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Want the best business card for your business?

Our Digital business card is a Mini-website, its a URL link: Think of it as your own website that gathers all your business info

Say Goodbye to Germy Paper Business Card. No Handshakes, No Germs, just share your Digital Business Card link!
  • We design a state-of-the-art digital business card
  • Unlimited changes & enhancements for FREE
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Desktop and tablets
  • Share it via SMS, email, WhatsApp and more
  • Share your digital business card to anybody!

4 easy steps

so effective


Intro 1 min

Emily 1 min

Mike 1 min


special promotion 1st 100 orders from our network can get up to 50% discount if order placed within 7 days with our intro link

LuckyPhill says 

19/10/20 very impressed with review of the product and host response to queries, I'm going to order

The only shortcoming in the concept is the "old school" feel of not having a biz card

I've overcome that by creating my own biz card with a QR code which links to the digital card
this way I show my 1 biz card with a QR code .. people simple either scan it or take a photo of it and scan it later 
I will also keep a photo of my QR code biz card in my smartphone to copy 

the outcome 

my GetDigitalCard url can be shared as normal (sms / email etc)
but when there is no time or collect contact details I simple flash my QR code biz card and let them scan or take a pic 
your most welcome to reach out and discuss the for and against with me

Phill Smith  Voip +6194677600 Mob +61418927522
WA  related <> Aus-Thai related

special promotion 1st 100 orders from our network can get up to 50% discount if order placed within 7 days with our intro link

sample digital biz card 

About GetDigitalCard

Our features More clients and more business transactions (15-30% increase in your annual revenue) Organic marketing via Social media network and google SEO Customers get a taste of your business before committing to buy anything Quick access buttons (social media, image gallery, email, etc.) Navigation button to your business address Compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile phone Lead generation system just like a landing page! Share your recommendations with potential clients

How These Digital Business Cards Are Transforming The Way That People Network 🔻
With advances in technology over the years, it’s no wonder that smart business owners are ditching paper and making the SMART SWITCH to digital! 📱
This new technology that we offer is transforming the way that people network, market and follow up with their contacts.
Our clients love that they can extend their reach and drive traffic to all of their social pages with the push of a button!
This has led to an increase in sales, leads and organic word of mouth with something that gets potential clients to go to them when they need their product or service.📈
Interested in learning more and making the smart switch to digital?
Upgrade your business and get yours👉

Order here

I made a special promo code to ensure a discount as well as being able to track purchasers, we I get enough people buying I will haggle for a renewal concession deal 

use this link to view more or purchase


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TAPPYCARD - 1 TAP exchange your details

they have two (2) choices a standard card with QR code or tap card which includes a small radio frequency antenna and microchip inside

Phill: this theme is ideal for social media platforms (not expensive to buy the card) 

Created to share with for SME Business Coaching Projects.

Central Insurance Brokers est: 1980 same local WA owners

all aspects of General Insurance, save time call us +61 8 93688 900
or visit website for after hours mobile

Pls share me 

Digital business card is personal website - free unlimited changes, Promo offer up to 50% 1st 100 orders  from our network placed via the promo link details in
Get one card digital business card

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