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Nature trails May Drive Parkland


Mud map

Distance from May East to Lovekin Dr is shown on the mud map at 620m
at Lovekin drive the there is off road parking

using the measure as a guide it is similar distance North and South to reach roads
continuing East to DNA tower is 1.3km
below this image is google map link which you can use to measure distance of tracks 

to measure distance
right click to see options to measure start and finish
move cursor along the measurement to drag the line to suit


we will (eventually) walk the tracks taking photos and add them to a virtual tour page 
if you can do that before us please reach out and join in the photo hunt

Nuytsia Track

starts at May drive Parklands  North point 700m 

Serventy Path

starts East 300m  and goes North / South
inter junctions
North 100m Nuytsia Track (East back to May Drive Parklands)
South 90m with unnamed path (East back to May Drive Parklands)

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