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Toxic people


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the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.

  • the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.
    plural noun: behaviours; plural noun: behaviors
    "the feeding behavior of predators"
  • the way in which a natural phenomenon or a machine works or functions.
    "the erratic behavior of the old car"

this could be a mood

it's not a mood it's their .... the manifestations and achievement regarded collectively

That is .. 
your Behaviour towards this issue is Toxic 
your a Toxic; insecure / Arrogant / in Denial / Control Freak / Stupid 

Don’t Expect Toxic People to Admit Their Mistakes

Aren’t toxic people the worst? 

be clear this Behaviour or person's culture or their mood

  • They always work behind your back and want nothing more than to suck your soul out and use you for their sick goals.
  • They will take advantage of you and manipulate you any chance they can and they will deny any wrongdoing when confronted. 
  • You can’t expect a toxic person to apologize when they make a mistake. 
  • They will play the victim – it’s in their blood. There’s always an ulterior motive for these people. 
  • Don’t believe them for a second even if they mutter the words “I’m sorry”. They don’t truly mean it, and sinister intentions might yet be hiding behind those words.

We all make mistakes.
  •  It’s only human to do wrong as we’re not perfect. Apologizing for those mistakes is the right thing to do. 
  • That’s what separates normal people from toxic people – the latter believe they can’t be wong. 
  • Even if the facts aren’t in their favor, toxic people will find excuses to justify their behavior. They believe they’re perfect and that they never make mistakes. 
  • They always play the victim and try to blame others. Since they genuinely don’t beleve they can be wrong, they never apologize.

Try to call them out and you’ll be the one apologizing in the end.

  •  Have you ever tried to reason with toxic people? It’s impossible. 
  • They’ll turn the tables around and you’ll end up feeling guilty. 
  • Keep in mind these people are master manipulators. 
  • They will never reflect on the things they’ve done wrong – it’s always yours or someone else’s fault.

Loving such people is an impossible task.
  •  To be honest, you have to be at least a bit insane. 
  • Toxic people are very confident and that’s admiring in the beginning.
  • However, as your relationship moves forward, you’ll realize that you’re locked in a prison with them. Toxic people don’t grow. They are impossible to live with and will never change or improve themselves. 

They are the best, they are perfect, they are the most successful. You can’t outdo their achievements – even if you try, you’ll regret it in the end. 
Whenever you try to point out something wrong they’ve done, you’ll end up apologizing instead.
Don’t do this to yourself. 
Don’t ever try to get in a relationship with toxic people. 

You’ll suffer for it.
Even when you try to leave them, they’ll do anything to make you stay. Don’t believe it for a second – it’s a trap. 
These people only want to control and manipulate you, so don’t waste your time on them. You deserve better.



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Energy drains and Toxic people

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you adjust to bad situation and when its time to get out - your can't  

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