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21.03.17 RPGC game

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RPGC game

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Wednesday competition day at RPGC (Royal Perth Golf Club)

St Patricks day 17th March 2021

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny (hot) day in Perth playing stableford competition.
Mens mid week comp is extremely popular, the camaraderie is highly treasured and thus the afternoon comp and social engagement on the verandah is a must do.
to ensure your chance for an afternoon slot its the norm to visit the club Friday evening for the draw of name and priority time slot selection.  The draw is 6pm deadline, the short session that follows includes social drinks snacks and social banter.

Pic below is out group for the day 
Dom, Phill (me), Callum and Russ. 

Gadget Roadtest

Apart from the great fellowship of Golf

Roadtesting various golf gadgets 


Before the game: 
Personal Launch Monitor Swing Caddie SC300
saves all data, records videos, tracks all shots 

easy to review your swing and distance results 

During the game 

1. Golfpad tags  - track shots 

FREE App, 40,000 courses, a tonne of features; fly each hole, range finder hole or obstacles, scorecard, full history and tonnes of stats 

image below from today's game:  record all shots played on map with distance and club

you can see live map data of all shots around the course, the link is in this page under under Golfpad tag set

2. app Shot Tracer

the low cost app lets you trace ball flight in the air, on the ground (chips and putts)
extra features include include map

Other options are to use related apps which have AI technology to auto record the video (autonomous) set up on a tripod and app will auto sense when the player will posture to swing and begin recording.  This is ideal for the player to capture themselves for swing down the line or face on.

some of the tracer shot videos are saves to the photo album showing the before and after result 


normally embed / display just there but as we have some many of swings of the day I saved them into the photos albums in the link below under Photos

the albums are Google (download) and facebook (share)




I recorded a few short videos of players swing on the day to test a few different tracer shot apps

the shots were taken hand held  (best with tripod) 
I have a few different tripods to test, some attach to the golf bag and others are free standing .. each has gains and pains, there are time constraints if playing in a comp V's social game  

There are several apps to test 
need to consider FPS (frame per second) option for detailed examination of the swing other normal speed is ok for social 
1. the native camera app  (may not allow fps variation)
2. dedicated video app with FPS preset options
3. dedicated golf swing apps with FPS and auto record (AI technology)
No three (3) is ideal as you just set it to on with a tripod and it does everything
its all work in progress 

About the photos / videos 

saved to 2 albums 

1.Google album: Pic n Vids
   media can be downloaded 

2. Facebook album below - external link

360 Spherical photos
Best view with smartphone
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn you or device at any angle 

Note: Images are hosted in different sites for different effects
Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
     - have fun morphing the images

these 360 shots are also in the virtual tour, see link this page

  • Mens comp day 7th March 2021 at RPGC ( Royal Perth Golf Club ) social media hub at BEST HASHTAGS #Golf #GollfGadgets  #RPGC  #GolfPerthWA   #PerthWA   #LiveLoveLaugh  #GoodGadgets  #LuckySaidSo #theta360
  • Mens comp day 7th March 2021 at RPGC ( Royal Perth Golf Club ) social media hub at BEST HASHTAGS #Golf #GollfGadgets  #RPGC  #GolfPerthWA   #PerthWA   #LiveLoveLaugh  #GoodGadgets  #LuckySaidSo #theta360

Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or         
    channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Virtual tour 

Before you start 

about this tour 
I add the images "on the fly" as I visit in between games, images are not pre set with best lighting, I will replace with better shots later (much like my golf game)

about the tour site - RoundMe
1. view basic tips below widget for fastrack skills

2. includes drone High quality images, pls allow more time to load

3. widget below but limited controls, to access all features
    best to use the
 external link - 17/3/21 on the Verandah 

navigation tips:

use external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

Screen Icons:  
bottom of window: images or zones
inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

Device will show help options within app

 fastrack: be pro in 1 minute


Golfpad tag set

Using the inexpensive (approx US $99) for full set) we can auto tag every shot played 
showing distance, club used, lie, position 

auto update scorecard and general amazing stats to improve your game

the results are available in app or desktop for review as full history of games played

Widget below is limited view of the games results, showing score card and all shots around the course

red arrow right.gif  best viewed in external link

Pls note: I recorded all shots for myself (using TAG set) and my playing partner Russ, not all shots recorded for other players as the club uses app MiScore

ie., I was running both apps on my phone (min batter drain)

Navigation tips

1. use external link
2. map showing hole with shots played
change holes:   top right corner or click a hole in the scorecard
measurement: change form yards to metres 

click dashboard for stats

Pls share me 

Mens comp day 17th March 2021 at RPGC ( Royal Perth Golf Club ) social media hub at

#Golf #GollfGadgets  #RPGC  #GolfPerthWA   #PerthWA   #LiveLoveLaugh  #GoodGadgets  #LuckySaidSo

Related topics 

Golf deals - Promo 

we are road testing golf gadgets with special promo "Mates rates" 

you welcome to join in a test the gear to see if it works or you 

the promo is make a bulk / 1 time order with mates to exceed the wholesale threshold  $750 and can pass on the w/sale disc of 25%

we do this in conjunction with GPS  Golf Performance Store and Brad Logan (Pro) at RPGC

Subpage Listing


Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

if you like info....  keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam with a few bags of camera gear, phones & compass I get tired 
buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

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