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Rockefeller Foundation (the deep state) but so much more added 


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Conspiracy tips

Conspiracy, The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities.


when your aware of history you better understand whats going on around you today

Simple question

no one knows how long this disease has been around .. until some one gave it a name
just like RSI (Repetitive strain Injury) or all other illnesses it's unknown until someone categorises it .. right 

refer video King wears no clothes
coronavirus has been around for years as the flu, they decided to use it now  
see this page queries - 20/3/20 link to "flu reports down this season" 

This theory is affirmed in the video this page called 
section other - KWNC   (King wears no clothes)


this page was created to host
Rockefeller Foundation (the deep state) but so much more added 

RF Video: Three (3) phase

1. localise young generation genetically (mutate) to microwave technology

2. compulsory Vaccine (genetics) and Totalitarian democracy - Wikipedia

3. kill off the elderly (a burden to global economy)

Video:  Bitchute site -  external link 

the document referred to in the video in embedded down the page

RF: Doseia


Program by Rockefeller Foundation
to understand the content you should watch the video above 

document in widget below  - external link below widget

29/11/2020  link added (from Mick P) with my insights and details of the lock step

added 24/3/20

Bill Gates lets slip the real reason for the Pandemic i.e. Digital Certificate Of Movement, initially on your smart phone. Reading between the lines, this will be so as you are tracked on the 5G control grid and require compulsory vaccinations to keep your certificate valid.

1. The Pandemic is initially to restrict our movement, removing our freedom.
2. To regain movement, we will require a digital certificate of movement on a smartphone (eventually on a microchip under the skin).
3. The microchip will be for buying and selling, it will be switched off if you protest TPTB. In a cashless society you won't be able to function.
4. The 5G network is to track you, initially by your smartphone which you have to bring everywhere due to the digital certificate of movement, and eventually on your microchip.
5. End Goal - Total Enslavement, the Deep State want to own us like cattle on 5G control grids, they can switch us on and off as they wish.

Here is what Gates said today:-
"Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it."
The article below discusses the certificate of movement now required in France.
Coronavirus containment: the certificate of movement on a smartphone

"Due to the coronavirus pandemic, France is placed in almost total containment and the population now needs a certificate to move. But not necessarily need a printer, the smartphone is enough."

To understand the broader context of the digital certificate of movement, it's useful to go back over 10 years to an interview with a former friend of the 'Deep State' Rockefeller family, Arron Russo. In the interview he exposes the plans which a member of the Rockefeller family had leaked to him in private. One of the most important pieces of information was that in the future all humans would be required to have a microchip under their skin, and one of its main purposes would be for buying and selling. Any individual resisting the agenda of the Deep State would have their microchip switched off, making it almost impossible for them to function in society, thereby giving The Elite immense control over the population.

Note: The Rockefeller family have also been obsessed with pandemics (page 18) for years like Bill Gates.

Of course, to keep your certificate of movement valid, you'll need to keep up with your toxic social engineering vaccines, which will modify your fertility, IQ, lifespan, health etc in adverse ways, all under the guise of protecting you against various pathogens. Both the Rockefeller's and Gates are known eugenicists, and are both heavily involved with vaccines, and both have admitted on video that they want the global population down to below one billion.

As you'll see, it is vital to resist the plans of these parasites, do not comply, if a significant % refuse to cooperate with their agenda then their agenda will fail.
TLDR - Reason for pandemic = Pretext for introduction of certificate of movement, so as we have to join vaccine social engineering program, get tracked on 5G grid and buy/sell with a microchip; fully enslaved by the Deep State. It is essential for yourself and future generations that you refuse to comply.

Background videos:-
David Rockefeller talks about over population and population control
Bill Gates wants depopulation, will use vaccines
Event 201 - Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?
Rockefeller Foundation Plan

the 5G aspect is noted in the page in several sections


if you think that's a conspiracy then how about 

Its money

Mahmoud History 

when your aware of history you better understand whats going on around you today

Mahmoud ElAwadi shared an excellent video called "Money market manipulation"
we logged on in section queries 18/3/20  - around 10mil hits

and now on 22/3/2020 another cracker  9 min vid

History repeats it self but in an ugly way
Japan & China vs the USA. 


Video: King wears no clothes           

This short talk puts things into perspective. 
Coronovirus has always been present and a co-factor in
numerous routine viral respiratory infections both lethal and not.  What they have done, starting in China,
is they have taken COVID19 in isolation and they have given it the image that it's the big bad lethal virus
when in fact it's not at all (as it has a very low mortality rate). Then they have diagnosed that segment of
the population which would produce the most positive tests -- namely people in hospitals, clinics and
ICUs. If they had tested the entire populations of countries they would find very low rates of presence of
Covid19. It's all to do with the manipulation of diagnostic statistics. He ends by saying, rightly, that this
whole panic is being driven by political and financial agendas by the scientific community.

see more the 

Dr. W Wodarg a Pantomime Scam

Dr T

added 24/3/20 
10 min vid by Dr Thomas Cowan
explains that a virus is created inside your body becoz of disease
and what caused the disease  (5G)  - easy to follow vid

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
their "INCREASING Death rate" distorts data on flu, epidemics and Pandemics. The Misinfo is sensationalised by media 
ie., Korea is young population / low effect of covid-19 whereas Italy has oldest age group in Europe (which you can fact check from google search)
this introduces yet another conspiracy, scroll down to video Dr Vernon

Coronavirus has been around for years as the flu, they decided to use it now  
see this page queries - 20/3/20 link to "flu reports down this season" 

Viral Marketing

Using video of their Event 201 Pandemic strategy session,
this vid shows YOU how Global Organizations planned to dominate the messaging
in the event of a global outbreak. 
We are living through that strategy right now  ending on a high note (I think!) 

To contribute to my work or thank me for what you've already seen please make a donation here:, OR you can to go my website and get my P.O Box address: Video backup channel, Please Go Subscribe! THANK YOU very much to all who have been a part of this Great Awakening!

     includes video of Sheep Society programming 

Dr Vernon

added 20/03/20

the data is confirmed 19/03 in uk website 

insights: slowish vid (heard it all before) last 2 mins the the hidden agenda

25/3 Woke Nurse

added 25/3/20  good content

23/3 Bloodless Coup

Jon Rappoport of nomorefakenews guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down his research into bloodless coups using fake pandemics.

5G Virus

our quest for the truth started with this awesome share

60 min vid: awesome conspiracy 


The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities.

27/3/20 its wrong

Experts wrong by 25 in model estimate

fbk post

90 min vid by Dr Batturi - The virus was from a laboratory
sponsored by Anthony Fauci (director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984)
is connected with allowing the lab technology to go back to China where it got lose

26/3/20 fraud

reported 27/3 

The circle of Fraud 

view 18min vid via link above with comments or go direct at

25/3/20 kids

25/3/20 woke Nurse

refer video this page "Worke Nurse"

further explained in vid this page Dr T or see full page at Dr Thomas Cowan

24/3/20 Italy PC

PC Political Correctness by Italy caused more outbreak !!
with Florence even launched a 'Hug a Chinese' Day initiative after Trump announced China travel restrictions


fbk post 

5G tower frequency is massive damage

5G topic is under in this page many times includes new vids from 24/3


Leukemia patient $35,000 to test for Corona

fbk post

The example here is subjectively medical decisions, 
a terminal ill patient is giving additional medical examinations
to determine if covid-19 which is likely to cause terminal for a person with Leukemia

resources are exhausted, for this reason Italy is not treating patients over 80
Italy has the oldest age group in Europe (google search or see this page queries 22/03

the stats on death by Covid-19 is misinfo based on surge / rush / guesses and
pressured decisions, the same correlation to pressures of war  - google history channel

22/3/20 called out

fbk link

Panto aims to expose the naked truth about authority

Pantomime: "The Emperor's New Clothes"
a short tale - Weavers promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent – while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone believe the clothes are invisible to them. When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new "clothes", no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!" 

not to be confused with The Emperor Wears No Clothes  (A $100,000 challenge to the world to prove we are wrong)

1. vid this page KWNC: 10 min vid Wolfgang Wodarg corona been around for yrs now exploited and why 

     includes video of Sheep Society programming 


fbk post   GOOD NEWS

agree CNN not someone u can usually trust but this is good



Seasonal Flu data - well down .. is corona this yrs flu with new name 
was the death rate of elderly 2017-2018 higher then today ?

20/3/20 - Italy

Ben Shapiro - data indicates severely overreacting (no kiding)


yes its possible but 5G is the most likely 
the lab created theory has happened many times 
see video in conspiracy corona page

yes Democrats will do anything to their country to get Trump out 
as they need to protect the deep state


Conspiracy theory by Nostradamus in 1551 about 2020
Factcheck NO ..
scroll down to see the full explanation

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The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities.

Sheep Society

or just watch video below


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11.25 US death rate is misinfo Fake Science: data reports  US studio - annual death rate about the same 11.20 yes  
11.20 Vaccine is false content Vaccine - not genuine - vid 3 min Dr Northrup speaks  yes 11.20 fact checks included 
11.19 whats on the Vaccine Box  Vaccine - scary contents - 3 min video they assume you will not research the contaminants yes 11.19 fact check links included 
11.16 Elon Musk 4 tests 1 day and opposite results  test kit false - text  Elon musk said its bogus yes 11.16 tweet and data report 
11.15 Pfizer fact check vaccine failures vaccine failures of Prfizer video and text  Pfizer on covid Vaccine 
11.12 Vaccine is not all it seems Vaccine - not genuine - video 4 mins  expert medical statement by Dr Christiane Northrup  11.12 yes fact check links in post fbk page 
10.21 a Barrington Declaration lockdown fail: text  Global experts sign declaration to confirm wrong  10.21 yes wab Great Barrington Declaration 
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