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About SI

Step Inside

from Google map SV (Street View - Virtual tour)
we STEP INSIDE on paths, trails and venues

  • How it Works
  • What we do
  • how you can help


DRAG n DROP Pegman  anywhere on map (refer legend) and "Step Inside"
help link below image 

How to

Pro users 
sample image, map, Step inside and tutorial

Best view tips

Birds Eye (survey the land) - > use DESKTOP drop view 
Jumping (quick moves)  - > Desktop click on blue line or dot to jump 
Walking (in Virtual Realty) - > mobile device rotate to any angle

SI tips 2019.05 WA
How to 1 min video 
Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View

Your Mapped

During visits we welcome requests to map people along the trail (time permitting)
"Life be in it" sharing is caring ..

to get your map link

1. where's Walley 
find your image in the map 
map tricks this page section  "FREE DROP"


2. Scroll the list to get your link 

list format

Name of places (visitor page link) 
your name (or a hint of your name) is below each place

3. Pls reach out to us (details in name card supplied during photo) 
so we can tell you more & get feedback on knowledge base 

People and dates appear here 

  • 2019.09.09 Brendon and Theo  Google map link
    other: Fbk album people this day (pending) I virtual tour - pending

pls join our fbk group wa tourism so you can like and share when we post and pls tell your friends, get on board - ask us more   

  • 2019.09.09 Toronto Girls: Google map link (can find your other pic ? if not ask for help)
    other: Fbk album people this day (pending) I virtual tour - pending
  • Locals - tulip pros Google map link
    other: Fbk album people this day (pending) I virtual tour - pending
      pls join our fbk group wa tourism so you can like and share when we post and pls tell your friends, get on board - ask us more   

      2019.08 Kings Park week1  I  week 2 I  Week 3 I Week 4

      Get on board, more pics at places
      DO IT YOURSELF or meet us @  tourism places for more
      Photos or videos - narration or just pose - up to you

      get your team together for a pose normal or whacky

      Did you know
      Google map: more than 1 x 360 can be connected as a mini tour (make your own)
      or use RoundMe site with map Icon for your virtual travel album  (sample this page)

      Google passport: Your contributions to google map creates a global passport of your places 

      Get Googled

      2. People -  see below  

      During visits we encourage people to request to be google mapped  
      what we do with 360 spherical images
      • Google map (faces may be blurred) 
        optional in photos but street view video is auto blur
      • Social media 
        Example:  Theta (see below)
        facebook: accepts 360 spherical - search by name or hashtag
      some sites let you Morph images into Little Planet

      Privacy and Permission
      we respect your privacy, if you don't like the images simple let us know 

      Just do it 

      Share the love: join Fbk Grp: Tourism West Australia

      About venue

      • location
      • map
      • how to get there
      • related icons
      • Social media Channels

      Check in S.M.

       show some Social Media love ......
      Image result for please check in

        all channels, best hashtags
         like, review, a tag, share just do it !

      Hashtag: Facebook 

      Related topics

      remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app


      Google SV - step Inside

      log of paths, trails venues where we "step inside"  
      connecting the images into a Virtual tour
      Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate / comment
      Prionotes Path 0700m nature trail Kings Park  2019.09.16 mapped published in few days 
      Poole Track 0820m Nature track in Kings Park 2019.09.16 mapped published in few days 
      Western path 2300m nature trail Kings Park 2019.09.16 mapped published in few days 
      Zamia cafe to Balga CP  1200m soft surface nature trail Kings park 2019.09.10 Virtual tour Published 
      Magpie Path Kings Park 500m hard surface nature trail 2019.09.10 virtual tour published 
      Jacksonia Path - Kings Park 1300m / soft surface nature trail 2019.09.09 virtual tour published 
      Baird path - Kings Park 520m trail Kings park  2019.09.08 Virtual tour published 
      The Narrows Bridge Major Bridge Perth to South Perth 2019.09.04 add pedestrian West side 
      Langley Park 900m park riverisde Perth 2019.09.01 stage 1 centre path  
      Showing 9 items from page Google SV - Step Inside log sorted by Date / comment. View more »

      Places visited

      Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
      2019.08.27 / Applecross Heathcote Reserve google map visit how that view Heathcote Reserve fbk grp wa tourism 
      2019.09.13 / Point Fraser Perth activity bike along the river Birds of colour Point Fraser fbk grp wa tourism 
      2019.09.15 / Crawley Perth riverside Photo spot instagram or bust Blue Boat House fbk grp wa tourism 
      2019.08.21 Google map people / paths Heirisson Island 2019.08 Drifting HI & LQ  
      2019.08.10 Google map people / paths Kings Park wk 2 2019.08 wk2 360 step inside  
      Showing 5 items from page Places visited sorted by edit time. View more »

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