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Mapping tourism places


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this page is to share notes of workings for those interested in google mapping street view Paths, trails and Landmarks 

Community service - access to paths and trails 
Small business - get them googled  - our focus is budget service

Google SV

SV: Street View 

typically this is completed by Google team (the van) however there are places they don't go

Photographers can contribute and receive accreditation "trusted Photographer"

what we're doing is Step inside ... the next level

Step Inside

Google SV (Street View) is the next step ....  

Why have Step Inside View?
  • Will give business increased exposure online 
  • Will create experience of your ambience and decor
There are no monthly fees
  • one off cost; based on quality and volume of shots
Where people see Step Inside View?
  • Priority in Google Search results & Google Maps


note: imagery can be Photos or frames from Video via GAI

imagery: Photos 

Imagery: video via Google AI

Imagery: photo & video via Google AI

Imagery: Photo & video via Google AI

for and against
  • Photo: manual position and connect (higher quality)
  • Video: auto position and connect (low quality)

Places in progress

Google SV - step Inside

Target: Paths, trails venues
we usually visit several times (test, add, review, enhance)
welcome to meet us to be in pics

last 9 updates:  open table to sort by any columns
Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate / comment
Clydesdale Reserve Riverside Park, Lagoon, Swans, Trails 2019.08.06 some paths connected 
Blue Boat Shed Boat shed - Phohto Icon 2019.08.05 connected path East to city 
Mill Point Swan River River, Bridge, trails, 2019.08.04 stage 4 trails 
South Perth Foreshore River, trails Node F&D 2019.08.04 stage 3 trails 
State War Memorial Monument, trails, Icons 2019.08.03 2nd stage added 
Point Fraser F&D Node: Swan river, Ferry, Trails 2019.08.02 stage 2 jetty mapped 
Claisebrook cove Jetty - ferry station mapped - little ferry co 2019.08.02 Jetty Ferry station mapped 
Roe Gardens Kings Park Gardens, Lookout onto Swan river, Trails 2019.07.31 stage 3 added more trails) 
Kokoda Track Memorial walk Trail: step climb / steps at Kings Park 2019.07.28 change from images to vid connection 
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Quality of imagery 
  • depends on the budget 
  • remember that majority of the public use mobile phone so lower quality is ok to suit small screen

Photos  V's video frames 

Cost V's convenience 
Photos are individual set up; uploads, positioning and linking/connecting

Video frame extraction is AI (artificial Intelligence) via the Google server 
for and against: raw upload - almost no editing, faster, cheaper, no tweaking images

Video are fine for paths and trails, add photos for landmark points


1. upload photo / video 
2. images appear in google map (photos instant or within 4 hrs  / video frames up to 3 days)

blue line: images connected  - > you can move along the images with an arrow 
blue circles: images are not connected (yet)  

3. enhancements: 36 hrs later
AI (Artificial Intelligence) examines data to fine tune and join images into blue lines

4. manual changes: 4 days later 

Zones in progress

Tourism zones around town 
we usually visit several times (test, add, review, enhance)
welcome to meet us to be in pics

May 2019
Heirisson Island 
1. show trails each side and connect to street
2. show bike maps and connect to bike hire stations

and surrounding places burswood, Fraser Point

The focus:-
Paths and trails
private business - optional 

June 2019 - Bangkok

May 2019:  Burswood 

April 2019:  Point Walter and Point Fraser

March 2019: Claisebrook Cove

across the river Burswood 

Feb 2019 Kings Park trails 

Jan 2019:  Liz Quay

Tour zones
Zone SV progresstour zone Iconsdate comment
Mapping tourism Crawley Crawley 2019.06.02 draft 2nd test 
Google SV Applecross Applecross 2019.05.26 drafted 
Google SV Step inside East Perth East Perth zone 2019.05.21 added Heirisson Island 
mapping places South Perth foreshore S.Perth Mends St Jetty 2019.05.12 another added 70% 
GSV progress Burswood Burswood 2019.05.09 added another 50% area completed  
GSV: trails Kings Park Kings Park trails 2019.05.05 2 more added 
Mapping places Point Fraser with Google Street view East Perth - Point Fraser 2019.04 few paths tested 
 Swan river - drone tour 2019.04 Crawley to Burswood - private not google  
Google SV mapping places Perth  2019.04.26 drafted 
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examples of work in progress

develop the technology with in collaboration with 
Google SV, others users, Camera suppliers, app authors 

Liz Quay

air and water: test gps with google SV server 



uploads progressing East North to be added 


Speed test 

Bangkok canal ferry at 30km - good quality considering a cloudy day 


feedback to camera tech team / google server / camera team 

Our Mission

Tourism Perth: 
extending Google SV (Street View) onto paths, trails and venues

1. Google Street View - STEP INSIDE
  • free service to Community 
  • Virtual tour paths, trails and venues  
  • help visitors & those with mobility challenges 

2. Directory tourism (
  • backbone page to harvest visitor info 
  • Google, S.M. (social media) channels
  • whats around (this zone)

3. Virtual tours /  (Step Inside)
  • Google & 3rd party sites
    • target: Tourism: paths, places  

4. SM Social Media 
  • share our experience synergise platforms 

factors considered are relevance and community 

Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
(the kids love to see pics of people donating to our money box - pls ask)
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised


People and devices that help achieve the mission: 
Google SV:  Paths, trails, places ... Tourism Perth WA

strangers we meet on the journey
  • we now wear apparel / signage for mutual courtesy 
    • people come forward to be in photos
  • we gladly (time permitting) map you & share the link just ask 

we show examples of people that wanted to be mapped
search this site with prefix words ...  step inside 
  • venues appear, includes who was googled on the day (with permission)

Roaming report Kings Park 2019.08 wk 1 and 2


tested the upload on bikes, boats and ferries 
Bangkok canal ferry at 30km - good quality considering a cloudy day 

walking is slow and hard work carrying associated equipment 

Accessories for the bike rig 
The best we found is Pushbikes

The pushbike is the most effective 
also now trying push scooter but the e-Bike is most awesome; smooth speed up and down as well as a heavy rig in saddle bags

The bike arm wrist mirror rotates to any angle (many uses & cheap on ebay) 
The selfie pole power bank (5200mAh) with selfie monopod creates a versatile rig AND functions as bullet rotator. 
Smartphone power bank sleeve (10,000 mAh), the double thickness is fine in wrist band 

More stuff we are using in this test page

I use several support apps to optimise mobile (field work) ... details below 


The best consumer priced camera on the market is 
Insta360 one X

we operate with 2 or more depending on the team size and always have a spare camera and batteries

click the image to see price and specs

about 360 spherical photographer, cameras and apps


1. Sun Surveyor
measure distance, compass (find true North for pics) default in Google maps is N
forecast of sun 24/7 sunrise sunset and includes Google SV - review page 

2. Video to Photo
extracts frames from video and auto injects 360 spherical  - review page

3. Skylab
apply sky masks for images 
not spherical friendly but easier to work around  - review page 

4. Vllo
amazing video editor for mobilep phone use - handles 4k with ease - review page

5. VeeR
Free editor for 360 pics and vid 
excellent for labels and logos anywhere in the pic


who would like to come along for the ride and help out

we dash out during the day or spend all day weekends on the trails walking riding 
and hours at night with happy wine processing

Step Inside configuration
July 2019

what we do

Google - Step Inside - Vid & pics

create tourism hub page - Example: Queens Gardens
update google map listings & other S.M. (Social Media channels)
Publish 360 video in Youtube or similar  (VR entertainment)
create S.M. of visit

update directory
Trails: walk - ride I Tour zone Icons - detail in tour hub page
create Virtual tour
Google and or private sites

Pls help

test the links, try the tour - give us feedback to improve the system

join our socia meida channels - join our tourism FBK Group Perth


WA Achievers - Tourism 

Phill Smith 
includes contact options 


Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2019.07.29 Perth / Kings park / Burswood Tour: Hop on Off Bus 2 hr circuit  1st visit: snap pics / vids and begin knowledge base hop on hop off bus fbk grp Tourism WA 
2019.07.16 Google SV - stage 2 paths Kangaroos are cool for cats Heirisson Island GSV Heirisson Island 
2019.07.25 East Perth Google SV Step Inside - 2nd visit more paths mapped 2019.07 GSV Queens Gardens  
2019.07.13 Perth Liz Quay Street Food Festival Cosy on the Quay 2019.07 Cosy Street Food Fbk page WA Achievers - pics n Vid 
2019.07.14 Crawley Manchester United The Shed is Red Blue Boat House Fbk page Centra Ins - pics 
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