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drafted 20/6/2020 - under construction 

stuff we use or intel shared through community groups

to add items we already know about as well as add more as others see the page and contribute
it will take a few weeks before we are ready to add info of others, 1st we have to test the lay out of the page 

the page is not designed for commercial gain, slapping it together in my spare time 
If you get benefit from this page: 
U OWE ME:->  give feedback; faults, improvements or pass the info to help others (Team work).
I dn't focus on spelling mistakes (I welcome voice conversation not text), feedback welcome (a complaint is a gift)

About me .. details shown under Related topics at the bottom of the page 

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26/6/2020 draft design 

cut and paste of various stuff which we will create into sub categories 

then create a option for follows / friends to contribute info

typically it will be a link to a existing post in the social groups where people can contribute comments 


26/6/ drafted - >> lots to add over next few wks

Sun Surveyor    

best for: Photographers, hikers and droners
measure distance, compass (find true North for pics) default in Google maps is N
forecast of sun 24/7 sunrise sunset and includes Google SV - review page 

Google Street view 
make 360 spherical photos using on the smartphone camera, as well as pano
there are other benefits .. see more in app Google SV

Track my tour - IOS
add on the fly or add manually  
syncs with desktop 
weigh point; multiple photos, link and text
create map, story book

example: May 2020 Claisebrook cove 5km public art route 
click icons on map or scroll waypoints 

Alltrails app
June 2020 found to be the better 
photos with gps metadata are auto positioned in the route
create custom maps, route data can be converted to various formats, maps download off line


many types 

my gear is based around camera bags 

I have several sling bags bought from camera shops so not link to share 

do see under CHAIR 
few mths ago bought and all in 1 chair, backpack and cooler which solves many needs for walking and riding
and i can use the backpack structure to fix a selfie pole for 360 photos (such rigs normally cost $150 so this alternative was a bargain)



excellent value for the casual walk but also a fashion item in various colours
the slim design means you dnt notice you have it as it rests under your arm

copy n paste the ebay name

Anti-theft Men's Sling Bag Camping Crossbody Shoulder Chest Pack Travel

20.04  HIP BAG 

Bought for camera, strap onto hip with many sections, phones, water, cameras

copy n paste the ebay name

Waterproof Drop Leg Bag Motorcycle Tactical Hiking Thigh Waist Fanny Pack Storage

Camera gear

26.6.20 - created section many things to add in due course 
for now random until time avail to add more 

lots of things to add here as my background is Google Street View photography
with my camera gear I started mapping trails 
lots of camera gear to be added when i have time 

Cameras - too many to name 


my three (3) Tripods - in more detail with descriptions


15.6.20 tested - works quite well for the price - includes a smartphone app

the us version is around $150 so this is good value for the novelty also very usual for conference live stream 

copy n paste the ebay name

Auto Tracking Smart Shooting Phone Holder Gimbal 360° Face Photo for Vlog Record


270CM extender pole    that's seriously long (awesome shots up in the trees or over the cliff or waterways

30.05.20  we use them  last 12 mths with a folding monopod legs at the base

in June 2020 we now strap the pole the combo chair/backpack (see it under section CHAIR) which acts as a base

copy n paste the ebay name

TELESIN 106 inch Extra long Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick For Gopro hero 8 7 6 5 4

this monopod base screws into the base of the 270cm selfie and the legs fold up

copy n paste the ebay name

Mini Portable Tripod Base Monopod Stand Holder For Camera Monopod Ball Head M0R4

copy n paste the ebay name

M1 3 Legs Feet Monopod Holder Support Stand Base 3/8 inch Adapter Z3G2


for the price seemed ideal to carry my monopod tripod

20.06.20 ordered for test

copy n paste the ebay name

Portable Tripod Case Support Carrying Pouch Monopod Bag Photography Belt Pocket


copy n paste the ebay name

Unisex Baseball Cap Sun Hat with Camera Holder Mount for Fishing Hiking Golf

copy n paste the ebay name

Camera Quick Clip Rotatable Backpack Rucksack Hat Clamp For Insta360 ONE X/EVO

copy n paste the ebay name

Travel Monopod Adjustable Digital Camera Lightweight Stand Mount Holder Blue

copy n paste the ebay name

2Pack 1/4 Male to 3/8 Female Screw Adapter Mount for Tripod Camera Monopod



super light, compact 

20.05 arrived:   sample photos in fbk page Trails WA
fantastic, smooth soft material not coarse plastic which i expected for the price
lite and compact, buying more to keep as spares in the car and camera bag, really winner

used 2 blue in tour with Perth Quad bikes (some train)

copy n paste the ebay name

Men Women Plus Stylish Jacket Coat Windproof Ultra-Light Windbreaker Hoodies Top


26.6.20 spotted in ebay today so ive sent to the cart to consider

copy n paste the ebay name

Men's Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Trousers Camping Climbing Fishing Pants AU STOCK



keep it in the cart until price changes - we paid only $40ish
and they are soooo good 
lightweight material, good size seat, cooler inside 

copy n paste the ebay name

Outdoor Folding Camping Chair Stool Backpack Picnic Bag Seat With Cooler


folding Chair 

very small, light weight and collapses - keep in the boot of the car in case

copy n paste the ebay name

Outdoor Fishing Chair Portable Tripod Stool Folding Chair Camping Walking-Pic DD

Drink stuff


20.03 bought 1 set and now 5 more and gifted to friends and family
they are brilliant  - REUSABLE  

copy n paste the ebay name

6X Soda Saver Beer Beverage Can Cap Flip Bottle Top Lid Protector Snap 2019 AU

Multi tool

15.6.20 arrived - for the price is brilliant

copy n paste  the ebay name

Multifunction Camping Knife Outdoor Survival Folding Pocket Red Army Knife Tool

10.6.20  ordered not arrived
trying to find light weight items for the hiking camera bag

copy n paste the ebay name

Multi Function Folding Tools Portable Pocket Multi Function Outdoor Tool Set

Power Bank

updated 27.6

with solar power section and waterproof

2020.06.20 June ordered

copy n paste the ebay name

300000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB External Battery Power Bank Waterproof

Includes cables

10.6.20 received and testing - slim powerful and 
about the same size as a iphone but a little thicker  

bonus has a slide out shelf / sleeve to hold phone portrait or landscape in upright position 

slide out to hold phone  portrait or landscape - tested and works fine

copy n paste the ebay name

Power Bank 500000mAh Battery Charger Built in Cable 4USB Output For Moblie AU


31.5.20 bought and tested - omg this has some grunt

copy n paste the ebay name

58000mAh 215WH Portable Generator Lithium Charging Power Bank Station Camping

added 27.6.20


Thread at base to add to pole and thread on top to add camera
keep the camera charged 

copy n paste the ebay name

FeiyuTech a1000 A2000 G5 SPG Gimbal Portable Handle Double Handheld Grip


Wet weather

25/6/20 shared into fbk grp Happy Hiking & Walking Perth by Shan Tillett

TEST RESULTS - refer to comments in the post

26/6/20 we found it in ebay

copy n paste the ebay name

DRIPOUCH - Water Resistant Smart Phone Pouch Splash Sand Dush Proof *NEW*


copy n paste the ebay name

Underwater Luminous Pouch Waterproof Dry Bag Case Cover For iPhone Smart Phone


05.06.20 ordered
good to 50ft below the water - snorkeling  or more

as it has a standard 1/4 inch camera thread i can see some cool shots underwater on the river or beach
as for the ocean .. 

copy n paste the ebay name

SHELLBOX Waterproof Diving Case 49ft Underwater Camera Cover for iPhone Samsung



20.03.20  Brilliant for bike or walking 

snap locks on and off the. can take photos while on your wrist - rotates 360 or quickly snap lock off on
the previous model was fixed to the arm band which seemed ok but this is sooooo much better and well worth the extra few dollars, I work with 2 phones to complete street view shots on the 360 camera

copy n paste the ebay name

Rotatable Magnetic Sports Wrist Band Case Bag For Iphone 11 Pro Max XS XR 8 7 6


10/06/2020 on iphone 11 and iphone 6 works fine
the strapping around the phone does not get in the way of the camera lense 

copy n paste the ebay name

Universal Silicone Cell phone Lanyard ID Credit Card Holder Wallet Case Straps

added 27.6.20

copy n paste the ebay name

Sports Running Belt Waist Pocket Bum Bags Cycling Jogging Travel Pack Wallet

added 27.6.20

bought, great value adjustable size very thin only about 3 cm but stretchy material so you can get a lot in the slots
ive managed to get an iphone 7 inside without trouble and car keys in the other slot so they dnt touch to scratch.

copy n paste the ebay name

1 X Waist Running Pocket Zip Belt Lycra Bum Bag Hiking Cycling Jogging Pouch


copy n paste the ebay name

Auto Cable Cord Wire Organizer Bobbin Winder Smart Wrap For Headphone Earphone A

quick link to this section above


copy n paste the ebay name

USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Head Torch Flashlight Work light Headlight Battery

copy n paste the ebay name

6 Modes USB Rechargeable COB LED Headlight Headlamp Head Light Torch Flashlight

copy n paste the ebay name

XPE USB Rechargeable COB LED Headlamp Headlight Head Light Torch Flashlight


215.06.20 arrived and tested 
much better then we thought  Lantern and torch very powerful and cute 

copy n paste the ebay name

2X Solar LED Lantern Rechargeable Camping Flashlight Torch Lamp Outdoor Light


20.05.20 bought and tested
really like this config with a carry box and USB charge port

the range of the light is enormous with zoom design 

copy n paste the ebay name

High Power 900000Lumens XHP50 Zoom Flashlight LED Rechargeable Torch Headlamp

Flashing lamp

15.6.2020 ideal for night walks - attached to rear your body / bag - multiple flash themes 
lamp slides in out of the holder

copy n paste the ebay name

Bike 2 Laser+ 5 LED Lamp Light Rear Flashing Cycling Bicycle Tail Safety Warning

Wrist Mirror 

June 2020

have been using these for 6 mths not just on the bike but also walking as it helps with 360 photos to know whats behind

copy n paste the ebay name

MTB Bike Rearview Mirror Bicycle Back Mirror Cycling Arm Wrist Strap Rear View S 



2020.06 ordered  - for this price and size .. just hand in the car or hiking bag

copy n paste the ebay name

Outdoor Emergency Tent Blanket Sleeping Bag Survival Reflective Shelter xfu


10.06.20  ordered not arrived

small and compact for the hiking / camera bag

copy n paste the ebay name

3-Pack Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Waterproof Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking


31.5.2020 bought for local shopping but also handy to transfer camping gear to / from car 
The big wheels and sealed bag 

copy n paste the ebay name

1x Shopping Trolley Cart Bag Foldable Wheels Market Carts Bags Luggage Basket

30.05.20  ordered not arrived

copy n paste the ebay name

Waterproof Dry Bag Outdoor Sport Swimming Rafting Kayaking Sailing Canoe 2L-20L



20.01.20 had them for a few yrs in the camera bag, small and compact enough the get by

copy n paste the ebay name


copy n paste the ebay name

Super Mini Pocket Compact Umbrella Sun Anti UV 5 Folding Rain Windproof Travel S

Walkie Talkie

20.02  bought 3 in a set much cheaper

with the belt clip and ear plug cables and hands free they are awesome for bike rides
as well as trail walking or just fun to play 
and usb connect for power bank re charge  

copy n paste the ebay name

Baofeng BF-T1 Mini Walkie Talkie FM Two Way Ham Radio UHF 400-470Mhz + Earpiece

20.02 very useful so small like the security staff have 

copy n paste the ebay name

2pcs Mini Walkie Talkie 3W 400-470MHz 2-Way Radio Transceiver Earpiece Headset

Ebay tip

Place in your cart, wait few hours and click on the item to review, the system generally then thinks you are not going to buy and shows cheaper posts at the bottom, then open them, place in cart and del the previous ..  and do the same the next day - usually saves 10% to 15%


will generally copy out ideas from posts in social media groups with a link back to the post so people can read the feedback

you can email the link to:
subject field:  hiking gear

details: pls include the link to the social media post

I'll add more options as a I develop the page 

welcome to ...

information to build content  
volunteers to add content 
feedback on pages, products

Teamwork clipart contribution, Teamwork contribution Transparent ...


Pls share me 

Practical accessories for hiking, walking and riding trails

Related topics


What we do 

create 360 images into google maps 
from the traditional Google SV (Street View) Virtual tour 
(known as STEP INSIDE) onto trails and inside venues

we MAY also create virtual tours in 3rd party platforms (see below)
as well as a visitor page and gps hiking route with photos, 
based on time  avail & return visits, if you enjoy please share feedback GSV

Thank you 

all aspects of General Insurance, save time call 
the best in the west +61 8 93688 999 or visit CIB website for after hours mobile

Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

if you like info....  keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam with a few bags of camera gear, phones & compass I get tired 
buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Google SV - step Inside

log of paths, trails venues where we "step inside"  
connecting the images into a Virtual tour
Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate / comment
Whistlepipe Gully Loop Track 3500m track Kalamunda, waterfalls 2020.07.31 50% mapped 
Boodja Gnarning Walk in Kings Park 2km loop Indigenous trail Plants, glass bridge, waterfall 2020.07.12 drafted 3 tracks optional trails 
Art trail Claisebrook cove 3km trail - added 360 photos and some vid 2020.06 step inside links  
Virtual tour Heritage Sculpture trail trail 600m Burswood - park, lake, Icons - Family theme 2020.06 google mapped 
Loop CC Art trail East Perth 3km Trail Art walk 5km bike loop 2020.06 drafted 
Perth Quad bike - Pinjar Dirt tracks / trails - fast recording for google test 2020.06.14 recorded on the fly - it worked 
South Perth Bowling Club bowling club - 360 pics for google maps 2020.06.11 
Buryalup Park park, river, trails - add some footage to test 2020.06.04 
Jenalup Beach Beach, nature trail, cliffs 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
Showing 9 items from page Google SV - Step Inside log sorted by Date / comment. View more »

Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2021.02 Rottnest Island Thrill ride: Jet Boat extreme fun Thrill boat ride fbk grp wa tourism - video 
2020.11.14 Applecross Swan river twilight sunset sail  free outings with members South of Perth Yacht Club fbk page - pic vid 
2020.09.25 Perth cbd swan rover new floating pub  The Raft fbk page 
2020.10.27 South Perth day adventure History the tram  Ferry Tram Museum fbk group wa tourism 
2020.10.03 South Perth Sunset river walk  Mindeerup Piazza fbk page pics  
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