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Kalao World Cuisine

Kalao offers a fresh approach to Perth’s dining scene by offering cuisines from around the world. 

Their menu is like an atlas, guiding you through the cuisines of America, China, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, South Africa, Spain and beyond!

When we visited in August 2012 decor does infuse with local culture and certainly not the quality if the food, but they are re engineering, the venue is an annexure to Stanley college, a cooking Academy, in Northbridge.

We were introduced to culinary genius import Tim Lee from South Africa.  
Who cares about decor when the food is this good, "that's what we had to say, after sampling world cuisine.   
It's certainly has enormous potential to infuse with local culture or struggle to retain a unique identity, for those that would like a world taste experience but can't afford the time or money to fly.    Located in Northbridge, Kalao is fully licensed and can accommodate up to 80 persons.           
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Thai visitors to West Australia
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