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Feb 21 training gadgets

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Review of golf training aids for Feb 2021

The products are from GPS Golf Performance Store - the Promo is 
group orders are eligible for w/sale discount (amount pending est at 25%)

we ordered a selection of training aids to test and review, the concept is in conjunction with Pro shop at RPGC 

the items will be offered on a a promotion options 

1. discounted with Lessons with the golf pro
2. collective bulk order (over ??? $700) order at ?? (25%) disc pre paid

pending clarification its a MATES RATES promo 

we review the product, if we like it, we promote on the basis of group order 

the supplier is Golf Performance Store

either order what we recommend or select whatever you want from the online store then submit the list to us (with value of the mates rates threshold) and we can get you 25% disc

Roadtest list

items ordered for roadtest 

Club Swing trainer, swing tempo, Portable Launch Monitor, Putter Matt

In detail (refer to widget below)
B1 Blue Strike Iron
PRGR Portable Swing Radar
Swing Caddie SC300
Swing Click Plus
Perfect Practice Putting Mat – Standard
Eyeline Golf Click Fix
The Educator

widget below is a google sheet / excel 
item / description, price, status, link to product online

it's better to view as full page so click >> external link

RPGC members are welcome to reach out to member Phill Smith to join in with the roadtest at the club facilities 

The items will be promoted thru social media / video and at the pro shop 

The public are welcome to enquire via Phill Smith 0418927522 any day 10am to 10pm)

progress of the roadtest in summary can be seen in the widget above otherwise when the review is completed a dedicated review page will be published

Launch Monitors
  • PRGR launch monitor is not cloud base - quick and easy to use
  • Swing Caddie SC300 is portable with option of cloud to store all your data, if you want to try it simply 1st download the free app and sign up on a free ac then when you have access to the device it will blue tooth and start recording the result to your app cloud.  Swing caddie has audio from device or app, can be controlled from device or remote control or app

Training aids

Blue stick is a full 7 iron a training aid to help sync your swing tempo

Swing click plus is arm band device to use on the range or in the game


Member R.P.G.C. Perth West Australia

M: 0418927522 avail 10am to 10pm any day

About me 

returning to golf after 10 yr break
I'm using the items for my own personal development and knowledge base, I buy the items in bui
I buy the items in bulk over $1,000 worth to get access to the wholesale discount (refer to the promo offer to be shared)


as I test the items at RPGC and elsewhere I will update status in roadtest section above 

I welcome others to join in the road test ...  share ideas and views .

In detail

items assessed in this session, they were purchased in a bulk order to gain discount which can be mirrored to readers
  • B1 Blue Strike Iron
  • PRGR Portable Swing Radar
  • Swing Caddie SC300
  • Swing Click Plus
  • Perfect Practice Putting Mat – Standard
  • Eyeline Golf Click Fix
  • The Educator

items in detail below, the pricing is in the widget under section roadtest items 

B1 Blue Strike Iron

Hank Haney – B1 Blue Strike
Fix This 1 Small Part of Your Swing (that you may not know is broken) for Tour-Level Impact, Pin-Rattling Accuracy & Unwavering Consistency

more in GPS site Blue strike  < > 12 mins youtube

11/3/21 Phill:  tested over past few wks, very good discipline to train tempo, can be used on driving range or on the course. Noise made when weight on shaft connects to head on impact 

PRGR Portable Swing Radar

Offical PRGR Brand
Light weight, accurate Launch Monitor and Speed Radar. The PRGR radar can be used with or without a ball!

11/3/21 Phill:  Excellent value for money at around $290 retail (less bulk order promo)   small, lightweight, immediate results on the fly.
Bonus: can be used without a golf ball for club swing speed.   
1st test your CS speed on the driving range on various distance and then replicate this at home / office  without a golf ball to build muscle memory of speed to distance.

truly remarkable product for the price - within 3% accuracy of the $30,000 systems - refer video review 

Swing Caddie SC300

Doppler Radar Technology

Carry/Total Distance
Smash Factor
Launch Angle
Swing Speed
Apex (Max Height)
Ball Speed
Spin Rate Data now available via App
Voice Output of Distance

Instant Feedback via LCD Display
Adjustable Loft Angles
Apps (iOS & Android) for Real-time/Integrated Shot Data and Statistics for Each Club
Unit does not require the App to operate
Measuring Range: 15-370 Yds
Including a charger and a remote

11/3/21 Phill:  Excellent at around $790 (less bulk order promo)   once you try it you will buy it 
controls on device or remote control or in app.   Audio feedback, Practice or target (test skills)  all data uploaded into app cloud to review 

truly remarkable product for the price - within 3% accuracy of the $30,000 systems - refer video review 

Swing Click Plus


Bobby Jones said “Rhythm and timing are the two things which we all must have, yet no one knows how to teach either.” The GOOD NEWS is that there is finally an answer to how to teach rhythm. To date, there has been an enormous focus on golf technique and rhythm and tempo has been an elusive concept. How to repeat great rhythm in your golf swing even more so.

view more in GPS site with video Swing Click

11/3/21 Phill:  Absolute winner.  Small cost, fitted to arm in second, set the dial to any angle to suit your desired tempo ie, driver, Irons, Chip or Pitch
easy to use on the driving range or around the course 
same objective as the Blue strike Iron  

Perfect Practice Putting Mat – Standard

Standard Edition Features
Dimensions: Length 9′ 6″ by Width 15”
2 Hole Training (regulation and reduced size)
Train Tracks Alignment Lines
Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology
Auto Ball Return
Drop in Back Stop
Natural Wood Finish
10-14 Stimpmeter speed (dependent on underlying surface)

view more in GPS site - P Putt matt - note there are various sizes

11/3/21 Phill:  Fantastic product: high end quality. looks to impress in the office or home. The uphill position of the hole helps aggressive finish .. you always want to go past the hole not short .. right ..    Rolls up in seconds for storage or transport. 

we also have in test a outdoor version (black plastic) and coarse hard wearing putt matt

Eyeline Golf Click Fix – NEW

The only part of our body that touches the club is our hands. When we hit a partial shot, they can be a little too independent – they can do things they shouldn’t – flip a putter prior to impact (ball goes airborne), flip a wedge on a chip or pitch (a chili-dip or blade).

I hate the discouragement of these shots! They mess up a hole, a round, and sometimes an afternoon.

The Click will help you create “hands that perform”. It will teach your hands to feel the proper position at impact or throughout the swing.

It will save you strokes and frustration.

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

11/3/21 Phill:  Not tested 

Tour Striker Educator

Educated hands are the key to great golf!

The Tour Striker Educator will help you understand HOW the hands work WITH the club for power and precision during the golf swing. While few people put emphasis on “training the hands,” the Educator takes away the guesswork from “Feel vs Real” so you know if your hand action is helping or hurting your golf swing. Take control of your game NOW and learn how to use your hands so you can effortlessly create power and control.

11/3/21 Phill:  Not tested 


mates rates 1 time group w/sale order

under review 


1. w/sale pricing - min order over $750 to secure ?? 25% disc with pre payment order and 2 week delay

2. retail price with golf lesson with RPGC golf pro

3. buy online at prices shown 3% rebate from affiliate link 

to be confirmed 

initially the concept is themed for RPGC but will avail to public 

Here's what you should do 

1. Reach out to Phill Smith to let him know you wanna do a "Mates rates" purchase
2. we can confirm the minimum spend 
3. we supply you with an order form and link to the online store 
4. complete the form with the list of min spend 
5. submit the form to Phill and we can confirm the disc, stock availability and delivery time
6. you pay and we will when it arrives (typically at RPGC pro shop) or my office South Perth

Contact: Phill Smith 
Mobile: 10am to 10pm any day 0418927522

Other items

other items being tested 

Golfpad app with Tag set  

not avail in the PBA bulk order

March 10th so far tested on 5 games - absolutely brilliant 
the tags set is super cheap at US 99 

auto record Distance, clubs,shots, update score card - loads of stats
online record of shots (screen shot below)

the app includes gps range finder, wind, elevation, score card, online live share and more

Telescopic golf stick

not avail in the PBA bulk order

from compact 40cm expand to full size 4 Iron length, club head has dial to change to 30+ settings covering every Iron, wood and Putter

totally portable go anywhere
video showing golf pro playing full round 

March 2021 - tested on several driving ranges 
we bought three (3) units 

also have the telescopic Driver and Putter for a 3 club set

price around $270  1 iron for the entire set 

Golf practice matt

not avail in the PBA bulk order

around $75 
concept for use at home / office or travel bag
size around 40 cms
heavy rubber with fixed ball device - you can smash the ball and it rotates around a fixed stand

testing to see if the Portable launch monitors will function with the ball

11/3 Phill: product very good, very heavy (thick) base matt, does not move. Ideal for office, home or travel bag.
Pending: test launch monitor with the included golf ball on the matt to determine if radar will correctly assess 

Pls share me 

Feb 2021 golf gadgets review in progress

#GolfGadgetReviewFeb201  #GolfGadgets   #GoodGadgets  #LuckySaidSo


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26/6/2020 cut and paste of various stuff which we will create into sub categories 


will generally copy out ideas from posts in social media groups with a link back to the post so people can read the feedback

you can email the link to:
subject field:  Golfing gear

details: pls include the link to the social media post

I'll add more options as a I develop the page 

welcome to ...

information to build content  
volunteers to add content 
feedback on pages, products

Teamwork clipart contribution, Teamwork contribution Transparent ...


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buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

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Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2021.02 Rottnest Island Thrill ride: Jet Boat extreme fun Thrill boat ride fbk grp wa tourism - video 
2020.11.14 Applecross Swan river twilight sunset sail  free outings with members South of Perth Yacht Club fbk page - pic vid 
2020.09.25 Perth cbd swan rover new floating pub  The Raft fbk page 
2020.10.27 South Perth day adventure History the tram  Ferry Tram Museum fbk group wa tourism 
2020.10.03 South Perth Sunset river walk  Mindeerup Piazza fbk page pics  
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