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to the flag

Stop a Bunker Shot Next to the Flag
Brian Mogg

Have you ever hit a 5-iron from a greenside bunker?

Probably not.

That’s a tour insider secret only Seve could have mastered…

But there’s a lesson to learn from his genius.

Here’s four simple bunker shot principles to start zipping it next to the flag:

Step 1) Start by getting your feet wider — dig into the sand to create a solid base.

Step 2) Get lower to the ground by bending your knees…

Step 3) Just like if you were using a 5-iron in the bunker, lower the shaft angle — meaning get your hands low and flatten the angle

That’s the perfect setup…

Now, when you take your swing, make sure to keep your lower body quiet — no moving your legs up and down or side to side…

If you do this and follow the next step, you’re going to have a perfectly flopped bunker shot next to the hole…

Step 4) Keep the face of your club facing upward as you hit the ball AND as you follow through…

Whether you’re hitting a 5-iron like Seve or using a lob wedge like the rest of us, follow these principles to hit zipped bunker shots…

This inside-the-ropes drill will not only save you strokes…

It will give you the confidence to start aiming at the flag on your approach shots…

Because even if you miss the green and end up in the bunker…

Your sand or lob wedge will now be a weapon to get you up and down.



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otherwise known as poached egg because of how it looks in the bunker


According to Danny Maude's recent student Troy this bunker tip is probably the Best Bunker Tip Ever! Probably just like you Troy wanted to know: Simply how to play bunkers? How to get out of bunkers with hard sand? How to get out of bunkers with soft sand? and especially how to get out of Deep bunkers? If you too want to get out of sand traps - Learn how to play bunkers in this new video by Danny Maude. Danny reveals one of his best bunker tips that makes playing bunker shots so much easier. PRACTICE PLAN If you enjoy the golf lesson and the bunker tips I've put together a practice plan you get instant access below

Deep Bunkers

by Danny Maude
HOW TO: Get out of Deep Bunkers

Fairway Bunkers

with Manola
uploaded 19/8/2021
window below

Like a pro

with Danny Maude

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More Spin

More Bunker Shot Spin

Nathalie Filler demonstrates a ‘trail hand only’ drill that will help you create more spin on bunker shots. Try this drill and start hitting it close even when you are short-sided in the sand.

Link to source


the 2nd shot is always better
how do you feel after the 1st shot and you have another to improve on the 1st
the same as when you practice a 2 ball round

collect that thought and play the shot as if it was your 2nd shot

donated by Steve Irons

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