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Golf Pad TAGS, now compatible with most NFC enabled Android and iPhone (7 and later, excluding the original SE) make it easy to know the distance of every shot. Just tap your club to your phone before you make your shot. You'll automatically track your score, club distances, accuracy, putting stats and more. See, edit and share right on your phone. Know your game and play better golf.

Do they work



Member R.P.G.C. Perth West Australia

M: 0418927522 avail 10am to 10pm any day

I started using the golfpad app around Jan 2021... HC around 14   (late March 2021 HC 9) 

I had already signed up on another range finder app (golfshot) as well as U swing but soon gave them the flick 

There's so many features .. take your time, find and use those that best suit you

for you
getting a fly over of each hole lets me visualise before I arrive 
using the distance to obstacles helps me keep out of trouble 
The option to Track my shots is priceless as I can then review my game as well as harvest stats  (within a few wks of the free manual option of tracking I bought the tag set (small cost of US99 to reduce your handicap.. the price of 1 lesson)

All the features (see app link section below for full details) are as good as any if not better then the highly sponsored better known apps 
range finder, fly over, score card, history, stats .. 

I soon paid the premium features of: wind, elevation and tracker.  
Track feature is excellent if you want a souvenir record of a golf tour or want to review your outing in good detail, Once I appreciated the benefit of tracking there was no hesitation in buying the tags - small price around US99 when you realise how much value in return.

Late Feb I received the tags set which allows me to auto record my shots by distance, lie, club 
I founded the vibrate option was not ideal and pleased to confirm the company was prompt to reply, query my theory and confirm the changes 
having the tag set makes the tracking process seamless 

I'm making a promo video ... 

in the meantime your welcome to view one of tracked rounds in this link 

I started with the FREE APP, compared it to the two (2) apps I was already using Golfshot and U Swing (both on paid premium features) .. 
to be fair in the comparison I needed to upgrade to premium which also gives access to elevation and wind

I tried the "Track my shot" feature, yes very good but easy to forget to press the button 
so I ordered the tags, it took a few practice rounds (without pressure of a group) to get the hang of it, in terms of carry the phone in my pocket or in a belt clip.. 
I'm using an Iphone 11 in a leather wallet on my belt.  During comp days with my club we use app MiScore so I run both apps at the same time and confirm little drain on the phone 11 battery

I'm wrapped with the results, after about 10 games you can drill into some serious stats, accuracy of shots per club, if going left or right which is good feedback .. the stats are endless - use what you like

if nothing else the tag system is brilliant to immortalise your tour ...  a record of the course, each shot, club, distance

Just consider 
when you visit a new course or on a tour abroad .. using the tag my shot creates a webpage showing your scorecard plus a visual display of every shot around the course with club and distance.  You can access that anytime on desktop or smartphone - awesome.

when you buy .... 
pls remember 

Do important things in a non urgent timeframe -  
10 mins to instal  (pair each club), 16 in a set .. so that includes a few spares
dnt roadtest during a comp game - 1st trial in a practice game 
all scores and tracking can be changed after saving a round so dnt worry if you miss a tag, just add your score and add the tracking manually later

Point of difference 
other apps have tracking but GolfPad also includes fly over your shots, stats and much more 
auto advance to next tee
you dnt have to close out a hole, simply tag a club at the next tee and the app moves holes

auto analyse club length, accuracy and a host of other analytical data which you can review to improve your game
for example; most my drives landing right so it's time to review the swing

advance caddie mode suggests best club for you based on history, wind, elevation 

wind, elevation, distance to all hole features including hazards, flyover, 

The app

Golf Pad GPS is a fast and accurate golf GPS rangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker.

* Easy and intuitive - it just works

* Optimized to save battery life

* Available on 40,000+ courses around the world

* Start playing in seconds - no registration required

* Conforms to tournament rules

Many features that cost money in competitor golf gps apps are included free in Golf Pad GPS. Like instant distance to front/middle/back of the green, detailed scoring for up to 4 golfers, aerial maps with flyovers, tee-to-green shot & club tracking, and more. This is a fully-functional golf gps range finder app. It is NOT a trial or demo. Play as many courses as often as you like, anywhere in the world. It's FREE and will be free forever.

Get extended statistics, smartwatch sync and handicap scoring with Golf Pad Premium upgrade for only $19.99 per year.

Free feature highlights:

* Free golf GPS rangefinder. Instant distance to middle/front/back of the green, or any point on course

* Free PGA-quality scorecard for 1-4 golfers. Track strokes, putts, penalties, sand and fairways for every player

* One-tap shot tracker. Easily record positions and clubs, measure length of your shots. Use it for drives or every shot on a hole. Review shots on the map and share with friends

* Free aerial course map. Tap to measure distance to bunkers, water or any other point on golf course

* Keep full playing history. Review and edit scorecards for past golf rounds at any time

* Track your progress with detailed statistics, including scoring, putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, GIR and distance walked

* Post rounds on Twitter, Facebook or share via email. Your friends can see your scorecard, notes and shots map

* Take notes as you play. Review or edit notes for past rounds at any time

* Easily visualize your progress over time with statistics graphs

* See stats for 9-hole and 18-hole rounds

* Conforms to USGA tournament play rules with free Regulation Mode

* Use 'uncharted mode' to track your score on any 18 hole course, including mini golf and disc golf

* GPS rangefinder supports meters and yards

NO registration. NO course download fees. NO LIMITS.

We are always adding user requested features and making Golf Pad GPS even easier to use. If you have a feature request, a question or need help, see We’ll be happy to help!

Was your favorite course recently updated? Golfing at a brand new course?

We have over 40,000 world-wide courses. In the unlikely event yours is missing, you can map it in few minutes on your own computer:

Problem with an existing course? You can edit it right from your phone. Just start the round there and pick 'Course Incorrect' in the menu.

Join over 2 million golfers who chose GolfPad GPS range finder & scorecard over SkyDroid, Free Caddie, GolfShot, Swing U, SkyCaddie, GolfLogix, Arccos, GolfNow, 18birdies, Hole19 and other golf gps navigator apps. Learn more at

Golf Pad Premium requires $19.99 annual subscription that can be purchased in-app




3 videos 
vid 1: 60 sec into  I  vid 2: 2 min instal   I vid 3 8 min instal and use

60 sec intro

2 min instal

8 min roadtest

Im making a roadtest video in Perth WA in Feb, in the meantime try the one below

Golf Pad TAGS Powered by our top rated Golf Pad app. Accurate information is critical to improving your game. Golf Pad TAGS make it easy, so you know where to focus and play better. Golf Pad TAGS are powered by the TOP-RATED golf GPS

 RANGEFINDER & SCORING APP. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Golf Pad has helped me shave 5-8 strokes off my game in less than a month.” - 

Sean Carrothers, Golf Pad user ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The interface on both the phone and watch is very simple, intuitive and easy to use. It does not distract at all from the round of golf” - George, Golf Pad user ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is easily my favorite golf app I have tried and I have tried many.” 

John Kovach, Golf Pad user Golf Pad TAGS - (for iPhone & Android) Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who want to automatically track, analyze and improve their game in real-time. TAGS come with 15 durable, ultra-lightweight tags. Tags are so light they won’t affect your swing. TAGS are battery free so there is nothing to maintain or replace. 

A 1 year warranty against defects is included. Apply a tag to each club and use it with the free, top-rated Golf Pad GPS app. A simple tap before each shot tracks the exact distance and club choice. 

Tags are interchangeable. If you get a new club, you can easily remove & attach it to your new grip. Golf Pad TAGS work on any of 40,000+ world-wide courses. Use Golf Pad TAGS to get intelligent club recommendations based on distance to target, playing history, elevation change, temperature, humidity, altitude, wind and more.

To order

use my referral ink

AND in the order section get 5% disc with my Promo code:  GOLFRAINBOW

Price as at Feb 2021 US$99  (see referral link for current pricing)
the price includes a voucher code to 1 yr upgrade on their free golf app to "premium" which includes lots  of features.

I have tried this app for several and upgraded to premium before buying the Tags...  the app features are good, the GPS range finder is accurate within a few mtrs and has advantages over the the sight viewer because you do not need to see the flag and not troubled by rain or obstacles 

save on postage and order with a few mates

I bought 4 sets in my initial purchase and ordering another batch for golf mates friends, your welcome to contact me as i may have some stock locally 

Phill Smith (fbk)   or email or call 10am to 10pm any day 0418927522

Pls share me 

Golfpad GPS fully featured golf app track shots, scorecard, history, range finder, fly over and much more, an inexpensive purchase with yet rich returns

#GolfPad  #GolfTracker  #GoodGadgets  #LuckySaidSo

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today April 2020 we only have a few of this product in stock as it is easier to order online 
if there was a group order (10 or more) we can negotiate a saving on a group order 

the link to order online includes a special voucher code so you can get discount 

about other GOLF PRODUCTS
we are roadtesting / reviews in the meantime you can go to the suppliers website and buy direct but better to give us a list on a bulk one time order and save 25%

or you can discuss options with Golf Pro Brad Logan at RPGC and include golf lessons 

group order 1 time w/sale order .. up to 25% discount

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as we have time to roadtest we will add them here.. please be welcome to join in for a test session on gear 

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26/6/2020 cut and paste of various stuff which we will create into sub categories 


will generally copy out ideas from posts in social media groups with a link back to the post so people can read the feedback

you can email the link to:
subject field:  Golfing gear
details: pls include the link to the social media post

I'll add more options as a I develop the page 
welcome to ...
information to build content  
volunteers to add content 
feedback on pages, products

Teamwork clipart contribution, Teamwork contribution Transparent ...


Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

if you like info....  keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam with a few bags of camera gear, phones & compass I get tired 
buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

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connecting the images into a Virtual tour
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Boodja Gnarning Walk in Kings Park 2km loop Indigenous trail Plants, glass bridge, waterfall 2020.07.12 drafted 3 tracks optional trails 
Art trail Claisebrook cove 3km trail - added 360 photos and some vid 2020.06 step inside links  
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2020.11.14 Applecross Swan river twilight sunset sail  free outings with members South of Perth Yacht Club fbk page - pic vid 
2020.09.25 Perth cbd swan rover new floating pub  The Raft fbk page 
2020.10.27 South Perth day adventure History the tram  Ferry Tram Museum fbk group wa tourism 
2020.10.03 South Perth Sunset river walk  Mindeerup Piazza fbk page pics  
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