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Relive creates memories of your unique outdoor adventures.

Tracking app that creates 3D flying video as well as map path of your journey 


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You can Relive your outdoor adventures. Create 3D videos of your runs, rides, hikes & more
If you like to go out for a run, ride, hike or any adventure outside, you’ll love Relive. And it’s free!
Millions of runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers, snowboarders and other adventurers are using Relive to share their activities with 3D video stories.
Show what it was like out there, create amazing stories and share your passion with friends!

Just go out, track your activity, take some photos and enjoy the moment. Finished? Time to create your video! Your outdoor activities have never looked so cool.

Relive works with just your phone, as well as with many other tracker apps (like Strava, Endomondo, Apple Health, etc.).

Create 3D Video Stories for Free

• Turn your activity into a video story

• See your route in a 3D landscape

• Include photos from you and your friends

• See your highlights (like max. speed)

• Share your videos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Track your activities with GPS

• Track your ride, run, walk, hike or any activity really

• See your key stats and location in real time

• Take photos during your activity

Connect other apps

• Turn new activities from other apps into Relive video stories

• Works with: Strava, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, Polar, Apple Health, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, MapMyHike and MapMyWalk

• More trackers will be added soon!

Relive Club (premium)

• Import: old activities, turn them into video stories

• Video quality, your videos in HD.

• Edit your videos as many times you want

• Control video speed, watch at your own pace.

• Music: add music to your videos

• Get priority, Club members get their videos faster.

• Longer activities: Relive activities over 12 hours

• Interactive route: explore every detail in 3D

• More photos: add up to 50 photos to your video

how to 
use the app to record your activity or import data from other apps - faq's

App review 

1. about us

we make Google SV (Street View) maps
our focus is tourism paths and trails as well as the places of interest 

useful links

2. review the app

we tried the free version to understand the concept and quickly migrated / upgraded the pro version to gain access to more features

the app is simple to use and functions in the background or import data from known apps (see details in their website)
help desk is quick and responsive 

videos can be downloaded 
easy to edit AND can do so any time in the future - thats a big bonus 

the finished job means a video, a page of photos, a route map with various stats such as time, elevation and more

the app is practical tool for walks, hikes, rides, drives 
min distance 1km (if necessary your journey is less then manually edit in map my ride to extend)

other map apps we use and recommend 

TrackMyTour: waypoints with text, multi pics per loc and links
waypoints recognise metadata in pics - date, time, location
produces map, travel diary and more

Phill Smith 
available to call any day 10am to 10pm daily direct dial 08 93688 900
Google accredited Photographer 
various accreditation available on request 

log summary

vids created from the app
last 5 by date: see all at bottom of page under log

Name and URLTheme / Featuresdate / comment
2019.08.10 Google mapping KP 16km ride trails Kings Park 2019.08.10 
Acai Corner  2kms Bike hire, river trail, Health Fodo van 2019.07.22 Published 
WA Festival day 2019 Festival Burswood riverside 2019.06.03 3 day festival with fireworks 
Wild West Charters Boat tour Swan river - eco and dolphins 2019.01 / 60 min fast boat tour 
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we may use other apps (such as Map my ride or strava) and export the data to relive app to create the 3d video

existing adventures 
yes you can recreate past journeys 
we use "map my ride" to create a route (existing journey) or a new course, then transfer bind it to Relive or export to strava utility exe to inject metadata then export to relive to produce a 3d fly map 

this method is ideal for brief videos including photos of key points / landmarks 
when then rely on the main / larger more detailed video from our 360 spherical to fulfil viewers needs 


Bike zones

as we create trails with 360 camera we also log the path and will create a standard video using Relive

Google SV (Street View) trails 
ZoneTheme / Featuresdate comment
Como trails riverside  
East Perth - Point Fraser riverside, Parks, Food and Drink  
South Perth Foreshore riverside  
Perth Foreshore riverside 14km circuit 2019.05 in progress 
Trails Burswood riverside, parks, Stadium, Bridge 2019.05 in progress 
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Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2019.07.29 Perth / Kings park / Burswood Tour: Hop on Off Bus 2 hr circuit  1st visit: snap pics / vids and begin knowledge base hop on hop off bus fbk grp Tourism WA 
2019.07.16 Google SV - stage 2 paths Kangaroos are cool for cats Heirisson Island GSV Heirisson Island 
2019.07.25 East Perth Google SV Step Inside - 2nd visit more paths mapped 2019.07 GSV Queens Gardens  
2019.07.13 Perth Liz Quay Street Food Festival Cosy on the Quay 2019.07 Cosy Street Food Fbk page WA Achievers - pics n Vid 
2019.07.14 Crawley Manchester United The Shed is Red Blue Boat House Fbk page Centra Ins - pics 
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Name and URLTheme / Featuresdate / comment
Name and URLTheme / Featuresdate / comment
Wild West Charters Boat tour Swan river - eco and dolphins 2019.01 / 60 min fast boat tour 
WA Festival day 2019 Festival Burswood riverside 2019.06.03 3 day festival with fireworks 
Acai Corner  2kms Bike hire, river trail, Health Fodo van 2019.07.22 Published 
2019.08.10 Google mapping KP 16km ride trails Kings Park 2019.08.10 
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