Mud map

birds eye view of parking at the top and the bottom, scroll down to see each each in detail followed by our recommendations


Top: Kings Park

Three (3) parking areas - see below image for details and links

the nearest is a small parking zone
distance from parking left zone left to right is 400 mtrs - see map link in virtual tour page link top this page 

Google Map:  

parking right:  Wadjuk Car Park   google map  I   street view 

parking centre:  Boab Tree  google map  I   street view

Bottom: Old Brewery

3 options  200mtrs West, see below image for details and links

1. East side of Brewery:  20 bays   Google map: CPP Mounts Bay Road   I   street view

2. North side (across the road)  Google map: Wilson Parking - Old Swan Brewery   I   street view 
you can access from either side of the road, includes free U turn service, access via tunnel on old brewery (river side)

3. Kennedy's Fountain car park (base of walk)      google map   I  street view
approx 60 mtrs East on the Kings park side of the riverside road, parking for 50 cars
entrance is near the wilson car parking

if coming from city, enter old brewer on the left, enter tunnel and U turn back to city then turn left into free open air parking

Bottom: Narrows bridge

500mtrs East Parking bays for approx 60 cars, walk over bridge and nature walk around Mt Eliza to base of Kokoda track

Google map street view at N.West of Narrows bridge

1. Google map: CPP John Oldham Park   2: street view


Park at Old Brewery parking on either side
short walk to the base, the walk down is much better way to end the tour (down hill) and when you return to your car you can reward yourself with a comforts and Hospitality of the Micro Brewery  Food and Drinks, indoor and outdoor and photo spots on the jetty, the ideal way to end the outing.

view Virtual tour of Riverside Brewery  - under construction