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building knowledge base of the trails 

life is a journey

Many shared for walking and pushbike - look for signs

Remember the strict speed limit (10kph on paths) slower in busy areas 
average people speed is 4 to 6 kph and all age groups change direction without warning 

Before you start - check the maps tricks to be smartwise

Google map apps: 
Desktop has measurement & elevation tool
mobile app Google earth as measurement & elevation tools

If our pages include Course Challenge link with a download link it will include elevation along the route which you can trace in desktop 

what we do

Step Inside

from Google map SV (Street View - Virtual tour)
we STEP INSIDE on paths, trails and venues

red arrow right.gif  Project Page: Mapping Tourism Kings Park
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all aspects of General Insurance, save time call us +61 8 93688 999
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There are five 5
by Node we mean substantial base - People, Parking, Toilets, Water, Transport

Food & Drink, Toilets, Parking / Hop on off bus / Bike Hire / lookout
highest elevation 

Food &  Drink Toilets parking / Hop on off bus
lower elevation 

Food & Drink, Toilets, Parking / quieter zone
family children zone 

North West: Saw Ave Picnic zone 
Water, Toilets, Parking / play stations, trails 

South East: Roe Gardens
Water, Toilets, Parking / Hop on off bus / Lookout
Middle elevation

these are shown on the Treck map [ ] select Nodes


most people want to know how tough it is ..
ITS NOT, the elevation within Kings Park is not steep except for a few points

at 60m N.East node: Fraser Ave (views of Perth and river) 
at 48m N.West boundary Thomas st and Kings Park rd
at 10m S.West boundary 
at 40m East Mt Eliza Escarpment 

sharpest elevation change points 
Centre S.East to West
Roe Garden West and South

cycle paths in all directions of Kings Park to each point North, South, West and East 
table of paths below

2 snapshots below showing elevation

West boundary
East Boundary


Distance 4800m I  Elev:  S: 11m <> N: 58m 

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view


Distance 3400m  Elev: S: 20m <> N: 60m

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view


from South Perth 

a. Shortest / steepest route 

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

B. less difficult route 

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

FREE 360 Virtual tour 
July 2019 Path scanned to 
Google Map Street View 

in page Bike trails Perth CBD  see maps with elevation

Determine elevation points
In Summary:
1. view 2 snapshots above, elevation boundary
2. view table of trails below (sort by any column)
3. view our Treck map; each trail Icon shows Elev point at each end we colour code the Icons: (soft are Red) all other colour coded - darkest is hardest (based on elevations)
4. D.I.Y. quickly create a route in FREE tracking map and view the results

example: map my ride or map my walk (free ac) lets you create a route (desktop) either known paths or manual and shows elevation which you can view in summary or on the fly (as you move along the route)

similar feature is avail in free app strava (desktop)

the D.I.Y. is ideal to maximise your outing by creating loop walks
the "create your route" feature above includes distance, elevation and (Map my ride / map my walk) also includes Google street view feature

Zone trails

Kings Park
by latest edits: open table to sort by any column
Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeatures
Loop John Oldham 2500m / 02m - 65m stairs, views, Monuments, Cafe, Lake, Waterfall 
Lovers Walk 0650m / 06m change / hard wrap around base on East side 
Kings Park Loop 9400m / 50m / various loop the park 
Prionotes Path 0700m / 10m / hard old bitumen N.W boundary 
Poole Track 0820m / 15m / soft / dir: N-S, crosses 2 soft tracks  North node may Dr, South boundary Pole ave 
Aberdare Path 0235m / 0m / hard, crosses 2300m Western Path West Thomas St / East May Dr parkland 
Bellevue Terrace 0500m I e:02m I hard I loc: N.E I Dir: N-S views city river, node Fraser ave 
Western path 2300m / e:36m / hard / loc: West / dir: n-S  N: node S: river 
Marlee Pavilion - Place of Reflection 0400m / 01m / hard / dir: N-S walk only Gardens, Pavilion, seats of place of reflections 
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Treck map

Paths Icons Kings Park: tips & DIY tours 
Trails: Distance, elevations Icons: DIY virtual tour 

red arrow right.gif  Menu top left:  external link

Central Insurance Brokers est: 1980 local and going strong 

all aspects of General Insurance, save time call us +61 8 93688 999
or visit website for after hours mobile


DRAG n DROP Pegman  anywhere on map (refer legend) and "Step Inside"
help link below image 

snapshot: July 2019

How to

Pro users 
sample image, map, Step inside and tutorial

Best view tips

Birds Eye (survey the land) - > use DESKTOP drop view 
Jumping (quick moves)  - > Desktop click on blue line or dot to jump 
Walking (in Virtual Realty) - > mobile device rotate to any angle

Step Inside and Jump - Walk  expand view 

SI tips 2019.05 WA
How to 1 min video 
Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View



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Pls share me 

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Bike Hire

  • remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app

Bike zones

ZoneTheme / Featuresdate comment
Como trails riverside  
East Perth - Point Fraser riverside, Parks, Food and Drink  
South Perth Foreshore riverside  
Perth Foreshore riverside 14km circuit 2019.05 in progress 
Trails Burswood riverside, parks, Stadium, Bridge 2019.05 in progress 
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Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2019.01 Como  river and nature forgotten beach Como Beach Jetty fbk grp wa tourism 
2019.11.01 / Burswood Helicopter scenic tour at the Casino Corsaire at Burswood Helicopter Scenic Flights fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.02.20 South Perth bike hire and walk d.i.y. bike hire South Perth foreshore Spinway bike hire station @ Peninsula fbk wa tourism pic s vis 
2020.02.28 South Perth Sunset chill  easy walk friends and pets Millers Pool Eco Landscape fbk WA Tourism 
2020.03.03 East Perth Thai Food Fair Monthly Aroy (Thai for yummy) 2020.03 Food Fair - mthly fbk gp WA Tourism 
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