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 Insurance is like a Parachute. 
The only opportunity to test it 
is when you have to use it.
At which time, 
one is more concerned with Quality 
rather than price!

 Insurance Brokers Perth
Head office: 52 Melville Pde, South Perth, WA  map

Central Insurance Brokers provide professional prompt service with a choice if over 50 insurance brokers.

Providing monthly payment options, 
Central Insurance Brokers cover a range of services, from Business Insurance and Compensation, to Public Liability and Tradespersons Packages.

switchboard: +61 8 93688 999
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our VALUES: Focus and Objectives

We 1st have a Professional duty, the focus is COVER. Premium costs will always be a priority however we vehemently believe cover and service are our primary objectives. Our Priorities are: -

1.      Cover to Protect Assets

2.      Quality Service

3.      Minimise Premium costs

Our Business culture: Client broker teams

·        Our teams function like an independent SME business, the leader / manager is the owner, has empathy and understanding, whilst pointing out the covers; considers common sense of cost and budget.


K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple S......) in that regard, please never hesitate to call for fastrack navigation through the paper-maze, translations and intentions.

 Please see view this link Our services Directory to know how we perform for you

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