2019.06 bike ride from Mends St

fastrack index 

Adventure South Perth trails

2kms from Bike hire station Mends Street South Perth heading east along the river to 
Heath Food van The Acai Corner, riverside on Clydesdale reserve 

Hire your bike and go go go 



1. Bike Hire Station
Parking and Accommodation

2. Mends St Jetty 
Toilets, Parking, Paddle Boat tour, Ferry, Cafe

3. Scented Gardens 
Observation Deck / Toilets, Parking, Wetlands boardwalk, Picnic, BBQ

4. Coode St Jetty 
Toilets, Boat Hire, Jetty, Black Swans, Swiming zone, cafe,

5. Acai Corner - Health Food Van 
Play station, Black Swans, Bike trails, Lake

In detail


2km ride / 1 mtr elevation 

Duration: 1 hour rush / 4 hours chill and enjoy
trading hours:  bike hire is 24/7 
Acai is most days (check their site)
Toilets / Food & Drink and Parking at start and finish points

allow a few hours or all day ... there's so much to take in along this zone 

Getting here is easy by ferry across the river (08 min transfer) every 15 / 20 mins 
otherwise there's plenty of parking, all the transport and parkin options in this page under getting here

we started at Mends Street Jetty because it's nearby the Bire Hire station 

our target is East 2kms to Acai health Food van, as you can see from the Icons above there's many other things to do

you could also head West to Mill Point which also has many interesting Icons

The bike ride is easy and free flowing along the river and Acai set up is very friendly with fold out seats, umbrellas and more 

other maps have been made for biking ie., elevation and course challenge

What we do 

  • our focus: tourism paths and places  
  • we venture the paths & trails extending Google SV Street View
    to "Step Inside" onto paths and places 

In conjunction with Google SV (Street View


several created to float your boat !  

1. tour map within Google maps (scroll up to see link in section Icons)

2. Bike map in free app map my ride (scroll down) 

3. Google earth (screen shot; elevation 1mtr), map my ride includes elevation and Steret view icon

we logged Google St view on the trail so you can view Street level the trail in google maps - see section "Street View"

Map: Map my ride

FREE app map my ride  - live link below snapshot

live link 

free app: Map my ride: 

tip: note: select full screen to track elevation along path
tip: drag street view icon into map

Download the free mapmyride app (route link) 
use external link to access course and sync to your smartphone app and log your visit
pls share to your social media and include our hashtags so we can find your post 

bikes available near Mends St Jetty - Spinway S.Perth


Note: this is for wk 2  (wk 3 is not completed )

16/8 we have downloaded and shown under section Video this page
bonus with site; you can edit vid contents anytime .

move along the path to see elevation

about Relive


two (2) formats 
1. standard video    
2. 360 Spherical video 

Standard format: 
Bike track - 1.26min - link https://youtu.be/nFGAwRm5VyE

Video created with Tracking app relive

Standard format: 
Duration: 1.50 - link https://youtu.be/he4QQ_U5OW4

360 spherical 

2 videos: short and long
Best tips:  
1. view in smartphone for VR effect
2. you may need to copy paste link to your browser
3. unless pre arranged the videos are "made on the fly" for social media level

Duration: 25 secs
Scene: static afront Acai van 

Duration:  2mins
Scene:  enjoying the river view with Acai health food  

subscribe to youtube Channel WA Achievers

There are many 360 videos of journey along the river, excample below

Sir James Mitchell Park to Hurlingham Rd

360 spherical
best viewed in smartphone for VR effect 

The video was made for upload to Google SV

if 360 display not rotate copy paste link to browser https://youtu.be/02GPu1NYGLM 

Sponsored visit by Central Insurance Brokers, Perth WA


picasa logo 300 x 300.jpg

Pending.... in the meantime 
see images via links listed under SM (Social Media Channels)
or try the Virtual tour link

facebook album - external link

360 Spherical photos
Best view with smartphone.
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn device at any angle or better turn around while holding the device for 360 / Spherical view, 
Note: Images are hosted in different sites for different effects

Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
   - have fun morphing the images

  • 360 spherical South Perth foreshore the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve tour page https://linkfox.io/HtR4M Best Hashtags #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical South Perth foreshore the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve tour page https://linkfox.io/HtR4M Best Hashtags #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical South Perth foreshore the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve tour page https://linkfox.io/HtR4M Best Hashtags #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical South Perth foreshore the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve tour page https://linkfox.io/HtR4M Best Hashtags #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever #Butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 spherical South Perth foreshore the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve tour page https://linkfox.io/HtR4M Best Hashtags #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever #Butterfly3d #theta360
Theta site lets you change the display styles - see the options below images in site or our     
  my channel: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

How to

2. journey the trail, many interesting Icons along the way, the river, picnic grounds
b. others created in this page - see section maps

3. Share your experience 
  • DO "Check in" in social media to help small business and memorise your experience with friends
  • all the places we add to this tour side include all social media channels and best hashtags 
  • did you know
    • posting to Google maps creates a passport log of places visited
    • posting to free app Tripit creates a passport lof of places visited

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Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour
V.Tour:  The Acai Corner
navigation and start points

drone and ground images 

Street view

we created Google SV (Street View) step inside 

you can move along the trail in 360 spherical 

how to
1. street view (widget below)
2. step inside 
3. tips and tricks

1. street view 

google maps logo 300 x 300_resize.jpg
Starting point: 

rotate mobile to landscape mode or use 

2. Step inside 


Step Inside and Jump - Walk  expand view 

SI tips 2019.05 WA
How to 1 min video 
Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View

Getting there 

Car, Boat, Bus, Bike and we show the details of each below 

we went by bike using the nearby bike hire station, its the best way to experience the journey 

Bike hire

South Perth 


SpinWAy terminals around town
last 9 by latest edits: open table to sort by any column
Hostzonedate yy.mm comments
Spinway bike hire Burswood Burswood /  2019.05.12 page drafted 
The Peninsula Riverside Serviced Apartments South Perth: 250m S.West of Mends St Jetty / 5 bikes 2019.04.25 visited mapped swan river 7km East 
Cicerello's Fremantle Fremantle / South West (8 bikes)  
Swan Valley Fresh Herne Hill  
International on the Water Hotel Ascot  
Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough Scarborough  
The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle / S.West  
Pier 21 Apartment Hotel Fremantle North  
Fraser Suites Perth Perth Cbd / East  
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SM comments 

2km bike hire ride from Mends Street Jetty along South Perth foreshore East to the Acai Corner health food van in Clydesdale Reserve riverside, tour page https://linkfox.io/2fchU

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#TrailsSwanRiverPerth    #TheAcaiCorner  #SouthPerth   #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure   #WaTourism #WaAchiever 

Check in S.M.

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  all channels, best hashtags like, review, a tag, share just do it !

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Related topics


building knowledge base of the trails 
pls be welcome to join is to discover them and upgrades
we visit, make drafts and revisit to make it better
life is a journey

tip: 1st view South Perth Foreshore trails Nodes, Elevations, Maps, routes Logistics

open table to sort by any column 
Name & Ulr Distance / elevation / surfaceFeatures
Windan Bridge Loop 18km SP to Windan Bridge Loop riverside, bridges, wildlife,  
Sp to Kings Park 1900m / 56m / hard  Bridge, Parks, sharp climb  
old Mill to Como loop 7.6km / 5m / hard surface Bridge, Museum, Jetty, golf course, park, toilets, cafe 
Bridges loop Narrows & Causeway 9.6km / 10m / surf: hard Bridges x 2, riverside, cafe, toilets, dolphins, Landmarks 
Ferry across river 1.4km / duration 8 min journey every 15/20 mins ferry bike rack up to 4 bikes  
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Bike Hire

  • remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app


Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
walk and ride trail river and nature forgotten beach Como Beach Jetty fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.01.15 South Perth sunset  Mill Point Swan River fb wa tourism 
2020.01.20 Perth CBD Lunch in the city  London Court fbk wa tourism 
2020.01.24 South Perth wine on the river sunset views Point Belches fbk wa tourism 
2020.01.26 South Perth Aus day festival   fbk CIB 
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