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Skype Australia

Skype PC Phone void telephone and voip solutions for Australian business and domestic use FREE options and low cost business solutions
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Contact me

Phill Smith I Director I FAICD AIM Aff AII AIM  

via Skype voice/video voip (web) line or local call cost skype landline to my desk and mobile world wide

FREE Skype voip call/video Skype Me™! I how to add me, (ID): luckyroo  Add me to Skype 
or dial skype landline  (+61) 8 9467 5994 I  m:  (+61) 418 927 522  
(avail 24/7: skype or mobile)

Office Australia: Direct  (+61) 8 9368 8900 (office hrs)  I Fax: 9367 5335  map  

Office Thailand: M (+66) 81 632 2042 map   e: E