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Claisebrook Lake



Developed in the 1990s as part of Claisebrook Cove Village this inner-city park features natural wetlands, plus shaded walkways and lawns.
A central ‘channel’ also features artwork representing East Perth’s natural wetland state and the power of water to sculpt the landscape.
The channel leads in to and out of the lake, providing water to irrigate approximately 10 hectares of East Perth parklands while still proving an ornamental feature for the reserve.

The channel ends at Claisebrook Cove and water for the lakes is sourced from the Claisebrook storm water drain.

Underpasses also provide safe access along the walkway to Claisebrook Cove where you will find numerous cafes and restaurants overlooking the lake.

This zone (The lake) features a bird life large water pond (lake) approx 200m wide with water features a walk around path, and several foot bridges 
on the North East side are BBQ facilities, on the South side are retail shops and residences as well as path leading East West to adjacent features
path East to Swan river through a tunnel connects to the river inlet, hospitality shops, residence, parks and transport
path West towards the Perth CBD shares space with residence, art and landmarks as well as the stream 

The primary function of Claisebrook Lake is to provide water storage for irrigation of 10 ha of parkland and streetscape throughout East Perth. It is managed by the parks team at the City of Perth. Stormwater is the primary water source and is directed into the lake via several local drainage networks. 

However, sediments, nutrients, hydrocarbons and other debris, have previously caused contamination issues as well as resulting in the growth of aquatic weeds. Leaf litter from surrounding deciduous trees have also contributed to poor water quality. In order to improve stormwater quality and management at the lake, the City of Perth has undertaken a number of practices including:

Installation of a Gross Pollution Trap (GPT) to remove the larger debris;
Installation of an ultraviolet light screening system to reduce bacterial growth;
Installation of aerators to improve oxygenation and mixing of lake water, as well as providing providing aesthetic value;
Implementation of a regular maintenance program to control the growth of the aquatic weed;
Development of a procedure to protect the wildlife during any maintenance operations; and,
Citizen Science Programs and lakeside signage to help residents understand water quality and maintenance issues.

Underpass heading East to river inlet  now includes lighting display  "The Tunnel of hope"

more lighting display on the Trafalgar foot bridge, Matagarup Bridge and Optus Stadium

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Little Ferry Co fleet of small (11 seater) heritage ferry e-Power
Ellie J at Elizabeth Quay

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Claisebrook was first named in 1827 (as Clause’s Brook) after the naval surgeon, Frederick Clause who was present on Captain James Sitrling’s expedition of the Swan River. It was a seasonal waterway, typically dry in summer and flowing in winter with numerous interconnected freshwater lakes which drained to the Swan River. During the 1800s land was reclaimed from the feeder lakes, enabling the development of East Perth. The drain now consists almost exclusively of closed pipes with the Hyde Park lakes being the largest area of open water. During the late 1880s to early 1900s the brook was used as the main effluent outlet of Perth. Historical landuses in the area include the East Perth Gasworks, East Perth Power Station and East Perth railway yards and workshops’, these have all since ceased. In the 1990s it was determined that

the East Perth Gasworks site and adjacent waterways were extensively contaminated. Large scale remediation was undertaken in 1994–95. The predominant soil types in Claisebrook Main Drain are brown sands (Spearwood Zone) with a small area of leached sands in the north-western corner (Bassendean zone) and neutral red and yellow earths near the Swan Estuary. Most of the soils in the catchment have poor nutrient retention capacities. Water quality samples are collected near the discharge point of the drain into the Swan Estuary. This site gives an indication of the nutrient concentrations leaving the catchment and entering the estuary. It does not represent nutrient concentrations in upstream areas.


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April 2020 late afternoon walk walk
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Cove: S.West: Waterside Cafe Cafe - open breakfast and lunch The Partisan 
 Mapping places Claisebrook cove mapping places Claisebrook Cove 
Matagarup bridge: Drone 200m North drone river tour Drone Swan river tour 
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Trails @ Claisebrook Trails and walks various 
Claisebrook Cove river inlet, hospitality facilties 0 you are here 
Claisebrook Lake Lake, BBQ facilities, shops, trails West 400m path 
Trafalgar Bridge Pedestrian bridge - 150 span / 50 river 0  
Jetty @Claisebrook cove Jetty for boats and Ferry S.W 200m 
Gioia On The River F&D Italian Restaurant dine in / out S.W 130m 
Parking options Car parking East, West and South 
Public Toilets in N.West of Victoria Gardens S 100m 
The Sebel Accommodation 57 rooms view over waterside inlet S.West 220m 
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