2019.04 East to Claisebook cove


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April 2019 


fastrack index 

day tour with WWC Wild West Charters based 
at Elizabeth (Liz) Quay Perth WA

scoot around to Claisebrook cove East Perth
along the way see the new hot spots of Perth 

awesome 360 spherical photos of the day 

we uploaded  them to facebook album (link below) BUT fbk compress them so it's LOW quality so look for the alternative links
such as the virtual tour 

image extracted from 360, click the thumbnail below to see al

we also recorded video in 360 spherical which is awesome when viewed in smartphone or VR goggles 

Our journey

made a few notes below of our experience along with photos and videos

we like to use 360 spherical so you know nothing is hidden .. lol you can't hide from 360 .. 
let it all hang out babe .. 

Team for this gig
Phill Smith (Aussie) from Perth WA
Joy (Thai) visiting from Bangkok 

our social media links in this page under share this page - social media 

image extracted from 360, click the thumbnail below to see all

how it works is explained in photo section this page under spherical photos Theta site

tour map

see interactive map below  this image image 

Our Experience 

We saw that much in that time frame, seemed like it was a few hours and such unique memory

1 minute your scooting across the water breaking waves and wind rushing past 
and then your idle sharing information from the skipper about days gone by or what's on around "here"

this is an ideal way to take in the sights at a fast and slow pace for a good mix 

at the Kiosk you can check in and go through the basic safety issues 
check for proper sun protection, sun cream, hats and water 
collect the intel and get ready

if you want to do anything special then make sure you ask the skipper so he can be prepared and let you know the safety issues


My Recommendation

Get a group together and make it memorable 

groups of 4 or more can claim a concession price if you mention our sponsor

if you have a special occasion speak to Skipper Dave for a special time and outing 

our social media links in this page under share this page - social media 


Two (2) formats 1. standard video 2. 360 spherical (use smartphone for VR)

The Scene: 
note: when we start off heading South we are facing a strong breeze so it's a little bumpy but fun
a few mins into the video we are in calmer waters and the run home us awesome scooting across the small white horse breaks

Format A: Standard video 

2 videos - short and long for those that like a choice  (2 mins or 7 mins)

1a.  Short 2 mins external link

1b.  Long 7 min  - external link

below will be 360 spherical video - super awesome 

Format b:  360 Spherical video

best viewed in smartphone for VR Virtual Reality

video loaded into two (2) sites

Site 1: VeeR - dedicated to 360 spherical

VeeR: 2019.01 Swan river fast Eco tour 4mins - 360 Smartphone link
if stream too slow or low quality  - > use youtube link below 

get your free VEER TV  - follow my channel Veer TV - Luckyroo 

Site 2: Youtube:  you can change stream speed

YOUTUBE 2019.01 Swan river fast Eco tour 4mins - 360 Smartphone link
note: if youtube screen does not show spherical, copy n paste (right click) link to mobile browser

subscribe to youtube Channel WA Achievers

The ultimate 360 view is with google cardboard for Virtual Reality

place smartphone in google cardboard and .. wow !!!!  


we have used several albums 

1. several 360 spherical host sites 
2. facebook album (pls tag, comment, share)
3. virtual tour album - you can share images 

1. 360 spherical host sites 

Best view with smartphone
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn you or device at any angle 

Note: Images are hosted in different sites for different effects

Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

why Theta site: many display controls,  

Zoom out to make a crystal ball, all display styles can be downloaded. 

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
   - have fun morphing the images

Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or     
  channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

2. Facebook album
standard and 360 photos: tag, comment share

click fbk icon to open album or click here

3. Virtual tour album

(see help info below)  you can 
share out the images or take screen capture on mobile or desktop
you can also change the view to little planet and more 

Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour

60 min tour

tips/tricks for tour view

1. window / widget below or use the external link for smartphones to get VR Virtual reality effect
2. tips tricks below window

3. this tour: use the map location Icon/symbol to see location of the photos and click to jump


use the external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

if your screen has 3 dots ... in top right corner "click" and select your browser

Screen Icons:  
bottom of window: images or zones
inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

Device will show help options within app

 fastrack: be pro in 1 minute

Start Points

for PRO users: jump into the tour at any start point
Location Distance from Liz QuayTour PageDate yy.mm comment
Burswood Jetty 4.1km: Optus Stadium & Adventure Park stadium lighting show nightly Burswood Jetty includes Free CAT bus to Perth CBD  
Matagarup bridge 3.8km: 370m span Pedestrian Bridge light show nightly Matagarup Bridge  
 4.8km Park, Gardens, BBQ, Boat Pier Mardalup Park  
 4.2km: 1km Family nature zone Chevron Parkland  
Causeway bridge 2.6km: connects city to Heirrison Island Heirisson Island  
The Point: F&D 2.2km: F&D and Bike / Kayake hire Pending  
Claisebrook cove 4.86km 450m river inlet Bars and Restaurants Claisebrook Cove area includes free CAT bus service to Perth CBD 
 2.4km East North About Bike Hire - Kayaks  
Elizabeth Quay 0 start point Elizabeth Quay  
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The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000

Car: Parking some short term (hourly) around the Northern, longer term is 100m North (indoor) or 300m East open air

Tourist: the city offers free tourist CAT business service to visit the Quay from all around the city
Public: the terminal is 100m N.West  

Train: around 1km North then use the free tourist CAT business to transfer 

Boat / Ferry: the public ferry service jetty is at Liz quay to service route to Mends Street South perth to visit Perth Zoo

Buy photos

you can buy high quality 360 spherical images at My360Sshop-WWC - Perth to Claisebrook


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Wild West Charters 60 min jet boat tour on Swan river from Elizabeth Quay to Claisebrook Cove East Perth and stop at hot spots on the way  https://linkfox.io/NQJNb

#WildWestCharters   #RiverTourPerthEast  #SwanRiverToursWA    #SwanRiver   
#PerthCity  #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism  #WaAchiever 



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Other Virtual tours

Image result for gif virtual tour


Places visited

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2020.06.18 Claisebrook cove East Perth Trail: Public art 3km walk or ride 25 Icons Loop CC Art trail fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.06.06 South Perth bike hire trails on the swan river sunset walk / ride Spinway bike hire station @ Peninsula fbk page central 
2020.05.26 Point Walter Trail - reclusive beach river, trails, picnic, fishing views Jenalup Beach fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.05.28 South Perth trail: river Nature zone black swans sunset - reclusive  Milyu Nature Reserve fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.06.04 South Perth walk and ride  sunset loop South Perth Buryalup Park fbk wa tourism 
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