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drafted  26/6/2020 



are introduction to hiking came from 2019 when we started a project of mapping trails into Google maps in conjunction with our project of 360 virtual tours

the priority is tourism based places which complimented our tourism projects Bangkok

see our Google map Accreditation - several entities WA (Perth) and Bangkok

we started a specific entity name for tourism wa stuff and in 12 mths from April 2019 we generated around 4mil in views

the project focused on tourism places such as Trails Kings park and trails around Perth swan river CBD

we wanted to create "Street View" 360 into the trails to allow people to virtual tour such as potential Tourists or those with mobility challenges
it's been hard work as we had to develop the technology in spare time with google, camera people and others

many of the trails we mapped in Street View (Known as STEP INSIDE) need to be re shot as the technology is better now

Places we visited - you can sort the log by any column


We enjoyed the trails theme so much we are getting more into the urban region 

Hiking >> Subpage Listing


we are going to trial cataloging 
Interesting / useful items shared by social group members 


various map applications and platforms will be listed in the sub page maps

Social Networks

Various community groups will be listed in subpage social groups



Desktop and mobile app:  
May 2020 initial view DOES NOT have gps 

Desktop and mobile app:  
May 2020 initial view DOES have gps, live recording, create maps, save photos (gps)

Zones: Trails around WA

Name and URLDistance from Perth cbdFeaturesYY.DD comments
Aboriginal & Heritage Perth Region multiple trails in site TRAILS WA 2020.06 added 
S.E: Trails: Alltrails pre search wa with map trail types, elevations, multiple download file types 20.04 ranking high 
S.E: Trails: Trails WA na:  All trail types - walk, bike swim - with elevations 20.04 ranking high 
S.E: Trails Trail Hiking pre search wa  20.04 ranking low 
Zone: Bicton / Point Walter Blackwall reach 10kms South   
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will generally copy out ideas from posts in social media groups with a link back to the post so people can read the feedback

you can email the link to:
subject field:  hiking gear

details: pls include the link to the social media post

I'll add more options as a I develop the page 

welcome to ...

information to build content  
volunteers to add content 
feedback on pages, products

Teamwork clipart contribution, Teamwork contribution Transparent ...


Pls share me 

Practical accessories for hiking, walking and riding trails 

Related topics


all welcome to contribute 

we may catch your posts in the social media groups that we follow - link


we can give people 

access to to create your own pages within this domain

the easiest way to start is 

get a FREE gmail ac and use google docs to draft info  (thats what we do)

then you either cut n paste it across to this or simply select the public option in Google docs and it becomes a url webpage 

my google Street View intro page 

when we snap 360 photos of people to include in google maps with give them a simple biz card with a scan code and link to this page

this takes you to a google doc which is published and explains how to get your 360 photo from us 
its all free in google 

otherwise try the options below 

pls note - social (non business) is limited time during business hours 

Phill Smith 
call any day 10am to 10pm > 08 93688 900 links to mobile/s
Google SV hub - get your 360 photo @

Social Media: 

Phill Smith - Digital Biz cards


What we do 

create 360 images into google maps 
from the traditional Google SV (Street View) Virtual tour 
(known as STEP INSIDE) onto trails and inside venues

we MAY also create virtual tours in 3rd party platforms (see below)
as well as a visitor page and gps hiking route with photos, 
based on time  avail & return visits, if you enjoy please share feedback GSV

Thank you 

all aspects of General Insurance, save time call 
the best in the west +61 8 93688 999 or visit CIB website for after hours mobile

Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

if you like info....  keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam with a few bags of camera gear, phones & compass I get tired 
buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Google SV - step Inside

log of paths, trails venues where we "step inside"  
connecting the images into a Virtual tour

Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate / comment
Art trail Claisebrook cove 3km trail - added 360 photos and some vid 2020.06 step inside links  
Virtual tour Heritage Sculpture trail trail 600m Burswood - park, lake, Icons - Family theme 2020.06 google mapped 
Loop CC Art trail Trail Art 3km walk 5km bike loop 2020.06 drafted 
Virtual tour PQ Dirt tracks / trails - fast recording for google test 2020.06.14 recorded on the fly - it worked 
South Perth Bowling Club bowling club - 360 pics for google maps 2020.06.11 
Buryalup Park park, river, trails - add some footage to test 2020.06.04 
Jenalup Beach Beach, nature trail, cliffs 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
Point Walter Sandbar Sandbar 1km on Swan river 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
Herdsman Lake Regional Park Lake, Trails 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
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Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2020.06.18 Claisebrook cove East Perth Trail: Public art 3km walk or ride 25 Icons Loop CC Art trail fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.06.06 South Perth bike hire trails on the swan river sunset walk / ride Spinway bike hire station @ Peninsula fbk page central 
2020.05.26 Point Walter Trail - reclusive beach river, trails, picnic, fishing views Jenalup Beach fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.05.28 South Perth trail: river Nature zone black swans sunset - reclusive  Milyu Nature Reserve fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.06.04 South Perth walk and ride  sunset loop South Perth Buryalup Park fbk wa tourism 
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