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Skype Online number

Testimonial... August 2012  SKYPE ONLINE NUMBER
This feature allows non skype users to call at local landline rates ie., (cheaper than mobile rates) and through skype cloud pabx you can transfer the call to anyone other skype user (ie., your team .. which can be world wide).

Background: In June 2012 I tested Skype Premium
Extraordinary!  Nominal fee for FREE calls (recovered 3 x the cost in the 1st month and there's more)

then, we've set up skype for all staff under using "Skype Manager" and reduced the phone bill by aud$25,000pa and there's more...   

We've yet to compare cost on calls to mobiles (current spend is aud$25,000) 

Green team "corporate" @ Central Insurance brokers use and recommend skype.  

Skype ONLINE NUMBER is a "must do" small / soho business
Clients call your permanent skype landline number which rings on all your devices (PC or smartphone) anywhere in the world (FREE) and you can transfer the call to other staff
Bonus: you can drop your mobile number as you are connected to your skype landline (online number).

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