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user benefits

2019.07.15 draft

draft notes to build the page 

using this a/c  WA Achiever 

1. as you scroll down the photos they mapping listings populate on the map

Photos show where you visit

can be shared out

include Street view links if they are connected via the mobile app

free storage 
can be found and downloaded bia this page or via map listing 


always face true North - starting view 
if you intend to use for google Street View

google default sets images with starting view north and there is a big in IOS to change default so try to make starting view North 

several private host sites are now intergrating with  Google SV to create virtual tour in layers over existing images in google maps 

always use gps connects with stats on
if you intend to use for Google SV 

gps saves time in seaching for map listing 
gps auto positions image in map - save time on manual positioning 

Google Photos - auto backup from smartphone
Street View app will import from 
camera roll
or google photos 

handy to know so you dnt have to keep images on smartphone 

will add more info as I review