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Insurer expects premiums to rocket

posted 23 Aug 2012, 20:36 by Lucky Systems   [ updated 24 Aug 2012, 00:10 by Happi Mess ]

Heard on the vine
by Phill Smith
Central Insurance Brokers

An Australian insurance giant has predicted there will be double-digit rises in insurance premiums in the next year, but what is causing this huge surge in rates?

Insurance Australia Group has made the prediction as it passes on a upwelling in global reinsurance costs.

IAG chief Mike Wilkins told BusinessDay that reinsurance price increases were only now working their way through the system, but further measures were needed to protect margins.

“We only get one chance a year to reprice,” said Wilkins. “We see the pricing outlook for the next year for home and motor in the range of 5% to 10%, some will be more, some will be less.”

Wilkins plans to release an ongoing review of IAG's British car insurer at the end of the year, amid speculation that it could be eyeing an exit from the tough market.Reinsurers are still trying to claw back bumper losses from the various natural disasters that have hit the world, and in particular Australia and New Zealand.

“We've had a tough few years, mainly driven by external market factors, particularly perils and higher reinsurance costs, but we've started to come through the back end of that," said Wilkins.

It is worth noting that earnings from IAG’s results this week that its broker-focused commercial insurance business, CGU, nearly doubled to $258 million.

This mirrors how Suncorp’s results, also announced this week, were dramatically boosted by its broker-led commercial insurance business too.

Insurance Business

Reference source article quoted from Insurance Business 23/08/12

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