hypoxia


explained the symptoms are wrong that the suffering of patients is similar to hypoxia


added to this page on 07/04 

Same video of Dr with comments added by
Dana Ashlie with evidence the injury is linked to effects of 60GHz

screen shot to show timelime point with link below image to timelime

Link to video timeline at 10.00mins


  • It appears this had already been observed by researchers. Acetazolamide,
    Nifedipine and Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors:
    Rationale for Their Utilization as Adjunctive Countermeasures in the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19).

  • Look, as a retired Intensive Care nurse I totally agree with this Doctor. Modern ventilator have always triggered ARDS in a small but significant number of patients, due to the damage caused by forcing 'positive pressure' into the very delicate lungs. This goes against the bodies own mechanisms for breathing. Normally the diaphragm and chest muscles pull open the fragile lungs, and air is drawn in passively. Don't forget gas exchange takes place in areas of the lung that are just one cell thick. That's how fragile lungs really are. Forcing air (and oxygen, a dry gas) into them is just a bad idea. Ironically the old fashion 'Iron Lung' machines, used up until the 60's are far closer to the bodies own mechanism. I have long thought we need to redesign the iron lung and bring it back, and get rid of modern ventilators altogether.

added to this page on 08/07

What is Poison

a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.

What is Venom

a poisonous substance secreted by animals such as snakes, spiders, and scorpions and typically injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging.

5G connection


How do our bodies utilize oxygen? When we breathe, oxygen is taken into our lungs and passed through the alveoli. 
When passed through the alveoli it is met with red blood cells that contain hemoglobin which binds to the oxygen and the oxygen is then carried away through the body.

So what happens when these oxygen molecules are oscillating at 60GHz (part of the 5G spectrum) ?

It's like sticking your hand in a fan and trying to catch the blade, only this blade is spinning at 60 Billion revolutions per second. The oxygen is unable to bind to the hemoglobin and your body slowly suffocates to death through hypoxia.

Strangely, the symptoms of the corona virus and hypoxia match up.
- shortness of breath
- troubled or rapid breathing
- headaches
- dizziness
- DRY cough (59% of corona patients experience dry cough the very opposite of pneumonia)
- seizures
- fainting

This explains why most patients are asymptomatic for up to a month. 
They’re not cultivating a virus within them, they’re slowly suffocating to death.

Below is USSR soviet study from 1977 that was a declassified by the CIA  ,it goes into more scientific depth of whats happening at a cellular level.

external link

link to this section on Hypoxia

What is a Virus

short link this section 

  • A virus is a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. 
  • When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to quickly produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus. 
  • Unlike most living things, viruses do not have cells that divide; new viruses are assembled in the infected host cell.
  • A virus replicates inside cells (in a body) TO FIGHT DISEASE 
  • in other words a VIRUS IS GOOD not harmful its self creating vaccine

24/3 see video item "Dr T" explains a virus is a reaction to a "bad thing Domain"; external or internal and what 5G energy does to your body

Video this page ref Dr T
starts with reference to Spanish Flu 

Steiner was asked .. whats was this all about 
1918 Spanish Flu Steiner vaccine
"well, Viruses are simply an excretion of a Toxic cell"

Viruses are pieces of DNA, they happen when the cell is poisoned  - they are not the cause of anything 

The good guys of Virus

Influenza (The Flu)

extract this website

Signs and Symptoms are same as corona yet Covid-19 is a virus not a flu ?  
Symptoms usually appear 1 to 3 days after becoming infected. 
People are potentially infectious to others even before they have symptoms.

The symptoms of flu can include:

  • fever
  • sore throat
  • dry cough
  • headache
  • muscle and joint pain
  • tiredness or extreme exhaustion

In the elderly, fever may be absent and the only signs and symptoms of flu may be:

  • confusion
  • shortness of breath
  • worsening of a chronic condition

Global Epidemics

Can you catch a Virus

No you can not catch a Virusa Virus is created within your body using Tissue and Blood for form agent
to fight a foreign agent (a disease) in your body

Virus dnt spread

Vid added 2/4/2020  20 secs into vid they explain 
Virus V's bacteria - Virus is not alive 
it does not spread from 1 section of the body to another so likewise 
it does not spread from person to person

facebook copy

Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be contaminated with Covid-19

DUD PARTS Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by Covid-19

same video below in youtube copy

references with this video

How does COVID-19 Spread

added 24/3
they don't actually really know - for now lets best guess that it's droplets 

but it could be anything ..  

umm like radiation poisoning from 5G towers


Wikipedia confirms "transmission method is UNKNOWN"

the virus is not the cause, its a reaction to a bio shock (disease)
same theme that leads to the distinction of animals / plants 

explained in seminar by Dr Thomas Cowan on 5G from Corona

What is a Vaccine 

A vaccine is an artificial Virus (it's a man made Virus) 

you can not catch a Vaccine it has to be injected 

fbk article 28/3//20 50,000 people dies from Vaccine 

google contents of Vaccine you see many elements are NFP (not for publication) if its safe why hide the details ? 

added 28/03  
Dr F explains the dangers of Vaccines due to undeclared contents


What are Antibiotics

Tips to stay Healthy

this is not a flu - its a Bio shock from new technology
yet the world health solution is suggesting we should reduce spread the same as a Seasonal flu
that is killing substantially less people ?

google search global death Seasonal flu 500,000

Evolution means

added 25/3 
the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

Young people are not (least) effected as they were born into the current bio changes
being laser / radiation / frequency 2g / 4g so they have evolved (mutated)

the elderly ( dinosaurs ) die out / can not survive in the Bio change 
and those with underlying illness also struggle 

Mutating means

added 25/3 
change in form or nature in biology it refers to the cell, DNA molecule

Does 5G cause covid-19 

Yes is appears to be the case 
Damage to the respiratory system by 5G 60mhz - causes the body to create a virus to fight the attack

fact check references 

1. 24/3 video "Dr T" explains a virus is a reaction to a "bad thing Domain"; 
     external or internal and what 5G energy does to your body - Dr Thomas Cowan on 5G from Corona
               includes credentials

2. The Birth of 5G by Wolfgang Wodarg, specialist that understands crisis about the coronavirus.
This short talk puts things into perspective. Coronovirus has always been present and a co-factor in
numerous routine viral respiratory infections both lethal and not.  What they have done, starting in China,
is they have taken COVID19 in isolation and they have given it the image that it's the big bad lethal virus
when in fact it's not at all (as it has a very low mortality rate).

refer video - King Wears no Clothes
includes credentials 

The disease must start in a healthy host

this suggests a virus will not attack people with underlying healthy issues 
it is most likely radiation poisoning caused by 5g

what is 5G

The reason 5th Generation (5G) technology is dangerous is because its signal is RF Radiation. 
There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking RF Radiation to DNA damage and cancer (see Scientific Studies). 
In 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as “possibly carcinogenic”, meaning “cancer causing” (see IARC). 
2G, 3G and 4G uses between 1 GHz to 5 GHz frequencies. 
5G is even more dangerous because it uses much higher frequencies, between 24 GHz to 90 GHz.  (95 ghz is military weapons see below)

To give you some comparisons, a microwave oven cooks food using 2.45 GHz,
and the US Army’s microwave crowd control weapon heats people’s skin from a distance using 95 GHz. 

Is 5G safe

Frank said not safe

Retired President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE


Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties

the article explains the effect of 5G frequency on OXYGEN

this is also explained the in 62min 5G Conspiracy video at the 8 min mark

you can see the live example by viewing the video down this page under damage to tree

added 2/4/20 
in short: 
The 5G  60mhz frequency is absorbed into oxygen causes chaos in our lungs when blood tries to extract "heamoglobin" and without that we fall down / die

Hemoglobin transfers oxygen to the blood - without it can / will die !

added 2/4/20 
Can I die from Hemoglobin:  Red blood cells drop causing amenia

added 2/4/20 

What is Anemia - makes you tired fatigue - mild to severe 

added 2/4/20 

can you die from Anemia  = Yes

added 2/4/20 

In the below video I talk more about what makes 5G more dangerous than 4G. It is a short video but very much worth watching

added 2/4/20 

Damage to tree

added 1/4/2020

Damage to body

Shortness of breath
Dry cough
Flu like symptoms
Pneumonitis radiation poisoning

added 5/4/20

20 video by Nurse, 4 mins into video explains damage to body 

added 5/4/20

video by Doctor in new York - confirms its not normal illness its not a corona virus

short link to this section

is it Banned

World Tower map

they turned off the 5G towers in China

sample view: screen shot (link below image)

  • select Country, Carrier
  • and you can also select area
  • then compare the towers to the colour legend

Zoom in to check for Purple = 5G tower

watch the towers get turned on / off and compare to Corona activity - Co incidence 

Should you be worried

How Worried Should You Be About the Health Risks of 5G?

we already have 5G mini tower in our homes 
it's called W.I.F.I. if your system can switch between 2mhz and 5mhz then you got 5G baby 

read and weep 
Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous – Get The Facts!

Conspiracy tips

Conspiracy Theories Are Spreading As Fast As Coronavirus. 

Here’s The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities.

when your aware of history you better understand whats going on around you today

China Recovered

note - they turned of their 5G towers 
dnt believe me ?  check the 5G tower map link this page

China working

this is great news as this will flow on to all in terms of resuming life

the status is 
  • China took a minor drop in stock market 
  • and they will have a surge in value as they have recovered 
  • while all major countries are in turmoil
  • China is now a controlling Country with stronger Economy and supply

(see link this page "Tower map" and see for yourself)

Birth of COVID-19

no one knows how long this disease has been around
UNTIL someone gave it a name 

to see how it was created view the 10min 
video by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg King Wears no Clothes

video explains the scientific community are playing you


The C

The 60 min is very factual.. 
1st 5 mins feels like a fiction but after that OMG what the hell
If nothing else it explains the facts of Cold V's Flu and Virus V's Bacteria - very good

Dr T

added 23/03/20
What 5G does to your body

In a video recorded at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona, on March 12, doctor and anthroposophist Thomas Cowan says every time a fundamentally new electrical technology is introduced, we see a pandemic.

"A biological shock wave occurs, because our organism does not know what to do with the stressful new situation. Many people die and the rest survive, but with an excited biology," Cowan said.

This happened in 1918 with the Spanish flu, which occurred with the worldwide introduction of radio traffic.

Cowan says when they asked renowned anthrophosist Rudolf Steiner about the millions of victims of the Spanish flu in 1918, he replied: "Viruses have nothing to do with it. Viruses are reactions of the poisoned cell that, in defence against the poison itself, secretes the viruses to allow the cell to survive.

"Viruses are therefore waste products of the human cells and therefore do nothing themselves.”

Considering the numerous ways in which people are poisoned by antibiotics, radiation, insecticides, radioactivity, medicines, junk food, polluted water and air, and other harmful substances, Cohen says their resistance and their cells are destroyed. The cells themselves secrete the viruses as a defence response.

One version of 5G, called millimeter wave, runs on very high-frequency radio waves. Those signals can't travel long distances, which requires towers to be placed close together and installed in more locations.

That has reignited worries that the 5G radio waves – emanating from land and in space – could produce harmful radiation, causing brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches and other illnesses.

5G will supposedly be 600 times faster than the current speed of 4G mobile networks, and 10 times faster than the fastest fibre-optic connection in South Africa.

note: the student answers correctly re which city = Wuhan 
this is confirmed in info this page re 5g towers

note: China has turned off their 5G towers
see link this page to world map of towers

David Icke

added 24/3 
David Icke | The TRUTH About 5G! - What You're NOT Being Told

explains the simple context the inarguable evidence of 5G frequency damage

5G forced on schools

added 24/3
in the USA during the Corona curfew they are installing 5G into 
Schools and Hospitals 

Related topics 

best fake and Truth on COVID-19 Rebrand of Seasonal Flu 

join the group and "Get on board" 

Scientific Community fabricated data on COVID-19  

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg vid: 

added 24/3/20 
10 min vid by Dr Thomas Cowan
explains that a virus is created inside your body becoz of disease
and what caused the disease  (5G)  - easy to follow vid

link to video 

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19 daily log at wab

More Conspiracy videos wab

Sheep Society

or just watch video below

LuckyPhill heads or tails

undecided .. flip it heads or tails 

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is 5G the cause of covid-19

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