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Drone Spherical - Kent St Weir


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Drone 360 spherical  images 

you can embed the images in websites or extract screen capture view from any angle 
simple resize the view and capture the image

About images

images are 360 and best viewed in a smartphone
you rotate the photo to change the view
you can pinch zoom the view using your fingers

Spherical images with drone

spherical images comprise 23 photos and stitched together 
the individual images of 4000 pixels are available or otherwise deleted 
the original photos can be stitched for high quality image but that is not a free service

FAQ: stuff people have asked or things I thought to record to share faq  hangar

sample view

Please note

1. this is screen capture starting view of the spherical image
2. you rotate the 360 image to see any angle
3. below the image is the real 360 - rotate it to find the farm

here, below, is the actually 360, rotate the view to find the farm,  best tip is use the external link to view in your smartphone and move the phone in any angle

Drone spherical photo  - 220m SW of Weir 

image below hosted in Hangar  - 

smartphone uses with use landscape mode

Photo timetable

this is a list of the 360 spherical images 

best practice:  

1. take note of the time and location (distance from target = Weir) then open view to get bearings 
2. check the mud map down the page to know the position of the drone shots 
4. opening view is generally always North 
DateTargetPosition to targettimelinkstart view
16/12/18Ken St Weir335m SE 17.0015.35
16/12/18Ken St Weir530m SW 19.3015.45
16/12/18Ken St Weir560m E 03.0015.55
16/12/18Ken St Weir481m SE 17.3016.05
16/12/18Ken St Weir220m SW 22.0016.15

Image: of target (Weir) with drone position (yellow circle)
more will be added    Google live map at the Weir

Raw pics

this album holds the individual shots (23 shots per spherical) x 8 = ??
they should be in batch order so you can download and stitch in a few or all

to open the album  - Pending

Tips tricks

1. see the tips and tricks under section about 

2. want photos
a. you can take your own snapshot from the spherical using the screen capture option in your smartphone or desktop
b. the individual photos of the sphere are also avail but usually deleted after a few mths 
3. want 360 spherical 
hangar does not allow download of spherical 
they have to be manually made (stitched) form the photos that's not free  

4. you can also access the individual photos (see section raw photos) and then manually stitch them using free software which is explained under the section of raw photos

About Kent St Weir

Park, dog Park, Miniature Railway, BBQ, Play ground, Eco Centre, Cafe, Nature Walks

Virtual Tour

Image result for gif virtual tour

Tour covers: 
street view, entrance, all around and more 


Youtube below - external link
shorter version

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