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Boodja Gnarning Walk 

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is home to a diverse range of flora and landscapes, all of which were understood and used for survival by the native Aboriginal people of the South-West, the Nyoongar people. The Boodja Gnarning Walk captures some of this knowledge and explores Nyoongar use of the land. 


Interpretive signage panels provide information and artworks from the Nyoongar people for visitors to follow while experiencing other Kings Park attractions including the Gija Jumulu (Giant Boab tree), the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, the Beedawong Meeting Place, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial and the Pioneer Women's Memorial in the Water Garden. 

The initial one kilometre walk breaks into two separate paths known as the Maarm (male) Track and the Yorga (female) Track; both are open for visitors of either gender. 

The Maarm Track highlights the land and trees used by Nyoongar people for tools, shelter, hunting and spiritual purposes. 

It is 2.4 km long and takes approximately 90 minutes to walk. A medium incline and some soft ground makes this track less suited to people with limited mobility. 

The Yorga Track highlights Nyoongar women’s traditional roles and responsibilities including the gathering of food, tool and shelter implements and medicines from the area now known as the Water Garden. 
It is 1km long and takes approximately 50 minutes to walk. The low incline and hard pavement makes the track suitable for prams and wheelchairs. 

The Boodja Gnarning Walk brochure can be downloaded from the brochures section on this website and is available from the Visitor Information Centre on Fraser Avenue. It includes a detailed map, snippets of Nyoongar language and additional information on the walk.

Knowledge base

following info extracted from brochure

Wanju Wanju  (Welcome)

Nyoongar Boodja

Welcome to Nyoongar country, an area including Perth that is bounded by the south-west coast of Western Australia and extends from Geraldton in the north to Esperance on the south coast. 

There are many tribes within Nyoongar country, many of whom visited the Moora Katta (Kings Park) area at various times of the year: a place of ceremony, celebration and good hunting.

Today Mooro Katta is a place of gatherings, celebration and learning for all Western Australians. It is a sanctuary and a place of rare and natural beauty. 
The Boodja Gnarning Walk offers a unique experience that highlights the diverse methods of survival used by Nyoongar people to live off the land in the south-west of Western Australia.

Boodja Gnarning Walk  ( Living off the land )

A self-guided walk that explores Australia’s oldest living culture first-hand. Discover traditional foods, tools, medicines and shelter of the Nyoongar people from the south-west of Western Australia.

Food | Tools | Medicine | Shelter  The entire Walk is in three parts: 

it separates into two at the end of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway (*). 

You can then choose to do the Women’s and/or Men’s sections. 
Both these tracks lead you back, through the Botanic Garden to the end, near Forrest Carpark. 

Signs are dotted throughout the Botanic Garden, along the paths, highlighting traditional Nyoongar uses of native plants and places of significance. 

Plant Legend  (CAPS is NYOONGAR language)

1 MUNGITCH = Banksia torchlight tree 
2 NYOONGAR = Six Season
3 MOONAH = Rottnest Island Tea Tree, Melaleuca Lanceolata 
4 BALGA = Grass Tree, Xanthorrhoea Preissii 
5 KONDIL = Sheoak,  Allocasuarina fraseriana & KARRI = Eucalyptus diversicolor 
6 MARRI = Medicine Tree, Corymbia calophylla 

Junction:  end of BOODJA GNARNING walk & go South for MAARM track (men) or North for YORGRA track (women)

The walk separates into male and female tracks: Maarm Track Men’s Long Walk 

10 DJIRIDJI - Zamia, Macrozamia Fraseri
11 YONGA WAARNGINY = Kangaroo Story
12 UILARAC = Sandalwood, Santalum Spicatum
13 MACROCARPA = Eucalyptus macrocarpa 
14 WANDOO = Eucalyptus wandoo 
15 KOOLAH = Native Plum, Podocarpus drouyianus 
16 MOODJA = Christmas Tree, Nuytsia floribunda 
17 WUANGA = Wattle, Acacia 
18 BOYUR = Woolly Bush, Adenanthos sericeus 

Yorgra Track Women’s Short Walk

7 BEEDAWONG = Meeting Place 
8 KERBEIN = Coastal Sword Sedge, Lepidosperma gladiatum 
9 YORGRA = (Women’s) Business sign 

The walks join back into one single track: 

19 BIBOOL = Paperbark, Melaleuca rhaphiophylla 
20 BALGA = Grass Tree, Xanthorrhoea preissii 
21 TUART = Scar Tree, Eucalyptus gomphocephala 
22 JARRAH = Eucalyptus marginata 
23 WONNIL = Peppermint Tree, Agonis flexuosa 

Nyoongar language

Wanju             Wanju
Balga             Grass Tree
Bibool            Paperbark
dowak             clubs
gidji             spear points
kaarta gar-up     cliff
kulunga           children
kylee             boomerang
maarm             men
mia-mia           hut
Mungitch          banksia
wanna borna       digging stick
wanju             welcome
yandi + coolamons bowls
yonga             kangaroo
yorgra            women

Noongar Word List
Nyungar is an Australian Aboriginal language or dialect continuum, still spoken by members of the Noongar community, who live in the southwest corner of Western Australia. The 1996 census recorded 157 speakers; that number increased to 232 by 2006.


1. Gnarrning Walk + Maarm + Yorgra 
e book 2 pages 
or below widget is pdf 

2. Aboriginal life Kings Park

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2020.11.14 Applecross Swan river twilight sunset sail  free outings with members South of Perth Yacht Club fbk page - pic vid 
2020.09.25 Perth cbd swan rover new floating pub  The Raft fbk page 
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