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Swing Plane

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Finally! The Golf Swing Plane Explained In Simple Language

What Is The Swing Plane?

Today I have something new and exciting for you. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be giving you some great information about the swing plane, from a man named Jeff Richmond.

As you’re no doubt aware, the swing plane is so important in terms of distance, direction and consistency. And if you get the swing plane correct, you will have way more chance of hitting good shots consistently.

So in today’s first installment on the swing plane, Jeff is going to get everyone on the same page by explaining exactly what the swing plane is. And once he’s done that, he will then move into some more detailed aspects of the swing plane, and what you need to do to have a consistently good swing plane.

Alrighty then, let’s make a start…

When you start looking at the swing plane you can get confused – FAST!

It’s an area where the more scientific/engineer types seem to have a field day. And if you’re not that way inclined you can read and watch some stuff on the swing plane that will just give you a headache! In today’s article, I’m going to try to keep this nice and simple so we can all be on the same page for the rest of this swing plane series.

Now, the swing plane first became popular thanks to Ben Hogan and his image of a pane of glass.

When Ben Hogan was talking about the swing plane in terms of the pane of glass, he wanted the the left arm, hands, club etc. to stay below that pane of glass on the backswing and downswing.

But when Ben Hogan’s famous five lessons book was published in 1957, they didn’t have the technology like we do today to dissect the golf swing to the nth degree. And so the concepts of the swing plane have evolved a lot from the simple illustration that Ben Hogan gave us.

So what is the golf swing plane?

Well, the golf swing plane is an imaginary flat service that is used to determine what path certain parts of the body and club are traveling on throughout the golf swing.

This may sound stupid, but it has to be said…. the golf club cannot move itself. A lot of times when people look at the swing plane they only look at the shaft. But the shaft is only moving as a result of the body movements. So you need to look very carefully at the plane your body is moving on when looking at swing plane.

There are three swing planes in the golf swing, and they are:

1. The backswing plane

2. The downswing plane, and

3. The follow-through plane

For more info see below

It’s important to note that I said above “certain parts of the body and club”, because when you swing your shoulders move on a plane. Your elbows move on a plane. Your hands move on a plane, your club moves on a plane etc, etc.

That’s why if you see someone analyzing a golf swing, they’ll draw a lot of lines to try to analyze what plane different parts of the body and club are moving on.

When you swing you’re obviously swinging in a circular pattern. And because you’re bent over when swinging your swing plane is tilted. How much it is tilted depends on the player’s height, how they stand to the ball, the club being used etc. etc. There’s a number of different variables.

So everyone will not have the same swing plane because of this. And so there’s no one exact swing plane for everyone. When I say that, I’m talking about absolute degrees of swing plane. But there are good reference points every golfer can use, and I’m going to discuss these in this swing plane educational series.

When you hear about swing plane you often hear people saying that “so and so” has a flat swing plane, or this golfer has a steep swing plane.

When people say that, what are they referring too?

Most of the time they are referring to the shaft angle. And a good checkpoint is halfway into the backswing. A famous golf pro who is said to have a flat swing plane is Zach Johnson. Here is a picture of Zach at the half-way point in his golf swing.

Zach uses a one plane swing to hit the golf ball. So anyone that is a fan of the one plane golf swing will not say that Zach’s swing is flat. They’ll say it’s on plane. That’s where golf instructors get into arguments. In the next email I’m going to talk more about the one plane swing, two plane swing etc. But for now, notice that at the half way point in his backswing the club shaft is pointing out side the ball.

Now compare that to probably the most extreme case of a two plane swing, and that is Jim Furyk. Look where the shaft is pointing at the half way point in his backswing.

If you compare those two swing planes, is there any wonder amateur golfers are confused about the swing plane?! I imagine you’re the same as me, in that you would swap your playing record with either of those two players given the choice!

So the swing plane is a combination of the movement (arc) of the shoulders, arms, hands and club predominantly. And this is measured and analyzed with straight lines… so it’s 2d. I have seen 3d swing plane software and analysis, but for this swing plane series I’m not even going there!

I hope that’s a simple explanation and everyone is on the same page. If not, don’t worry because over this swing plane series, you should hopefully get a much better understanding of it and what you should be trying to do with your swing plane.

In the next email I’m going to be looking at the different types of swing planes, e.g. the one swing plane swing, the two swing plane swing etc.

I will be giving you examples of each type of player, so hopefully you should find that interesting and informative.

Easy Swing Plane – SL

Is Your Ball Striking Inconsistent, And More "Practice" Just Isn't Helping?

It's Probably Your Swing plane, And If You Keep Reading You'll Soon Discover...
“The Dead Simple 3 Step 'Blueprint' Used By ALL Tour Players To Groove A Perfect Swing Plane And Hit The Golf Ball Longer, Straighter, And More Consistently Than Ever Before...And It Takes Just Minutes To Implement...”

From: Jeff Richmond – Director of Instruction, Consistent Golf

That’s a big promise…I know. But If you’ll stick with me, I’ll show you 3 key steps that you can start using today to become a better ball striker, hit more fairways, and knock down flagsticks all day long.

Are you ready?…Good. But first, a simple question…

Do You Struggle with Your Ball Striking?

Who doesn’t right? Unless you’re playing on TV and cashing those fat checks every week, I’m going to take a wild guess and say your ball striking could use some work.

Speaking of those guys on TV…how in the world do they hit it so consistently? I mean, it looks so easy when you’re watching them!

So you pick up a few tips from the commentators, think you’ve got it all figured out, and then head to the range yourself and it’s shank, duff, slice…you get the picture.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way, IF you know what the problem is…

And I do.

Two words… Swing Plane.

Without a proper swing plane (and most amateurs are nowhere close…even when they think they are), you will never be a consistent ball striker.

Let me repeat that…without improving your swing plane you will never, under any circumstances, be a consistent ball striker.

The reason is because the swing plane is the engine of the golf swing. When you understand how to swing the club on the correct path going back and coming through…golf is much more fun and your scores will drop almost instantly.

You see, I have studied thousands of videos of professional and amateur golf swings — trying to find the missing link between pro’s and amateurs.

And one day…

….when I had a pro swing side by side with an amateur’s swing…

…It became crystal clear as to the biggest difference between the two types of golfers. The surprising thing is…

The Swing Planes of Top PGA Tour Players are Generally the Exact Opposite of the “Weekend Warrior” Amateur Golfer…

I want to be clear…I’m not talking about a small difference here.

We’re talking about fundamental differences that are so drastic that I’m absolutely floored this doesn’t get talked about more in the world of golf instruction.

This difference causes inconsistency, frustration, and keeps amateur golfers of all levels from reaching their ball striking potential and shooting much lower scores.

Quite frankly as a golf instructor it ticks me off. Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you fix this all too common problem…fast.

Are You Ready to Hear the Big Secret?

Most great, consistent ball strikers take the club back on a similar swing plane to the plane they bring it back down on. Here are some images of some great ball strikers doing this:

Tiger Woods

Jordan Spieth

Louis Oosthuizen

Jason Day

David Toms

When you compare those swing planes to amateurs, it’s obvious why amateurs greatly lack consistency. Here’s some proof of this…

Amateur Golfer #1

Amateur Golfer #2

Amateur Golfer #3

Amateur Golfer #4

The difference is obvious. The professionals keep virtually the exact same swing plane on the backswing and downswing, while the swing planes of most amateur golfers are all over the place…to say the least!

But the most important point is this…

Pro Golfers’ Backswing and Downswing Planes are ALWAYS Pointing at the Ball, or Very Close to It…

Don’t believe me? Scroll back up and take a good look at those images one more time…it’s mind-blowing really.

Swing Plane IS the Secret. It’s Why Professional Golfers Run Circles Around Amateur Golfers and Consistently Hit More Crisp, Consistent, Accurate Golf Shots…Even When They Aren’t Playing Their Best!

But the real questions is why? Why are most amateur golfers swing planes the complete opposite of what is correct?

I think Mr. Hogan said it best…

Swing plane is a very confusing topic. While many golfers work on their swing plane and try to improve (after all, it’s no secret that swing plane is important) they get bogged down in overly complex theory and say “to heck with this.”

Let’s face it...fixing your swing plane the traditional way (tons of golf lessons, endless hours on the range, etc.) just isn’t feasible for most amateur golfers.

It’s because of these reasons I decided to create an incredibly simple, straightforward plan that golfers of all experience and ability levels could understand and follow to improve their swing plane.

As a result I knew that I could help all amateur golfers strike the ball more consistently, while hitting longer and straighter golf shots than ever before. Here’s some proof from golfers that have followed this plan already:

Amazed At How Much This Program Has Helped His Golf Game...

what you can learn from Donald trumps golf Swing

Hi Jeff, I amazed at how much your program has helped my golf.

For the last 10 years I have been plagued with a fade and a slice. It has robbed me of both distance and direction. Since adopting some of your easily understood principles my ball striking and square connection have been amazing.

I have never been this consistent before. I still hit some shots off line but that’s golf. If I was perfect I would be on the seniors tour!

I now step up to the ball with a new found confidence that I am going to hit the ball well. Your teaching has got my swing onto a more upright plane and I find I am not hitting the ball fat like I was but have an arch that is more of a sweep motion. Not over the top like it was. I am definitely hit the ball cleaner and more accurately which is helping to lower my score.

I am so pleased I purchased your program. I have been frustrated with my golf for a very long time, but now am starting to see the potential I have felt I had starting to happen. Thank you so much for your program.”

16 Shots Lower After Just One Game...

My Buddies Think I’ve Been Secretly Having Coaching Lessons…

Hi Jeff,

I always used to have trouble with a consistent swing plane. If I wasn’t hooking it off the tee, I was slicing it to the right of the green.

Since I purchased your programme and put everything into practise, I’m hitting the ball so much better. I’ve gained distance (especially off the tee) mainly due to the ball going straight for once. As you can imagine, I’m now shooting lower scores, which brings so much more enjoyment to the game.

My buddies think I’ve been secretly having coaching lessons and are dying to know how my game’s improved so much. So, let me win a few more beers and I might just let them in on my secret (lol).

This is truly worth its weight in gold.

In short Jeff, this is the best thing I’ve done to help my golf swing, ever.

Thank you.”

By now you’ve probably acknowledged your swing plane could use some work...and I’m here to help.

After discovering the major swing plane differences between professionals and amateurs, I thought it was time to create a program to help golfers of all levels master their swing plan, and never struggle with ball striking inconsistency again.

My simple 3 step program has been designed specifically to teach you in a simple, easy to understand format how to get your swing plane to be a virtual “carbon copy” of the top pros swing planes.

Even if you do nothing else and just improve this part of your game you’ll enjoy more consistent ball striking and have a lot more fun (especially taking a few bucks from your buddies!).

Here’s what you get:

Step 1 - The Perfect On Plane Takeaway

The takeaway sets the state for the entire golf swing, and is essential if you want to swing on plane each and every time.

During the first step of the program, you’ll get 4 unique takeaway drills that will give you instant feedback, so you’ll know right away if you’re doing them correctly or not.

On page 51 I’ll give you a specific checkpoint, and once you pass the “test” you can move on to...
Step 2 - The Ideal Backswing Plane

If you struggle with the dreaded "over the top" death move, you'll love page 58. I'm going to give you the best drill in the world to groove a consistent, repeatable back swing plane.

Once you've completed the self-assessment on page 62, you can move on to...
Step 3 - The Downswing Plane For Consistent Ball Striking And Effortless, Explosive Power

During step 3, I'll show you how to get in the perfect position on the downswing to strike the ball with the consistency and force of a professional golfer.

In fact, on pages 65-70 I'm going to show you a secret move that I haven't seen revealed anywhere else that will show you how to get into the perfect position on the downswing... Every. Single. Time.

You'll also get three drills to help you ingrain this secret move... permanently.

Putting it all together...

After you’ve gone through all the steps, I show you (on page 86) how to “tie it all together” and start hitting consistent, powerful golf shots with your new, perfect swing plane.

I’ve also included plenty of pictures that you can always refer back to, which will ensure that you never get stuck.

Imagine This Scenario Next Time You Tee it Up and Play 18...

You hit a high, powerful draw off the tee that leaves your golf buddies thinking “who is this guy?”

But then it gets even better...

After your buddies get through whacking it out of the trees, it’s your turn to play your approach shot from the middle of the fairway.

The shot is a normal 7 iron distance, but you’re hitting it so much better you pull out the 8, and manage to compress the ball nicely and hit a high, solid, penetrating golf shot that settles 10 feet from the hole.

Again...your buddies are scratching their heads...”who is this pro?”

By the end of the round, you’ve made more pars and birdies that you ever have before, all because you took a risk-free chance (see below) on improving your swing plane...and it actually worked!

This Could Be You...IF You Fix Your Swing Plane Now!

I imagine you want to improve your swing plane as soon as possible.

That’s why I have packaged this program up into a digital format for immediate delivery. You can download it now (even if it’s 3 A.M), and there are absolutely no shipping costs!

You’re going to get all the instructions, drills, pictures and videos to check that you’re doing each step correctly. At the end of each step of the program, I explain exactly how you can check to make sure you’ve successfully finished that step.

Once you’ve successfully finished each step, then you simply move onto the next step of the program. You keep repeating this process until you’ve finished all 3 steps of the program -- at which point you WILL be hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before – 100% guaranteed.

You also have no risk when you get the “3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane” program now, because you also get:


I honestly believe that if you complete the 3 steps in this program, you WILL be hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than you ever have before. And I believe that so strongly, that I’m going to give you a completely no risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently after completing this program... just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase... anytime within 60 days of your purchase today.

In other words, there is no risk on you whatsoever.

That’s have a full 60 days to try my 3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane System, and if you find that you aren’t hitting the ball longer, straighter, and having more fun on the golf course after completing all 3 steps, all you have to do is tell us you want your money back, and we’ll refund your purchase immediately.

You simply have nothing to lose, and a powerful repeatable golf swing to gain.

Now it has taken me months to develop this program...hundreds of hours really. As such, I could easily charge upwards of $200 for this system, and make quite a few sales at that price.

In fact, if you were to spend 1-on-1 time with me learning these secrets, it would easily cost you upwards of $1,000 in golf lessons.

And you know what?

At that price point, it would still be completely worth it, because improving your swing plane will lower your scores much faster than the latest $500 driver or $300 putter.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near $1,000 for lessons, or $200 for the Easy Swing Plane program.

In just a few weeks, I’m going to be raising the price of my 3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane program to $147...maybe even $197.

But right now... I’m going to give you complete, instant access for only $97. However, this special price is only available for a limited time.

That’s right, you’re going to get my complete 3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane system for less than the cost of one round of golf and dinner at most courses, and certainly less than a single golf lesson!

And don’t forget...if you decide this program isn’t for you after completing all 3 easy steps (which I don’t think will happen if you’re serious about improving your swing plane...but just in case), all you have to do is let me know within 60 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

No hassle. No questions asked.

Get 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane

Yes! You can now groove a professional swing plane in 3 easy steps for just $97.

You’re Probably Wondering... "Why Is This So Cheap?"

It’s because I don’t want price to limit the amount of golfers who will enjoy golf more, once they have a professional swing plane.

I know how heart breaking it is to try one thing after another, trying to hit consistent golf shots... and then you're left shaking your head because of a lack of ball striking consistency.

So I don’t want price to be a barrier to any golfer who is serious about becoming a consistent ball striker.

What Are You Waiting For? Don’t You Want to Eliminate
These “Stupid” Shots from Your Game?

There’s nothing better than stepping on the golf course and being confident in your ball-striking capabilities. Unfortunately, only a select few golfers ever get to experience this feeling, because their poor swing plane means they’ll always suffer from:

•Fat Shots

•Hooks & Slices

•Thin Shots





You name it...

Even when you’re playing well, you still know that bad shot is going to rear its ugly head sooner or later...So get rid of those demons today!

Get 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane On Spcial Now...

The way I see’ve got two options:

1. You can hit the back button, and continue about your day. Maybe you’ll even forget about the 3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane program, until next time you play again and can’t manage to hit a decent shot...


2. You buy your copy of 3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane program today for just $97, groove a swing plane that is exactly like the pros on tour, and start hitting the ball consistently flush while eliminating your big misses...all with an iron clad, money back guarantee.

This Could Be the Only Swing Fault That is Holding You Back From Striping Your Golf Ball Tee to Green and Putting More Circles on Your Scorecard...

But you’ll never know unless you get this program right now.

Take action now and get this program. You’ll start improving your swing plane in as little as 10 minutes from now!

When you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button now, you’ll be taken to a confirm page where you can pay for this.

After Clickbank has processed your payment, then click the ‘Return to Merchant’ link, and you’ll be taken to a very special page, where you can immediately download the 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane program.

So go ahead…. click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to place your order and improve your ball-striking permanently. Who knows, you may even pay for the program completely at your next Saturday morning match...if you know what I mean (wink wink!).

Get 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane On Special Now...


Iron V's Driver


his video shows you the difference between the iron swing and the driver swing. There are golfers out there that can hit their driver well but struggle to strike their irons and vice versa. This golf lesson shows you exactly how to set up for both your driver swing and iron swing and then gives you 2 golf drills that can have you striking both your irons and woods so much sweater.


If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight you must first learn how to shape any golf shot. If you learn how to hit a draw and then you learn how to hit a fade you now have two very different FEELINGS. You can use these feelings as a kind of framework to work within to feel how to hit golf ball straight. 

In this golf video you will learn how to hit a draw, a fade, how to hit a golf ball low and high This skill is a fundamental to learning the game of golf and becoming a more consistent golfer. It is not something you should wait to achieve until you get to a certain standard. 

If you can't shape the ball both ways it's almost impossible to feel how to hit driver straight or take control of your irons. You will also see how by improving your FEEL you will naturally strike your irons pure. It simply comes from a greater sense of what the club head is doing.

How to SHAPE any GOLF SHOT - How to hit a DRAW | Hit a Fade | Hit it Straight | Hit it High or Low

WATCH NEXT ○ Golf Swing Made Simple - ○ Hit the Golf Ball First - ○ The Perfect Takeaway Drill - ○ Best Rotational Drills - ○ Simplest Short Game Technique -

the takeaway swing

dnt over complicate the takeaway

video below 

Don't rush downswing 

How to Stop Rushing Your Downswing

Fix Slice

SIMPLE TIPS: Fix a slice in 3 minutes! Tag a slicer who needs this tip!

Get Speed

credit Matt Fryer Golf

video below 

The finish

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