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taking pieces from other pages to build a dedicated page

the intention is to tool up 


Step inside

Google product

Free app "Street View" 
key points 

1. create 360 without a dedicated - ie., using on the app 
you have to stand still and rotate while snapping pics and it stitches .. allow a minute
and be aware if anything moves it will be cut in or out .. lol
2. save pics / upload / place in map
3. browse others 
4. street view 


many apps to apply 


1. Sun Surveyor
measure distance, compass (find true North for pics) default in Google maps is N
forecast of sun 24/7 sunrise sunset and includes Google SV - review page 

2. Video to Photo
extracts frames from video and auto injects 360 spherical  - review page

3. Skylab
apply sky masks for images 
not spherical friendly but easier to work around  - review page 

4. Vllo
amazing video editor for mobilep phone use - handles 4k with ease - review page

5. VeeR
Free editor for 360 pics and vid 
excellent for labels and logos anywhere in the pic


Maps / trackers


record your journey 

apps on the phone / live tracker that intergrates with other apps 

mainly exercise but ok for other 
Strava / map my ride 
live track - creates log of workpout and intergrates with other apps
can also manually build route from desktop

Track my tour - IOS
add on the fly or add manually  
syncs with desktop 
weigh point; multiple photos, link and text
create map, story book

best tool for memory of a tour 
sample: tour map group outing Oct 2018 farming tour Thailand

live tracker creates 
1. 3d flyover vid of activity (insert pics) - embed or download landscape 
2. link to interactive 3d map with elevation

Google Tour Map 
sample David Carr Memorial Park 




the range of 360 spherical was limited and expensive until around 2016
back then is was $2000 for a consumer level device 

in 2018 and 2019 the market has exploded 

now there is a choice of about 10 models from $350 to $700 that are 3 x better then the gear from 2016 

there are many models which like stadnard camera suit different pursuits 

I have 5 different models to suit different situations 

you should start with a basic model and then launch into the more expensive types  

Step Inside 

mobile rig
see info listed in my thaibis travel site insta360 one x faw - street View Rig

the page includes various faq on equipment and accesories 


Field work

before you go 

best make a draft plan of targets 

using desktop google map SV mode (see this site re map tips)

use the measurement tool to measure to gain intel of duration required 
knowing speed of walk or ride and obstacles

screen shot
overall area in sc mode to see connected lines
zoom in to exact point of connected lines 

set stop start points to keep vid within 5 or 8 min batches

post all to an email with google map link with subject field name 
include gen info about the place for a social media vid before starting 

in the field pinch zoom pics before starting 


People and devices that help achieve the mission: 
Google SV:  Paths, trails, places ... Tourism Perth WA

strangers we meet on the journey
  • we now wear apparel / signage for mutual courtesy 
    • people come forward to be in photos
  • we gladly (time permitting) map you & share the link just ask 

we show examples of people that wanted to be mapped
search this site with prefix words ...  step inside 
  • venues appear, includes who was googled on the day (with permission)

Roaming report Kings Park 2019.08 wk 1 and 2


tested the upload on bikes, boats and ferries 
Bangkok canal ferry at 30km - good quality considering a cloudy day 

walking is slow and hard work carrying associated equipment 

Accessories for the bike rig 
The best we found is Pushbikes

The pushbike is the most effective 
also now trying push scooter but the e-Bike is most awesome; smooth speed up and down as well as a heavy rig in saddle bags

The bike arm wrist mirror rotates to any angle (many uses & cheap on ebay) 
The selfie pole power bank (5200mAh) with selfie monopod creates a versatile rig AND functions as bullet rotator. 
Smartphone power bank sleeve (10,000 mAh), the double thickness is fine in wrist band 

More stuff we are using in this test page

I use several support apps to optimise mobile (field work) ... details below 


The best STREEE VIEW consumer priced camera on the market 
Insta360 and Insta360 one X

we operate with 2 or more depending on the team size and always have a spare camera and batteries

click the image to see price and specs

about 360 spherical photographer, cameras and apps

best night shots are the Theta 

update google map listings & other S.M. (Social Media channels)