start points Drone Kings Park

3/12/2019 - progress suspended pending ratify breach of Park regulations 

under construction 


Project started with images Swan river South Perth but through popular demand we received donations of images to extend the tour as shown in the mud map below

the objective is 
1. Identify Tourism Icons
2. connect drone images to 360 ground images or Icons related info

user tips

should 1st study the elements of the host site used for the photos - a few mins on the help info will fastrack you to advanced
example - Roundme site includes "map location" icon so clicking that will change the display to show images by location

we try to include a link within each image to ground Icons 

feedback is essential 

Pro users 
we included start points in table below

some images appear in multiple tours with gateway link to jump tours
typically gateway images are 
Drone image in a ground tour or ground image in a drone tour 
or an image in adjacent tour the current tour

feedback appreciated 


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