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Central Insurance Brokers provide professional prompt service with a choice if over 50 insurance Companies.

Providing monthly payment options, 
Central Insurance Brokers cover a range of services, from Business Insurance and Compensation, to Public Liability and Tradespersons Packages.

switchboard: +61 8 93688 999


our VALUES: Focus and Objectives

We 1st have a Professional duty, the focus is COVER. Premium costs will always be a priority however we vehemently believe cover and service are our primary objectives. Our Priorities are: -

1. Cover to Protect Assets

2. Quality Service

3. Minimise Premium costs

Our Business culture: Client broker teams

·        Our teams function like an independent SME business, the leader / manager is the owner, has empathy and understanding, whilst pointing out the covers; considers common sense of cost and budget.


K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple S......) in that regard, please never hesitate to call for fastrack navigation through the paper-maze, translations and intentions.

 Please see view this link Our services Directory to know how we perform for you

Insurance is like a Parachute. 
The only opportunity to test it is when you have to use it.
At which time, one is more concerned with Quality 
rather than price!


Within an established (1980) broking firm, our reputation stands for your deployment, it's reliable and dependable. 

We welcome "due diligence" enquires, please ask what you deserve to know
Who will be accountable ?
What skills sets offered ? 
How much Passion and Enthusiasm ?
You'll like the answers, we are an owner/operator culture

Free health check

Do you have the finger on the pulse?

Be Served ... Obligation FREE health check of your "Asset Protection".
Our goal is not sell Insurance, we offer value added solutions to suit your budget Bronze, Silver, Gold 
Insurance Policies and/or Risk prevention strategies.

Serve Yourself .... Checklist below, call for FREE fastrack support and/or access to our knowledge base.

Our Fuel

Motivational & inspirational quotes
The meta message and drive your day "just do it". 

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