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Chocolateria San Churro, Subiaco WA

As with most things in life fake equals inferior. Compromise equals disqualifies. And chocolate is no exception; in fact it is the exemplary model that proves that quality cannot be substituted. Let us explain:

Only couverture chocolate can be called REAL chocolate. What distinguishes REAL couverture chocolate from the inferior imitation confectionary variety is that it is high in cocoa solids and rich in cocoa butter, using only 100% REAL cocoa butter (no vegetable oil or other inferior substitutes). Only REAL chocolate gives you that extraordinary rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth flavour, because that comes from the cocoa solids and cocoa butter in the chocolate, which are both extracted from the crushed cocoa

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San Churro
In comparison, ‘mockolate’ (as we like to call it) substitutes part of the cocoa butter with vegetable oil, and has only a small amount of cocoa solids, compensating the loss of true chocolate flavour by adding sugar. The result of this low or sometimes non-existent cocoa content is a greasy, flat, less intense chocolate flavour that is cheap to produce, inferior to the palette, and a complete phony that shouldn't even assume the ‘chocolate’ title.

When it comes to chocolate, the truth is that there’s no substitute for REAL cocoa butter. It’s like ketchup without tomatoes, or an omelette without eggs – it’s the key, essential ingredient. Chocolate without it simply is not chocolate, but rather a sub-standard B-grade pretender: all show, no substance.

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