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2019.08 wk1 Google mapping KP


Google mapping people and places 
which is an extension from Street View, we "step Inside" places 

our Mission: Map trails, paths, places and People 

Target zone: Kings Park

Bommerang Track -  map the 900m track

Watterbird Track - map 1200m track

1 Nature walk (page pending) 100m North / 200m long
2.sections of Honeyeater Path 500m West

1. small section under glass bridge going east 200m
2. where paths Hacket, and law walk and LFW meet

refuel with snack, map the visitor centre say hello to the awesome staff

PEOPLE that joined in 

your google map link (and more) is down the page 
in section "Your mapped"

get on board for more,
bring friends, make a pose for hilarious google map results

Step Inside

from Google map SV (Street View - Virtual tour)
we STEP INSIDE on paths, trails and venues

red arrow right.gif  Project Page: Mapping Tourism Kings Park
  • How it Works
  • What we do
  • how you can help

Your Mapped

During visits we welcome requests to map people along the trail (time permitting)
we love to share "Life be in it" sharing is caring ..

to get your map link

1. where's Walley 

you can try to find your image in the map  
map tricks this page section  "FREE DROP"

2. Scroll the list to get your link 
list format
Name of places (visitor link) 
your name (or a hint of your name) is below each place

3. Pls reach out to us details in name card supplied during photo so we can tell you more 
and ask you to pls give us feedback on how to improve the knowledge base 

Places visited 
name / name hint below each with google map link

Bommerang Track - mapping 900m concrete
  • Kiwi couple - kiwi flag couple
    local on leisurely walk with their all blacks rugby flag (big game in town)
  • The boys on bikes - from woodlands
    the boys also posed along the track during our video crawl and what they did is awseome 

    the vid will be 3 / 4 days before published

    Watterbird Track - map 1200m soft surface
    snapped selfies 

    • base of tower: visitors from Singapore 
      • google map link   I  fbk album of this day and Theta site in track page

    nearby Nature walk 200m  - pending

    Honeyeater Path 500m
    • 4 people at Lovekin Dr

    map section under glass bridge 200m
    where paths Hacket, and law walk and LFW meet 
    • visitors from China 
    • Visitors Italy on bikes -

    Fraser Ave precinct - visitor centre and cafe
    with snack - map the visitor centre say hello to the awesome staff

    Get on board, for more pics at places 
    either ask us how to DO IT YOURSELF or meet us us tourism places for more 360 images 

    Did you know
    Google map: 
    more than 1 image in google maps can be joined as a mini tour  
    or save it in RoundMe virtual tour site with map location vitual travel album 

    Google passport 
    record a photo or review in map listing to create a passport of places visited 

    get some friends together and lets make a pose 

    Get Googled

    2. People -  see below  

    During visits we encourage people to request to be google mapped  
    what we do with 360 spherical images
    • Google map (faces may be blurred) 
      optional in photos but street view video is auto blur
    • Social media 
      Example:  Theta (see below)
      facebook: accepts 360 spherical - search by name or hashtag
    some sites let you Morph images into Little Planet

    Privacy and Permission
    we respect your privacy, if you don't like the images simple let us know 


    DRAG n DROP Pegman  anywhere on map (refer legend) and "Step Inside"
    help link below image 

    How to

    Pro users 
    sample image, map, Step inside and tutorial

    Best view tips

    Birds Eye (survey the land) - > use DESKTOP drop view 
    Jumping (quick moves)  - > Desktop click on blue line or dot to jump 
    Walking (in Virtual Realty) - > mobile device rotate to any angle

    SI tips 2019.05 WA
    How to 1 min video 
    Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View

    Pls help me 

    join our Fbk Grp: Tourism West Australia, help promote tourism WA
    and follow our posts in the group, please be welcome to join us at places ..

    Buy me a Coffee

    Buy Me A Coffee

    if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
    when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
    in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

    ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
    (the kids love to see pics of people donating to our money box - pls ask)
    FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

    Mud map

    check out the elevation points, follow the course or make your own
    load the free app to your smartphone and track your route
    then load it into app Relive for fly over video (see below)


    16/8 we have downloaded and shown under section Video this page
    bonus with site; you can edit vid contents anytime .

    move along the path to see elevation

    about Relive


    most video shot is 360 spherical for "step Inside"
    the focus is camera overhead to capture the surrounds
    if time permits we also make a social video

    two (2) formats 
    1. standard video    
    2. 360 Spherical video 

    1. Standard video 

    Relive - 3d flyover of route  ext link

    Ground video 
    we may create a general video of our day - people and places

    2. 360 Spherical 
    1st focus is overhead for street view 
    we usualyl publish it in a video for those that like to enjoy VR Virtual reality TV

    we also try to make a social version (not head high) it depends on time constraints on the day 

    360 trail vid
    appears in several sites - youtube / Veer TV 
    Google map (photo frame only)

    Production time: 
    uploaded within a few days - takes up to 3 days to show in map 
    (Photos are few hrs)


    pics are usually 360 spherical of Key places / Landmarks 
    we do include pics of people 

    to find your photos 

    1. People: link/s listed this page under "your mapped"  
    2. Trails/Places: search google map by name or fly (see FREE DROP) this page 

    but wait there's more

    2. virtual tours 
    1. Google maps - Step Inside  - explained above 
    2. 3rd party tour sites shown within the visitor page 
    we often include your phone in other sites to let you see the dynamics of 360 
    (at all times if you dnt like, let us know and we delete no questions asked)

    Did you know.. you can create a passport log (places visited) in google maps 
    all you need is a free Gmail ac, as you visit places add a photo or a review and it then shows in your map a/c of places visited

    you can do the same with free app "tripit - see social media section in our visitor page of places visited 

    3rd pary sites - virtual tours or general SM platforms see within the visitor page of each place listed above
    might take us a few days to get ot this depending on work constraints

    3. RoundMe tour site

    access images 3 ways
    photo stacks, map location, pip (pic in within pic

     fastrack: be pro in 1 minute

    Photos tricks
    Get snap shots: view the 360 in the virtual tour "Roundme" and select help to change the display style and then use the screen save options in desktop or mobile to capture the image based on the angle and format to suit you


    were building knowledge base of the trails 
    pls be welcome to join is to discover them and upgrades
    we visit, make drafts and revisit to make it better
    life is a journey

    tip: 1st view KP trails Nodes, Elevations, Maps, routes Logistics

    last 5 by latest changes  - open table to sort by any column
    Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesDate comment
    Lotterywest Federation Walkway 1100m / 15m mostly walking Botanical gardens, Tree top Glass bridge 2019.08 Googler Step Inside - 65% complete 
    loop Law Walk 2.1km 2200m 30m change hard and soft Path and bush trail 2019.08 draft page mapping 
    Ceremonial Walk 0240m / e:10m change / hard surface Fraser Ave Precinct / War memorial tributes 2019.08.20 drafted google mapping in progress 
    Nature Walk 2 N.East Crawley Path 0280m / 06m variation / hard surface Iron Mesh surface, Near DNA tower 2019.08.18 Virtual tour completed 
    Balga cp Nature track N.East to Marlee 0410m / e:06m change, soft surface narrow nature track narrow winding up and down 2019.08.15 Virtual tour mapped 
    Showing 5 items from page routes KP trails sorted by Date comment. View more »

    Bike Hire

    • remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app

    Pls share me 

    short url this page

    Google Street View 360 tour capture people and places Kings Park Perth WA, SM hub

    #StepInsideKingsPark   #StepInsideWA  #KingsParkWA  #VisitPerthWA #PerthAdventure  #LuckySaidSo

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    Roaming reports

    latest community news 

    select a channel and see what people are saying 
      why we went - see below 



    Places visited

    Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
    2019.08.21 Google map people / paths Heirisson Island 2019.08 Drifting HI & LQ  
    2019.08.10 Google map people / paths Kings Park wk 2 2019.08 wk2 360 step inside  
    2019.07.29 Perth / Kings park / Burswood Tour: Hop on Off Bus 2 hr circuit  1st visit: snap pics / vids and begin knowledge base hop on hop off bus fbk grp Tourism WA 
    2019.07.16 Google SV - stage 2 paths Kangaroos are cool for cats Heirisson Island GSV Heirisson Island 
    2019.07.25 East Perth Google SV Step Inside - 2nd visit more paths mapped 2019.07 GSV Queens Gardens  
    Showing 5 items from page Places visited sorted by edit time. View more »

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