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intending to go straight slice pull

Ball position


Practice at home or work

starting swing

same as starting the old lawnmower
bend down and get ready to pull

now use your sensory system by processing the action at slow mo and flat out

where is your left shoulder
are you rotating or swaying
where does the power come from
what swing plane are you on

The backswing
no rush to get there, limited power in the take back so get it right

Are you Casting ?
coming over the top like casting a fishing rod which causes loss of power and slice

the correcting swing plane should be in to out
a slow mo video van quickly expose the problem from down the line position

do you want lag ? more compression and distance then you have to keep the arms low on the downswing and keep the club back (no casting)

the Downswing

visualise the catapult
the arms and club are slung, they must follow the hips
the rotation of hips is all the power they start 1st

training drill
be sensory to the function of sling throwing a ball starting from the back swing

under stand the swing plane for driver / woods is a difference plane to Irons
Irons hit down on the ball to create compression of the balls

Clubs make contact on the upswing

the plane is in to out with contact at 1pm to the target which is in to out

the energy is generator from the hips which start the catapult the arms and clubs are slung to generate speed and release is on contact to the ball

Exercises at home or work which induce muscle memory
Start Lawnmower   10 reps
Focus is 2 secs at start point then pull the cord
Assess how did u start (with arms or hips)

Sling throw a ball from back swing
Assess what starts the motion
Assess where the tennis player getting too spin
Do they hit on the down or the up or inside or on the outside   Where did u visual u

When u add a golf stick
Complete the task at 50% on driving range
Your muscles should be released not tense
You will overhit the ball as your muscles are not constricted with tension

Practice hitting ball to targets at 20 / 30 / 50 / 70
Same as fisherman they need distance and control of cast same tennis player same any sport

Use 1 club for all distance as well as forcing a draw or slice

Poor wine at end of swing (u have to hold the end stance for 3 seconds) 10 reps
Focus on the end task which shift focus on contact

alignment sticks
on the ground or on your body

video review using dedicated apps showing critical swing points 

movement of the head over the ball, should be behind the ball at impact

rotation of the body (not sway)

finish point of swing .. has the body rotated or given up ? have the hands completed the rotation of the plane or given up


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