Loop Milyu Narrows Mends 4km


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Best suited for sunset strolls starting from West side North to Bridge and finish at Mends St Food and Drinks
Do get head onto Hardy st early to enjoy the view of the Swan Estuary Marine Park - so much bird life 

The evening stroll on the path North is best to wear some light colours to be spotted by passing bikes, best tip is take a torch as the family will enjoy the fun of spotting various marine life along the river edge on the N.East side

as you approach the Narrows on the left at Burylup Park you'll enjoy the majestic view of the Old Brewery (riverside tables and chairs for the snack or glass of wine. 
Then as you approach the Narrows Bridge make a selfie (see our photos), then pass under the and glance at peace full fishermen 

Point Belches will offer you a chance to get close to Black Swans, they often come ashore see the tables past the car park
the remaining walk is panoramic both to the city lights North and South at the astonishing homes 

At Mends St Mindeerup Piazza enjoy the lighting display and choice of Food and drink 


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This trail
> Several start points re parking the car

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Length: 3.6km I Difficulty: Easy  I Time 1-3hrs  I Experience: Family Friendly
Surface: hard mostly smooth   I Elevation 10m (footbridge) otherwise flat, wheel chair friendly

Toilets and water station at Mends St, Windsor Park  and Narrows Bridge
Mends Street Ferry station and D.I.Y. bike hire 

Path Google Street view mapped: Yes  see link street view this page

scroll page to "Trek map" Icons with pics and links

also loop Narrows North 5km in this page under related topics trails

Mud map


from the map you can see the trail is mostly flat with the exception of footbridge across the freeway 

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Mud maps with elevations  

to View Mud map in Google maps
settings (top left of map page)
  • Globe: rotate map to any angle  (Shift right click)
  • Street View: show spherical images 


Bike Hire, Toilets, food and drink, riverside trail / nature zone West, Narrows Bridge, loop back to Mends St

Sunset views are special and night walks with torch for spot the marine life 

The Trail

below is a text base summary with links
Trek maps (the route and zone) show Icons with images and links - whereas the gps route maps are to follow the route 

Jetty / Ferry, Toilets, parking, water station, trails
Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, bike hire station

heading South West to Hardy st footbridge 

Traffic lights is home to heritage 
Windsor Hotel on opposite corner is Heritage Society 
you can continue North on Mends St past S.P. Lawn Bowls (social membership is great value), then left and cross the road at Perth Zoo into Hardy St
or go left and shortcut of Botanical Windsor Park (Toilets) and straight line to Perth Zoo

Hardy Street footbridge 

West side 
Swan river - park the bike, directly from the bridge is a clearing to the river, sit on the wall enjoy sunset

if you slide South approx 100m you will set a cut out Milyu Nature Reserve - nature reserve

moving North 
along the path walk or ride or along the river walking

sections along the trail allow you to enter the river walk
at sunset with a torch you can spot the Cobbler fish, prawns

continue North to S.West base of Narrows Bridge at 
Mill Point Reserve - parking, toilets, water 
trail North up and over the Narrows bridge 
trail down left (West) past toilets or further West along the boundary of the river which includes shade, lawn, tables and chairs and chill with views across the river to the Old Brewery (did you know they have a steakhouse) 

East side is Point Belches, parking and Millers Eco Pool as well as famous Old Mill Museum

Continue East along river trail 
Fishing jetty (was known as Queen St Jetty)  
popular for wedding photos and launch of sea plane tours (when in season)

nice spot to chill on a park bench, lawn or trawl along the river wall with a torch to spot the fish
we've spotted Prawns, cobbler, Flounder, Sting rays (yes small but they are really there) dolphins and lots of small fish and of course blowies and jelly fish

its actually a lot of fun to trawl the wall with a torch and the kids to see who can find what 

continue the trail to 
opened 2020 entrance to ferry service, water, toilets, bistro

try our Trek map (this page) to see Icons on the map
many trails in South Perth are 360 google mapped so you can virtual tour, see how to in Step inside South Perth foreshore

More on Icons 



video below - external link shorter version

1. Square Video 55 secs

2. flyover video or route map with photos 

Route map 

GPS live tracker route saved to several sites

desktop view of ALLTRAILS: interactive view of elevations and photo in route

screen shot (link below image)

route map, elevation & Photos Narrows Loop South 4km

other apps

Map my ride: route map & elevation Hardy Narrows Mends Loop 
free app to sync to this route 

Strava: map & elevations Hardy Narrows Mends Loop


move along the path to see elevation

D.I.Y. Bike Hire  cashless system - helmet provided

bikes available near Mends St Jetty - Spinway S.Perth

Trek map

above are several gps live tracker route maps to keep you on the route 

below are 2 x map Icons (the route and the zone), they have data, images and links about Icons

1. This route only
Icons are waypoints"  with photos, info and site link 
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app: Track my tour: Loop Narrows South 3.6kms

2. The Zone and related 

Mapped paths, tips & tricks 
Icons show: Distance, elevations and more

Tour zone: South Perth
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Zone North Mends St Jetty Jetty / Ferry / Cafe / zoo / hotel / river bike trails  
Zone East: Coode St Jetty Jetty / Cafe / boat hire / river bike trails  
Zone West: Mill Point Swan River Bridge / Museum / river bike trails  
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2. step inside 
3. tips and tricks

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fly, jump walk

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2. Step inside 

how to: Step Inside: Jump - Walk  expand view 

SI tips 2019.05 WA
How to 1 min video 
Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View

Drone Tour Swan river CBD  

Swan river cbd 

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Trail loop Narrows Bridge South 4kms, riverside, birdlife, swan river food and drink - best start is before sunset on Milyu Nature Park https://trailsperthwa.com/SPerthHardyMendsLoop

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Google SV - step Inside

log of paths, trails venues where we "step inside"  
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Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate yy.mm / comment
Whistlepipe Gully Loop Track 3500m track Kalamunda, waterfalls 2020.07.31 50% mapped 
Boodja Gnarning Walk in Kings Park 2km loop Indigenous trail Plants, glass bridge, waterfall 2020.07.12 drafted 3 tracks optional trails 
Art trail Claisebrook cove 3km trail - added 360 photos and some vid 2020.06 step inside links  
Virtual tour Heritage Sculpture trail trail 600m Burswood - park, lake, Icons - Family theme 2020.06 google mapped 
Loop CC Art trail East Perth 3km Trail Art walk 5km bike loop 2020.06 drafted 
Perth Quad bike - Pinjar Dirt tracks / trails - fast recording for google test 2020.06.14 recorded on the fly - it worked 
South Perth Bowling Club bowling club - 360 pics for google maps 2020.06.11 
Buryalup Park park, river, trails - add some footage to test 2020.06.04 
Jenalup Beach Beach, nature trail, cliffs 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
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Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2021.02 Rottnest Island Thrill ride: Jet Boat extreme fun Thrill boat ride fbk grp wa tourism - video 
2020.11.14 Applecross Swan river twilight sunset sail  free outings with members South of Perth Yacht Club fbk page - pic vid 
2020.09.25 Perth cbd swan rover new floating pub  The Raft fbk page 
2020.10.27 South Perth day adventure History the tram  Ferry Tram Museum fbk group wa tourism 
2020.10.03 South Perth Sunset river walk  Mindeerup Piazza fbk page pics  
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