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what about skype

posted 22 Aug 2012, 02:26 by Lucky Systems   [ updated 6 Sept 2012, 04:57 ]
What is Skype and what do I need to use it?

Skype is an excellent and revolutionary service that allows people to speak to one another just like they do on the telephone, only through he Internet on computer and smartphones such as ipad, iphone samsung blueberry

Skype is very simple to use. It is free to download from the Skype website and it is free to use with anyone else in the world that also has Skype on their computer. 

YouTube Video

The great news does not stop there! Skype can also be used to make calls to regular business and house phone numbers as well as cell phones too. The price that Skype charges for these calls is absolutely rock bottom! International calls can be made to many countries for just 2 cents (Euros)! This was unheard of before Skype!

This technology has been a long time in the making. For many years, attempts were made to make phone calls through the Internet. The problem at that time was that there was not enough bandwidth so conversations would be dropped or reception was gargled. Paired with increasing amounts of bandwidth, Skype upped the standard and offered us a product that for the first time, made Internet phone calls feasible.

If your computer comes with built-in speakers and a built-in microphone, then you have everything that you need to use Skype. If not, don’t worry, you can still use Skype. You would need to purchase a headset with a microphone combined.

If you have family members overseas, Skype is a true opportunity to stay in touch and save money. Phone calls have never been so cheap! The thing to remember is that even if your family or friends overseas do not have Skype or a computer, you can still call them at extremely reduced prices by opening your own account with Skype and calling them.

Skype for Business
They have forged several excellent options that guarantee satisfaction for business minded people across all Industries, Offices, Retail and Manufacturing.   Check out our project skype Australia model, testimonial and everyday users

Testimonial... June 2012
Skype Premium is Extraordinary value, it paid for itself 3 x over in the 1st month!
I purchased the option in May, within the 1st month I saved 3 times the cost of the subscription.... and there's more

More, clients contact me FREE for Voice/Video chat 24/7 and I save costs on calls and SMS messages. 
Adding skype to your desktop/Iphone means a dynamic FREE Intercom voice/video world wide. 
I can converse with clients, Co workers, family and friends! or make calls to landlines/mobiles at No or nominal cost. 
We also bought skype landlines for clients that are not skype users.

Green team "corporate" 
Central Insurance brokers use and recommend skype.  

Testimonial... August 2012 - Skype Manager for the entire office
We added skype Manager for our office and saved about aud$25,000 pasee more