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Community service - map paths and trails 
Small business - get them googled; focus is budget service
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Zone SV progresstour zone Iconsdate comment
Zone SV progresstour zone Iconsdate comment
 Swan river - drone tour 2019.04 Crawley to Burswood - private not google  
 Kings Park Icons 2019.04  
Google SV mapping places Perth  2019.04.26 drafted 
mapping places South Perth foreshore S.Perth Mill Point Swan river 1st project to develop concept 
mapping places Point Walter with Google SV Point Walter 2019.04.15 several paths completed 
GSV progress Burswood Burswood 2019.05.09 added another 50% area completed  
mapping places South Perth foreshore S.Perth Mends St Jetty 2019.05.12 another added 70% 
GSV: trails Kings Park Kings Park trails 2019.05.05 2 more added 
Google SV Applecross Applecross 2019.05.26 drafted 
Google SV Step inside East Perth East Perth zone 2019.05.21 added Heirisson Island 
Mapping places Point Fraser with Google Street view East Perth - Point Fraser 2019.04 few paths tested 
mapping places Claisebrook Cove East Perth Claisebrook Cove 2019.04.10 several paths made 
Google Step inside Crawley Crawley 2019.06.02 draft 2nd test 
Step Inside Places  0 log of places added 
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