How This Guy Bankrupt The World

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How Did This Guy Get To Bankrupt The World? See The Timeline Of Errors For Yourself.

I cannot stress how important it is that you read this and start to ask questions because I am going to timeline a sequence of events that are negligent to the highest level and have impacted everyperson on earth.

Creating a situation that is impossible for the world to recover from and nothing we are being told by the mainstream or our governments validates or makes sense of it.

I am going to take you step by step through the simple research “digging” that I did to find this information so that you can see how criminal it is that career journalists are not doing this and reporting the truth to you.

In the UK and USA we have some of the most prestigious universities, biggest businesses and smartest minds in the world. We also have two of the worlds strongest economies and are countries founded on millions of our citizens owning and operating small to medium businesses that provide up to 60% of our countries jobs.

It is an economic fact that the majority of these small businesses are not well capitalised and do not have huge cash reserves to weather financial storms.

Follow this timeline and click on the links provided and make your own conclusion if you think the actions taken around the coronavirus make any logical sense.
March 16th – The Ferguson Report Is Released

On March 16th a professor from the Imperial College in London called Neil Ferguson used a mathematical computer model he created in 2009 to estimate the infection rate and death toll of the coronavirus.

You can see his paper was dated 16th march by clicking on the link below:

Only 2 days later he entered “self isolation” having supposedly contracting the coronavirus himself.
This is documented on his own wikipedia page on the link below:

Just for a second consider that we are now weeks into this “outbreak” and the numbers to date say there are 1.3m cases amongst the 7 billion people on earth. That means only 0.01% of the world have coronavirus after 3 weeks. So Ferguson had a 1 in 10,000 chance of being a corona victim based on todays figures….. back then it would have been a 1 in 100,000 chance.
So the man who creates a computer prediction that was used to shut down the entire world within 2 days of his report was the unlucky or unlikely (1 in 100,000) corona victim……. that in itself is very curious don’t you think?

Let’s look at the mathematical odds of this happening in layman terms. It is the equivalent of correctly predicting 3 massive sporting upsets:
Leicester winning the premier league 4000/1
Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson 42/1
The unknown teenager Boris Becker winning Wimbledon 11/1
Then on top of those odds you have to factor in that Ferguson was 1 in 7,000,000,000 people on earth to predict the corona death count and then multiply it by 365 for the days in the year

Curious odds huh?

In his bombshell report he said that he expected 60% of the country to contract the coronavirus and he predicted that the USA would see up to 2.2million deaths and 500,000 for the UK.

This is the type of enormous death toll you would expect from something like Ebola so naturally this raised huge concerns.

Ask Yourself This…….
Given the high stakes is it logical to assume that the world would call in the greatest scientific minds in the world?
Would you expect them to call government agencies like the Centre For Disease Control (CDC) or the worlds smartest scientist who work in the highest security labs that actually work with lethal viruses?

Would it be logical to spend a few days verifying Ferguson’s theoretical prediction. After all his own wikipedia page states clearly that he specialises in “mathematical modelling” meaning he is a computer nerd who is not involved in frontline viral research and prevention.

Personally I would expect Glaxo Smith Kline and all the huge Pharma companies to be consulted and submitting the best the world has, to double triple and quadruple check that Mr Ferguson was indeed correct with his apocalyptic prediction.

His report clearly stated that he believed we needed to lock the country down for up to 18 months!

18 months of a worldwide shutdown would lead to poverty and starvation on a scale that would kill maybe a few hundred million people….. so the suggestion in its own right was ludicrous unless we are dealing with a virus that spreads like wildfire and kills a massive number of people.
March 20th – USA Shuts Its Borders

Friday March 20th America shuts its borders to travellers from Europe and shortly after the UK. This immediately threatened to bankrupt the entire worldwide airline industry. Europe shuts its borders and lockdown began.
March 23rd – UK Goes On Full Lockdown

On the back of Fergusons doomsday prediction now two of the worlds largest economies have completely shut down to protect its citizens. Which given the media frenzy and the scientific reports it seemed a reasonable thing to do to save lives. The sheer shock and speed of this news about a far away country (China) suddenly being on your doorstep was shocking and terrifying.
March 25th –Ferguson Retracts His Prediction

On Wednesday 25th only 9 days after scaring the world into an unprecedented lock down Ferguson drags himself off out of “self isolation” to speak to a parliamentary committee and reveals that he has now readjusted his model and “now feels confident that the death toll in the UK will be below 20,000!”

See for yourself:

So the guy who caused the world to shut down only 9 days before with doomsday figures predicting millions of deaths and saying we need to self isolate and practise social distancing for up to 18 months has now told parliament that he was wrong and the figure he now predicts is below 20,000.

What is astonishing is why this was not being reported on every mainstream media outlet as the biggest governmental cock up in history at this point. Yet we hear virtually nothing and the media continue to spread fear on a scale never seen.
Why Is His Retraction Not The Biggest News In The World

Can you imagine if it was reported honestly, there would be a national outcry for an enquiry into how they got it so wrong.
The compensation law suits from every business in the world would be staggering if the governments admitted that they shut the world down based on a theoretical computer simulation that the creator only 9 days later said he had miscalculated!
The millions of small businesses who had by that 9 days already been bankrupted.
The loss of jobs and the impact to the economy was already staggering.

The people would demand to know how such rash decisions had been made based on one mans computer simulation!
The Plot Thickens

Imagine how astonished I was when I went on to the official UK government website to see that on the 19th March (3 days after Fergusons report scared the world) and 4 days before full lockdown was initiated.
The coronavirus had been DOWNGRADED from the high consequence infectious diseases (HCID).

So what is a HCID and why is this so shocking? Let’s look at the definition of HCID.The UK Government Definition of HCID is
acute infectious disease
typically has a high case-fatality rate
may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment
often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly
ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings
requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely

So 4 days before the complete UK lockdown the UK government downgrades coronavirus as
Not having a high death rate
Not being difficult to recognise
Not having an ability to spread in the community
Not requiring an enhanced individual and population response

This is stated clearly on the governments own website on the link below

The government statement says:

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

So this begs the question if the government had downgraded the threat of Corona on the 19th March why the hell did they shut down the economy! It makes no sense!!
Puzzled By This I Delve Deeper

I began searching everything I could and what I discovered was that the scientific community had openly published doubts about Fergusons predictions.

I went to a New Scientist article that stated that “Oxford Scientists” thought he was wrong on the link below

I am always skeptical of how mainstream media quotes famous colleges as a way to validate a topic, knowing most people cease to delve deeper. The conditioning we all have been subjected to trust titles is crazy. So I click the link about the study that disagreed with Ferguson because i wanted to see if it was credible and it took me to an article on the financial times that was not publicly visible as it need a subscription

So I began digging and the first search “Oxford Coronavirus Research” and I found a brilliant article in the Guardian where an honest reporter states clearly that he was surprised by the decision making process from the beginning and that he was aware of conflicting opinions across the entire scientific community.

Read it here it is a great read

So what peaked my curiosity was that the Guardian article quoted this “Oxford University team led by Sunetra Gupta, a professor of theoretical epidemiology, pointed out that figures on the morbidity of Covid-19 were virtually meaningless in the absence of testing.”

My first thought was “theoretical epidemiology” this sounds like a nonsense.
So I googled “theoretical epidemiology degree” and I found nothing. There is no such title and no such course you are either an epidemiologist or you are not.

Weird I think… so I search Sunetra Gupta and find her website

I am gobsmacked at what I read and I quote
“Sunetra Gupta is an acclaimed novelist, essayist and scientist. In October 2012 her fifth novel, So Good in Black, was longlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. In 2009 she was named as the winner of the Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award for her scientific achievements. “

Are you bloody kidding me!
This is not to knock Sunetra but the one referenced voice of reason (talking some sense) quoted by a National Newspaper opposing Fergusons madness is a woman who is a novelist writing her 5th book about love affairs between Indian and English couples. Who is titled a “theoretical epidemiologist” working in the ZOOLOGY department at her university!

So I dig further and see that she has wrote a book about pandemics on amazon….. you literally could not make this stuff up!

So I dig further seeing she has won a fancy sounding award called the Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award for her scientific achievements.

It becomes clear to anyone reading it that this is not a serious science award because when you click on the past winners link it takes you to this page

That all the past winners are women who have agreed to use the award to help promote science to woman.

So let’s recap for clarity
We have a guy with a faulty computer model that scares the world into shutdown
The most notable person opposing it and quoted in the mainstream media is a “theoretical” scientist with a passion for writing novels and has never done anything of note that actually cures viruses.


Do we not expect the greatest most experienced scientific minds on the frontline and cutting edge of the most dangers viruses to be calling the shots….. not theoretical nobodies!!!

It is astonishing and then you question why are professional seasoned journalists with national publications not doing the basic research you can see took me at most 5 google searches.

So I dig a little further and pull up her most recent submitted scientific study and you do not need to be a genius to read its introduction to see its theoretical waffle.

Postulating if a community got exposed to a highly contagious and low contagious virus that some weird immunity is created….. theoretical drivel that cannot and will not ever be proved one way or the other!
Do We Not Expect Better In A Crisis?

Look at it this way, you have been rapidly forced to cease working in your family business or job with no consultation and no right to say no. A government ruling has stopped you from being able to support yourself financially or your employees. You have effectively been placed under house arrest and told you cannot go out and freely walk. You cannot be in close proximity to others or risk being fined by the police.

At record speed you have had all of your rights as a person taken from you and because it happened so fast and the media made it so scary you didn’t even have chance to question it or be pissed off.
Lives are at risk
Pensions are at risk
Stock markets at risk
Life savings are at risk
Bankruptcy brought to your door through no fault of your own
Jobs are lost

The stakes could not be higher and we have a couple of theoretical modellers running the show and dictating the future of everyone.

Then once they are proved wrong it is not reported and the actions taken are maintained and unchanged!
Now Let’s Look At The Cost Of This Decision

The decision to shut the world down based on clearly unreliable data has caused a financial shockwave that we can never recover from. Don’t trust me on this trust mainstream media on one of the few articles speaking the truth.

Trump has been forced to get the Federal Reserve to print $6 trillion dollars to pay Americans to stay home so that they can feed themselves during the shutdown and the rest is going to banks / airlines and other too big to fail companies.

Printing $6 Trillion has almost doubled the entire money supply for the United States and by printing that much they have devalued the buying power of the dollar which effects every country in the world.

This cannot ever be recovered and the world is now bankrupt…… so just for a second think about the consequences of this.
Businesses will close on a scale never witnessed in history
Hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost
Suicide rates through financial pressure will eclipse the coronavirus death toll
Poverty will be rampant
As much as 60% of the world will be unemployed
Life’s changed beyond measure in the billions
Now let’s look at the medical impact

So across the world millions of patients have had their operations cancelled so the hospitals can be prepared for the pandemic. This means millions of cancer patients and heart disease patients and many other life threatening conditions are now no longer going to receive life saving treatment and die…….
This total will far exceed the “pandemic” totals
The Stats Do Not Add Up

The image below shows real stats taken from this website

So weeks into this shutdown we still have not exceed the death total for normal seasonal flu or heart disease suicides, malaria or smoking.

Are you starting to see why millions of people across the world are questioning the logic behind these decisions?

Can you see why the mainstream media’s constant fear reporting is not being honest and balanced?
Mainstream Media Lies

Let’s look at some of the whopping great lies that the media has been caught red handed telling in more than one country.

All the scientific data coming direct from the CDC states that the majority of deaths are from people who already had as many as 3 underlying serious health issues and were over 60 years old.

The public was starting to perceive that young people were not taking the virus threat serious enough and suddenly we get a report of young boy dying.

What is astonishing is the same boy is then referenced in various countries under different names / ages and even becomes a girl!

Yet the truth is he died because he copied a chocking game online in 2017 ….. astonishing lies!
It is actually just sloppy that they lie and don’t make more of an effort to not be caught out so easily.

Next watch the video below to see how the BBC and CBS news ripped off video footage from Italy and made up a story that it was actually footage of devastating scenes from London and New York….. flat out lies!

As you see in the video above that the media says hospitals are packed to capacity yet when citizen journalists go to verify this for themselves they find it is simply not true.
You cannot deny what your own eyes see in this video.

Then as you can read on the link below a man awake to what is going on, takes it upon himself to go to his local hospital and films it and posts it to social media. For this act he is JAILED FOR 3 MONTHS!
For what? …. Telling the truth and exposing a lie!! He is then nationally branded a “covidiot”

We then have New York’s democratic Governor Cuomo saying he needs 30,000 ventilators and the worldwide media slates Trump for not doing enough.

Yet only days later his figures are proven to be a nonsense!

Let’s review
We have one man make an inaccurate model that shuts down the world.
Governments took a decision to shut down knowing it would bankrupt their economies.
Governments and the media do not appear to be using the best of the best scientist but instead are using weird theoretical modellers and novelist on this huge decision
The UK government knowingly downgraded the virus threat days before initiating total lockdown
The real world impact on patients waiting for life saving treatment is immeasurable… lives will be lost
The economic impact is unfathomable and can never be repaired
The media is being caught with inaccurate reporting and blatant lies

Does any of this feel right to anyone reading this?

Does this make us all conspiracy theorists or unpatriotic “covidiots” for asking sensible and logical questions?
Next We Have The Celebrity Pandemic

As discussed earlier the global metric for contracting this flu strain is 0.01% a one in ten thousand probability. So don’t you find it curious how celebrities and politicians all come down with COVID-19.(especially those implicated by the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists for crimes against children).

Statistically it seems if you a Royal / Politician or Celebrity with a fetish for sex with children you are 10,000 times more likely to contract the coronavirus!

Very curious…..right?
Next We Have A Harvard Scientist Arrested

On the 28th January the US department of justice (DOJ) arrested Harvard Professor Dr CharlesLieber and 2 Chinese nationals who were found to be smuggling vials of covid-19 in their sock.

Lieber failed to disclose $1.5 million dollars in funding which tracks back to the Bill Gates Foundation and he was known to be working with pandemic strains of the flu!

The Chinese nationals were due to fly back to Dr Liebers lab in WUHAN CHINA!!!
Hello wakey wakey people!

This prestigious elite university, that makes people instantly believe anything that comes from someone mouth because they attended “Harvard” is now embroiled in a criminal case of this magnitude.

Do you know that Harvard has a budget / net worth of $43 billion which is more than the GDP of many small nations! All very curious!

What are the odds that Wuhan is the only city in the whole of China that has a Level 4 Virus lab. Level 4 is the highest threat level laboratory and Wihan also happens to be the first city in China to fully integrate 5G….. What are the odds?

I would highly suggest watching this brilliant documentary on the chinese outbreak by the Epoch Times ( a real news organisation free from agenda and bias)

Dr Rashid Buttar Blows The Doors Off The Science

Dr Buttar is an astonishing Doctor who a decade ago identified that mercury from vaccines given to his child caused him to regress into autism. He wrote a New York times best selling book called “ 9 Steps To Keep The Dr Away” and he devised a protocol that reversed his son’s autism.

He is a genius yet rather than being globally lauded for his achievements he was chased by every medical agency and attacked from all corners by the medical mafia mob.

He released the video below which clearly shows the unarguable science that there is NOT and can NEVER be a reliable Covid-19 test kit.

Test Kits Where Found To Contain Coronavirus

So despite the fact that it is clear there is not and cannot be a reliable testing mechanism for covid-19 the test kits that were being distributed worldwide were found to contain the actual virus!!!

How can that possibly happen we have a virus so serious with such a high mortality rate that the company manufacturing the test kits has some how managed to drop the virus into the swabs!
Why were they even in possession of the virus?
How could their production facility of petri dishes and cotton buds suddenly be sprayed with the live virus all over the units?
Did everyone in the factory come down ill or die?

You just cannot write this stuff but it literally is just palmed off as a footnote by mainstream media.

Surely if the test kits got contaminated this warrants the most epic investigation because it almost certainly has killed people.

Do the potential victims of this incredible manufacturing failure deserve to know how or why their loved ones got sick and died?

Yet no investigation and no public or governmental Upraor….. it just seems like an inconvenience that we are delayed getting the new replacement test kits.

I keep saying it but you could not write the catastrophic list of errors, sloppy lies and coverups and management that involves our governments during a pandemic outbreak. Not to mention what does this say for the so called institutions like the World Health Organisation if it so simple to collate the catalogue of errors as a i am doing here.
Are the billion dollar funded global bodies not meant to work to a precise scientific standard and way of dealing with health crisis management?

The Figures Are Being Manipulated

See below a recent Fox News broadcast which is actually asking the right questions. For weeks we have seen researchers / Doctors and Professors all saying that there is no accurate testing and data showing that hospitals are just putting people with flu like symptoms down as COVID-19.

The last 3 months has seen a sharp decline in pneumonia deaths inline with the increase in coronavirus deaths….. is it possible they are calling pneumonia deaths as coronavirus?

Sound crazy…. sound like a conspiracy?
If you need more proof that they are being manipulated then watch this video which is a Nurse saying what she is seeing happening with all people being listed as COVID-19 when that is not what killed them.

Still need more proof listen to US Senator & Doctor Scott Jenson say that he is seeing Doctors incorrectly diagnose people as Covid-19 when they are not. Remember he is a Doctor and US Senator speaking on Mainstream Media.

Still need more proof in another interview Senator Dr Scott Jenson reveals that a hospital is paid $13,000 for each covid-19 patients and a further $39,000 if the patient goes on a ventilator!

Follow The Money & You See Why They Are Being Manipulated

So why are hospitals and doctors being mandated to put covid-19 on death certificates even when the person already had a problem that was killing them such as cancer?

There is now a $100 billion dollar fund available to the hospitals and Doctors that they can tap into ONLY if they are dealing with a covid-19 patient!

The Information above comes from a CDC government document based on identifying covid-19 deaths and accessing funding which you can read by clicking on the link below

This theft from the people is happening in every country in the world. The format is simple
Problem = The Boogieman Virus is going to kill you (backed by very poor science and data)
Reaction = Huge panic backed by the media fear machine
Solution = Print trillions of dollars (bankrupting the people) – distribute to the usual suspects (privately owned pharma) – pass draconian laws that remove civil liberties and see how far you can take it getting the world to self imprison while hiding from the boogieman that your caring government is saving you from.

If you have read this far you are surely beginning to scratch your head and say to yourself this is a shit show from start to finish and nothing adds up.

If that is the case then you are probably ready to delve into what is being now massively attacked by the mainstream media in yet another exercise to convince you that all researchers looking for answers are tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists!
At What Point Is It Statistically Impossible?

So we now know everything from
The inaccurate pandemic computer modelling to the contaminated test kits it’s a catalogue of errors from start to finish.
Add to this that shady Billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates are funding research into weaponising viruses
Then the same billionaires illegally funding the most prestigious university in the world to play god and weaponise viruses.
Then the same people being funded are arrested including a Harvard Professor who received from the Bill Gates foundation $1.5m to work at the virus lab In WUHAN!
Then we have chinese people arrested for virus smuggling, caught with vials of a biological agent en-route to Wuhan.
With the smugglers working out of China’s ONLY LEVEL 4 virus lab in WUHAN!

The mathematical odds of this is already unfathomable so get ready for the final statistical mind blower.
The Wuhan 5G Smoking Gun

Wuhan was officially China’s pilot city to FULLY INTEGRATE 5G….. once again I would ask you to google this and you will find nothing but a stream of debunking sites trying to say that this is not true however history cannot be erased and if you use a search engine such as duck duck go you will find plenty of Chinese references boasting about the technical plans for Wuhan.
See it for yourself

I quote “Now that Wuhan as a pilot city to build 5G telecoms has been approved by the central government, 3,000 macro base stations and 27,000 micro base stations will soon be constructed.

By the end of 2018, the trial use of the technology will start in various pilot areas; it is expected to be accessible to users at the Military World Games in 2019.

By 2020, 5G network will cover every corner of the city and be available at an affordable price.”

Ask yourself is this conspiracy theory or suddenly becoming statistically impossible for all of these shady weird and synchronistic events?
Why Does This Matter About Wuhan Being A 5G Pilot City?

If your new to the human health concerns of 5G go and read the amazing document on the 5G space appeal website.

This document has been signed by almost a quarter of a million people from 211 countries and details the science superbly.

The key point are:
The Harmful effects of radio frequency radiation are already proven
Even before 5G was proposed, dozens of petitions and appeals by international scientists, including the Freiburger Appeal signed by over 3,000 physicians, called for a halt to the expansion of wireless technology and a moratorium on new base stations.
In 2015, 215 scientists from 41 countries communicated their alarm to the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO). They stated that “numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF [electromagnetic fields] affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”.

More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from RF radiation. Effects include:
Alteration of heart rhythm
Altered gene expression
Altered metabolism
Altered stem cell development
Cardiovascular disease
Cognitive impairment
DNA damage
Impacts on general well-being
Increased free radicals
Learning and memory deficits
Impaired sperm function and quality
Neurological damage
Obesity and diabetes
Oxidative stress

When 215 scientists from 41 countries ask the World Health Organisation and the United Nations to review unarguable data from over 10,000 studies and a petition signed by 3000 doctors is ignored YOU HAVE TO ASK WHY?

Surely every man woman and child on earth deserves to now with 100% certainty if a new technology that is going to blanket bomb them with microwave radiation from masts placed outside their home in lamp posts is safe!

That is a reasonable question and it has never once been answered and every grassroots movement or appeal has been quashed.
Why IS 5G So Important That The Science Is Being Ignored?

The general public has no need for a faster mobile internet. 4G works fine and streams Netflix well.

So what’s the benefit of 5G?
5G has super fast data speeds enabling a movie to download in 2.1 seconds.
A nice soundbite but practically NOT needed by anyone

So why is it rolling out, when untested and damaging for human health?

5G offers what is called low latency, which means the time between requesting data is much quicker. If you press to watch a video on 4g it may take a few seconds to respond and start streaming or for a webpage to load. “Not a problem” you might say and you’re right however if you are a technocratic, megalomaniac, elite you have a very different need.

Low latency, high speed internet enables things like:
Driverless cars
Face recognition surveillance
Machine to machine communication
Robotic Automation
Big data transfer enabling artificial intelligence to function

Go google the benefits of 5g and you will see that what I have just wrote is openly stated and sold to us as “connected smart cities”, smart this smart that, but they are all things that will eliminate jobs on a scale never seen.
Driving jobs alone are 30% of the global workforce – gone overnight
Manufacturing jobs wiped out as robots replace human beings
Total erosion of our privacy through unlimited surveillance
Who controls the machines controls the economy and with no jobs we are all dependant on state handouts!

So the financial benefits to the ruling elite are enormous as it is
The complete elimination of wages (their largest business expense) replacing people with robots.
Destroying society as we know it and we are willingly ignoring the warning signs.

Let’s just review this to be clear…….
The UN and WHO ignore unarguable science and declare 5G safe despite not 1 study proving it is safe
Government ignore the massive movement asking for a safety review and to delay the roll out
America’s telecom representative for the entire industry told congress there are no safety studies
There is not a single viable reason why the public need or are even asking for 5G
The ONLY people who get a benefit from 5G is corporations that can use 5G to replace people with machines. Driverless cars and robot workers saving them billions and casting billions into poverty and unemployment
Your Government Do Not Care About You

If you can see that there is a clear agenda to automate the world and eliminate the workforce then it does not take a genius to realise that billions of unemployed people reliant on the system to live is a problem to people who knowingly implemented technology to eliminate your jobs.

So why is it a big leap to think that they do not care if these 5G radiation harms us and kills us off?

A brilliant video that tells you all you need to hear about Governments caring about your health is below

Still Sound Crazy That Bill Gates Wants You Vaccinated, Branded, Tracked, Sick & Dead ….. OK Hear It Straight From The Horses Mouth

I am no fan of Bill gates but this video really tells you all you need to know…. In his own words he tells you that there are too many of us on the planet and “if we do a good job in the coming years with vaccines we can lower the population by 10%”

The video below is continually banned on Youtube and highly suppressed because it brings to light that Bill Gates is not the self made billionaire we think he is. He was born into the Rockerfella elite bloodline and was groomed for this role from birth!

Bill Gates is after America the single largest funder of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and this is why they are ignoring the science and dropping the ball when it comes to doing their job and looking after the worlds health.

You cannot have billions of unemployed poverty stricken people and not have a revolution.

So why not initiate their smart city, robotic world run by the machines, using a technology that eliminates a big percentage of the necessary feeders (a term they use to refer to us the people) and then blame it on a pandemic.
5G Mast Going Up In Schools During Lockdown

Whether or not you buy into all of this or not if you have children you need to know with 100% certainty that the studies on infertility or the neurological or behavioural studies are wrong. There are thousands of studies and you should go read them on this link

Kids do not have the luxury of taking a chance and we as the adults need to fight tooth and nail to make sure that millions of children are not rendered infertile or suffer health problems because we chose to “think it cannot be true” because the BBC tells us it is a “conspiracy”.

The fact is there are reports all over the world coming in that schools are having engineers install 5G while there are no parents around to contest it and kick up a fuss.

Masts and lamp posts are going up all over the world at record speed while we are all being good citizens abiding by the social distancing nonsense!
The Smoking Gun That Mainstream Completely Ignores

The growing link between people dying of coronavirus that are rapidly dying because their lungs are not working have doctors baffled and one courageous Dr in New York came out and said that what he was seeing was unlike anything he had ever seen before and that it was not what he had been told to expect.

He explains that the people coming in being diagnosed as coronavirus patients are not displaying the symptoms of a virus but they seem more like someone starved of oxygen like they had altitude sickness!

Their lungs work fine but they are not getting enough oxygen from their breaths so are suffocating to death!

He warns that using ventilators to force healthy working lungs to breath will cause damage and that they are not required.

See it for yourself this is powerful stuff
5G Is Proven To Be Absorbed By Oxygen

Now it is a proven fact that 5G millimetre microwaves are not able to travel very far because they are ABSORBED BY OXYGEN!

Go to the link below and read the article that is written by the CEO of a 5G manufacturing technology company that discusses how it is an industry challenge that 5G is not very good at working long distance and he shows the exact data as to why oxygen absorbs the signal and limits the distance it can work at.

So it is a KNOWN issue that 5G firms have to factor in to the building of their networks that oxygen absorbs the signal.

So let’s apply common sense….
If you turn on 5G in a town or city and every second or third lamp post has to have a 5G mast on it.
This means that all the oxygen you are breathing is electrically charged with 5G microwave radiation…….

If that was the case do you think that an older persons blood that does not work as well as a young persons blood might start to absorb less life giving oxygen and that the old person would start to have every organ in their body under increased stress because they are essentially being suffocated!

Do you think this might have Doctors baffled when they are seeing people choking to death with health lungs that can breath unaided but they are showing signs of suffocation!

Additional to this it is known that the covid-19 coronavirus also attacks the iron in the red blood cells of the body making it harder for them to absorb oxygen!!!!!!!!


Read the science in this brilliant article

Now would it shock you to know that scientist as far back as 1998 were proving that mobile radiation impacted human white blood cells and lowered the bodies immune system. The article below was on the BBC website in 1998 when the BBC still was a journalistic news organisation.
Still Not Convinced?

I was one of the people who actually tuned in live to watch as the grassroots activists campaigning against 5g finally got their day in parliament. They quoted unarguable facts with good science and they were met with a government minister who simply said

“we have a body safety testing and we are told its fine”……
Literally no proof of these studies
No science
No assurance
Just thanks for coming, we heard you now, piss off we are doing it anyway.

It was shocking because the mp’s asking for proven scientific safety studies to safe guard their constituents got nothing….. the 5G machine rolled out regardless.

I was going to put the entire parliament debate video in this post but as always happens on Youtube, things disappear from the search or you have to scroll 200 results down to find things.

So I will just show you 2 short videos of 5G being debated in American Senate and you will see a Dr quote the dangers and a telecoms representative Brad Gillen who is Vice President of CTIA which represents the ENTIRE telecoms industry in America, clearly says in his own words “THERE ARE NO INDUSTRY BACKED SAFETY STUDIES ON 5G”….. not what the BBC are telling you or the government!

A Few Facts On Us Human Beings!
The human brain works on a frequency of 7.83hz it is also know as the Schumann resonance.
Wifi operates on a 5ghz spectrum which is 5,000,000,000hz
Can you see how placing a phone or smart watch on your body that emits a frequency almost 1 billion times more aggressive than your own brainwaves or nervous system might cause problems?

It so obvious a child could conclude that it is not the best idea…..

So now imagine being beamed 24 hours a day while at work, in the street or sleeping in your bed with a 5G millimetre microwave radiation that is up to 60,000,000,000hz which is almost 10 billion times more aggressive than your body and brain might not be a good idea?

Now let’s look at the electrical voltage in your body
It is a scientific fact that the highest voltage that can ever be measured in a human being is 1 millivolt which is 1/1000 of a volt.
Now imagine being beamed on 24-7 by a 5G mast that is emitting 6volts (measurable on a handheld device). So you are being 24-7 radiated by 6000 times more electrical current that your body works on.

Again it does not take a rocket scientist to see that this could cause problems…..
Not conspiracy theory but actual scientific fact backed by 10,000 studies that are being ignored.
Ready For The Grand Finale Of Lies Censorship & Denial That Is Exposing The Entire Deception?

A few videos have gone viral on the internet are causing tens of millions of people to research and share this information on an astonishing scale.

Naturally the mainstream machine is trying to debunk and invalidate this rapidly growing awakening with articles quoting fact checking services and corrupt scientific sources.

The genius video below talks about the conclusive link between every major pandemic in history being linked to the introduction of new radio wave technology such as radar to mobile phones.

Next the ex Vodaphone boss came out and spoke about his concerns over 5G harming human health

Then dana ashlie’s video went viral

These videos went viral with millions of views in just a couple of days as the world now has lots of free time to think and research. These videos are continually taken down and banned on the social media platforms such as Youtube / Facebook and Twitter.

What followed was mainstream media starting the usual debunking hit piece articles like the one below

Wheeling out the politicians and “scientists” the same ones who ignored 10,000 studies and the fact the World Health Organisation itself said in 2011 that mobile radiation causes cancer.

These corrupt government and media organisations forced youtube and facebook to start removing “5G coronavirus conspiracy posts and videos”

Now the censorship goes into overdrive like never seen before……

If there is even a 1% chance that this is correct and could save lives it needs a serious review but we are all being stopped from having an open and logical debate on a topic surrounding an untested technology that is being rolled out ignoring and censoring the valid science against it.

I covered the way the information is being suppressed by the social media and search engines in my previous post….. very much worth reading to see exactly how they are doing this by clicking on the link below.

Even some mainstream outlets are now having to question the official figures because they are just a nonsense see this brilliant news piece

Interestingly we also saw trump openly call out the WHO organisation and immediately cease all funds being sent to them…… He clearly called out the WHO on how they receive almost $500 million a year from American tax payers that they always get it wrong

Trump is now setting them up to be exposed to the world for the fraudulent and criminal organisation that they actually are….

Remember this is the same organisation that ignored 10,000 scientific studies, from hundreds of scientists representing 41 countries when they asked WHO to first conduct a thorough safety study before 5G was rolled out globally!

So then David Icke Rocks the world and blows the doors off the internet by doing the most scientific and incredible explanation of the truth surrounding 5G and the coronavirus….. it was the biggest video online with millions watching and then the BBC forced youtube to take it down.

Then the mainstream media kicked in with debunking articles…… but all this has done is show people that something is very very wrong and it has blown the interest through the roof.

The cat is out of the bag and the game is up…… but to make this happen we need you to watch / learn and share with everyone because to stop this genocide we need everyone to know the truth


In Short

S.T.O.P Start TObserve Purposefully

understand the difference between a Knee Jerk and a Reflex
be aware that people give you advice for financial gain

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