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Easy Swing Plane – SL

Is Your Ball Striking Inconsistent, And More "Practice" Just Isn't Helping?

It's Probably Your Swing plane, And If You Keep Reading You'll Soon Discover...

“The Dead Simple 3 Step 'Blueprint' Used By ALL Tour Players To Groove A Perfect Swing Plane And Hit The Golf Ball Longer, Straighter, And More Consistently Than Ever Before...And It Takes Just Minutes To Implement...”

From: Jeff Richmond – Director of Instruction, Consistent Golf

That’s a big promise…I know. But If you’ll stick with me, I’ll show you 3 key steps that you can start using today to become a better ball striker, hit more fairways, and knock down flagsticks all day long.

Are you ready?…Good. But first, a simple question…

Do You Struggle with Your Ball Striking?

Who doesn’t right? Unless you’re playing on TV and cashing those fat checks every week, I’m going to take a wild guess and say your ball striking could use some work.

Speaking of those guys on TV…how in the world do they hit it so consistently? I mean, it looks so easy when you’re watching them!

So you pick up a few tips from the commentators, think you’ve got it all figured out, and then head to the range yourself and it’s shank, duff, slice…you get the picture.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way, IF you know what the problem is…

And I do.

Two words… Swing Plane.

Without a proper swing plane (and most amateurs are nowhere close…even when they think they are), you will never be a consistent ball striker.

Let me repeat that…without improving your swing plane you will never, under any circumstances, be a consistent ball striker.

The reason is because the swing plane is the engine of the golf swing. When you understand how to swing the club on the correct path going back and coming through…golf is much more fun and your scores will drop almost instantly.

You see, I have studied thousands of videos of professional and amateur golf swings — trying to find the missing link between pro’s and amateurs.

And one day…

….when I had a pro swing side by side with an amateur’s swing…

…It became crystal clear as to the biggest difference between the two types of golfers. The surprising thing is…

The Swing Planes of Top PGA Tour Players are Generally the Exact Opposite of the “Weekend Warrior” Amateur Golfer…

I want to be clear…I’m not talking about a small difference here.

We’re talking about fundamental differences that are so drastic that I’m absolutely floored this doesn’t get talked about more in the world of golf instruction.

This difference causes inconsistency, frustration, and keeps amateur golfers of all levels from reaching their ball striking potential and shooting much lower scores.

Quite frankly as a golf instructor it ticks me off. Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you fix this all too common problem…fast.

Are You Ready to Hear the Big Secret?

Most great, consistent ball strikers take the club back on a similar swing plane to the plane they bring it back down on. Here are some images of some great ball strikers doing this:

Tiger Woods

Jordan Spieth

Louis Oosthuizen

When you compare those swing planes to amateurs, it’s obvious why amateurs greatly lack consistency. Here’s some proof of this…

Amateur Golfer #1

Amateur Golfer #2

Amateur Golfer #3

Amateur Golfer #4

The difference is obvious. The professionals keep virtually the exact same swing plane on the backswing and downswing, while the swing planes of most amateur golfers are all over the place…to say the least!

But the most important point is this…

Pro Golfers’ Backswing and Downswing Planes are ALWAYS Pointing at the Ball, or Very Close to It…

Don’t believe me? Scroll back up and take a good look at those images one more time…it’s mind-blowing really.

Swing Plane IS the Secret. It’s Why Professional Golfers Run Circles Around Amateur Golfers and Consistently Hit More Crisp, Consistent, Accurate Golf Shots…Even When They Aren’t Playing Their Best!

But the real questions is why? Why are most amateur golfers swing planes the complete opposite of what is correct?

I think Mr. Hogan said it best…

Swing plane is a very confusing topic. While many golfers work on their swing plane and try to improve (after all, it’s no secret that swing plane is important) they get bogged down in overly complex theory and say “to heck with this.”

Let’s face it...fixing your swing plane the traditional way (tons of golf lessons, endless hours on the range, etc.) just isn’t feasible for most amateur golfers.

It’s because of these reasons I decided to create an incredibly simple, straightforward plan that golfers of all experience and ability levels could understand and follow to improve their swing plane.

As a result I knew that I could help all amateur golfers strike the ball more consistently, while hitting longer and straighter golf shots than ever before. Here’s some proof from golfers that have followed this plan already:

Amazed At How Much This Program Has Helped His Golf Game...

what you can learn from Donald trumps golf Swing


3 keys points


credit Matt Fryer Golf

Iron V's Driver


his video shows you the difference between the iron swing and the driver swing. There are golfers out there that can hit their driver well but struggle to strike their irons and vice versa. This golf lesson shows you exactly how to set up for both your driver swing and iron swing and then gives you 2 golf drills that can have you striking both your irons and woods so much sweater.


If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight you must first learn how to shape any golf shot. If you learn how to hit a draw and then you learn how to hit a fade you now have two very different FEELINGS. You can use these feelings as a kind of framework to work within to feel how to hit golf ball straight. 

In this golf video you will learn how to hit a draw, a fade, how to hit a golf ball low and high This skill is a fundamental to learning the game of golf and becoming a more consistent golfer. It is not something you should wait to achieve until you get to a certain standard. 

If you can't shape the ball both ways it's almost impossible to feel how to hit driver straight or take control of your irons. You will also see how by improving your FEEL you will naturally strike your irons pure. It simply comes from a greater sense of what the club head is doing.

How to SHAPE any GOLF SHOT - How to hit a DRAW | Hit a Fade | Hit it Straight | Hit it High or Low

3 points

video below - external link

credit Danny Maude 

the takeaway swing

Don't rush downswing 

How to Stop Rushing Your Downswing

Fix Slice

SIMPLE TIPS: Fix a slice in 3 minutes! Tag a slicer who needs this tip!

The finish

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