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Swan River

The Swan River Trust is a Western Australian state government statutory authority defined by the Swan and Canning Rivers Management Act 2006. The Trust reports to the Minister for Environment.

It was established in 1989 to protect and manage the Swan and Canning rivers. The Trust is caretaker of one of Perth’s most famed natural treasures and works with community, industry, local government and other State government agencies to maintain and improve the environmental health and community benefit and amenity of the Swan Canning Riverpark. The Trust through the River Protection Strategy facilitates better coordination, collaboration and commitment between the many organisations with river responsibilities.

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The Swan River Trust works with others to protect the Swan Canning Riverpark, to enhance ecological and community benefits and amenity. The Trust vision is a healthy river for all forever, which is resilient to climate change, population and development pressures and enjoyed, shared and nurtured. The river faces increasing pressure from human activities, as well as the effects of climate change and a legacy of cumulative impacts.

The Swan Canning Catchment accounts for 2,126 square kms out of a total catchment (including the Avon River basin), of about 125,000 square kms. In 2008, the Trust implemented the five year Healthy Rivers Action to protect the environmental health and community benefit of the Swan and Canning rivers by improving water quality. It is delivered through eight programs that form a ‘catchment to coast’ approach to managing the Swan and Canning rivers.

The Trust has several community engagement programs that allow the Perth community to be involved in caring for the Swan Canning Riverpark including River Guardians, the Dolphin Watch Project, and Ribbons of Blue.

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