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How normal is your face? 

October, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered how “normal” your face is, you can now find out using AI.

Last weekend, project SHERPA released an AI-powered analyzer titled How Normal am I? The tool creates an interactive documentary about your face and reveals how average it is.

Enable your webcam to start a live video showing how different algorithms, (beauty, age, gender, emotion, BMI, and life expectancy) assess your face, and how companies use this to make judgements (good and bad) about you.

SHERPA is an EU-funded project that analyses how AI and big data analytics impact ethics and human rights.

While the project provides interesting insights into the world of AI algorithms, one score, in particular, has triggered the most discussion; ‘how attractive am I’?

Here are some reactions from the community:

“This is incredibly interesting, informative & fun. Glad to have tried it and figured out my level of cloud-attractiveness ;)” – Merlin Laffitte

“That was fun! I'm a 5.5 in attractiveness 😆” – Jon Jones

“No way Beauty is 8.4... creepy but fun!” – David Villalón

No need to worry about data collection. According to the project creators, no data is sent to the cloud, it is all processed within your browser.

Find out how ‘normal’ you are.

Show me how attractive I am  - go to start below (note:  if your screen does not grant camera access to the widget - pls select external link

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sample result

road test 7/10/20  best results with desktop

allow 10 to 15 mins to enjoy the concept which is more than novel entertainment,
it's an eye opening insight of camera face tracking for surveillance technology 

try as many times as you like with difference responses 

Start here

red arrow right.gif  if your webcam does not work with the widget use external link

A live video play shows you how different algorithms assess your face and how companies use this to make judgements about you.

red arrow right.gif  if your webcam does not work with the widget use external link

Whats normal

Normality is a behavior that can be normal
for an individual when it is consistent with
the most common behavior for that person.

Normal is also used to describe
individual behavior that conforms to
the most common behavior in society.

10 units avail for group booking
popular for corporate team building events

Image result for rules for being human

Pls share me

How normal am I - AI Artificial Intelligence  /
machine learning 
surveillance technology 

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