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 Navigation help Newbies Nav tips tour Claisebrook Cove  
 fastrack start points tour Claisebrook Cove start points Virtual tour Claisebrook Cove  
Drone above Claisebrook cove drone view 50 mts   
Cove: S.West Royal Bistro - lunch Bistro waterside The Royal on the Waterfront  
Cove Centre bridge Pedestrian Bridge 40 m span Claisebrook Cove  
Mardalup Park North Jetty Jetty for boat and swimming area Mardalup Park  
Maradal playstation Kids Playground Mardalup Park  
Cove: N.West Car Park - Brown Street   
 Burswood Park Icons Tour Icons Burswood zone  
Cove: Ferry service Ferry service: to Burswood Jetty and stops to Liz Quay Little Ferry Co  
Cove: N.West Boat Pens 2 hr limit Claisebrook Cove  
Victoria Gardens N.Centre Lookout High point view North and East Victoria Gardens  
Matagarup bridge: Drone 200m North drone river tour Drone Swan river tour  
 Mapping places Claisebrook cove mapping places Claisebrook Cove  
Cove: S.West: Waterside Cafe Cafe - open breakfast and lunch The Partisan 2019.04.04 virtual tour in progress 
Tour Icons Claisebrook Cove Icons Claisebrook cove   
Gioia on the River Italian Restaurant Gioia On The River 2019.08 new venue 
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