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The Short Game

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The short game - pitching and chipping 


Short Game

This SHORT GAME TECHNIQUE could change Your Chipping Forever | A Danny Maude Game Changer 4K

This short game technique could transform your chipping around the green. 

There is certainly more than one way to chip a golf ball but if you find yourself thinning your chip shots over the back of the green, or worse still chunking your chip shots then this could be a game changer for you In this golf video Danny Maude will show you how to stop chunking your chip shots around the green and give you a simple short game technique that will improve your consistency on chip shots no matter your lie.

stop the duff and thin hits 

Drill is to visualise: CORK SCREW 
1. visualise standing on a small disk, rotate body with arms in position without a club
2. same drill now with a club 
3. with club in 1 hand only ... hit a ball 
4. now the other hand 
5. hold the right upper arm close to the body
6. add an alignment stick bowed to form an arc in the ground, swing action moves around the arc
7. important to finish the swing, consistent speed from start to finish

3 page pdf below - external link

Google Docs Video

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