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    2019.09 added Treck Map google map all paths with elevations and virtual tour link

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    Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesDate comment
    Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesDate comment
    Tour icons Kings Park  Directory Icons Kings Park  
    Drone Virtual tour Kings Park  Directory drone tour  
    Step Inside 360 tour RG 2000m multiple paths - Walk East, Biking West  Botanical, Pavilions, Nature walks, Toilets, Parking 2019.08.03 more paths mapped 
    Trek Map 0:  live map paths, distance, elevation virtual tour 2019.09.10 created 
    Mud map and pdf  map of bushtracks   
    Lotterywest Federation Walkway 1100m / e:20m / hard surf / Dir: various Botanical gardens, Tree top Glass bridge 2019.09.10 v.tour 80% 
    Crawley Path: Nature walk North loop 0750m / e:05m / hard / loop Parking, Nature walk 2019.09.01 virtual tour mapped 
    Goanna path 1250m / e:20m / hard 80% / dir: N-S-E  dir; 10pm to 5am 2019.07 100% v.tour in google map 
    Law Walk 2000m / e:25m / hard / dir: N-S WALK only many icons, paths 2019.09.01 virtual tour mapped 
    Zamia cafe to Balga CP 1200m / e:36m / soft / dir: W-S-E Zamia Cafe West - Balga Car Park East 2019.09.08 google visit virtual tour in progress 
    Boomerang Track 0900m / 10 m / hard / loc: N / dir: W-E N: node cafe, toilets 2019.08.10 mapped 
    Speargrass path 1600m / e:10m / hard / loc: NW / dir: NW-SW-S Thomas st - May Dr  2019.05.20 google virtual tour 
    Nature Walk 2 N.East Crawley Path 0280m / e:06m / hard / dir: E-W Iron mesh surface, Near DNA tower 2019.08.18 Virtual tour completed 
    Baird path 0520 / e:15m / hard / loc: S.W / dir: N-S S: Park ave river, N: node May dr 2019.09.08 v.tour published google map 
    Jacksonia Path 1300m / e:25m / soft / loc: N / dir: N-SE-NE-SE N: Thomas rd West-South-North Fraser Ave 2019.09.08 v.tour google map published 
    Honeyeater Path 1300m / e:50m / soft / loc; centre / dir: E-W 30m wide grass, Node: E and W 2019.09.01 v.tour google mapped 
    Lovekin to Balga CP 1120m / e: 20m / soft / loc: S / dir: N-S N: Lovekin rd C: DNA tower S: car park 2019.08.mapped 
    State War Memorial 0210m / e:05m / hard / loc: N.E / dir: E-W WALK ONLY, Car park, Memorial, lawns, views  2019.08.30 v.tour 95% completed 
    Wattlebird Track 1200m / e:20m / soft / dir: NWest - S.East NWest: Thomas Rd - S.East: DNA tower 2019.09.05 published 
    Nuytsia Track 1400m I S.West 11m I N.West 31m I Soft I dir: E-W W: Node May Dr - E: joins Double track soft 2019.09.05 stage 2 - 100% completed 
    Double Track 1120m / e:23m / soft / loc: N: dir: N.E-W reclusive, W: node: May dr - E: node Fraser ave 2019.09.01 v.tour published 
    Balga cp Nature track N.East to Marlee 0410m / e:06m / soft / loc: S.E / Dir: N-S narrow winding to car park each end 2019.08.15 Virtual tour mapped 
    Balga cp nature track to Swan cp 0550m / e:30m / soft / loc: S.E / Dir: N-S narrow winding to car park each end 2019.07.10 V.Tour complete 
    Ceremonial Walk 0240m / e:10m / hard / loc: N.E / dir: E-W Fraser Ave Precinct / War memorial tributes 2019.09.03 v.tour published 
    Nature walk 1 N.East Crawley Path 0420m / e:06m / hard / loc: C.E / dir: E-W Iron Mesh, near DNA tower and Botanic Car park 2019.08.01 virtual tour mapped 
    Law walk - loop 2.1km 2200m / e:30m / hard / loc: S.E / dir: N-S hard and soft tracks 2019.09.03 v.tour published 
    Kokoda Track Memorial walk 0210m / e:53m / h 150 steps / loc:SE / dir:N-S base parking, river to top gardens trails  2019.05 virtual tour published 
    Wren Path 0550m I e:15m I hard I loc: W I dir: N-S  old bitumen: N: Memorial S: honeyater path  2019.05.17 Google SV (street View)  
    Serventy Path 0850m / e:15m / hard / loc: W / dir: N-S  old bitumen, S:May Dr N: Honeyeater 2019.06 completed 
    Zamia Path 1500m / e:40m / hard / loc:C-S / dir:S-E-N W: node May Dr - E: node Roe Gardens 2019.07.10 Google virtual tour  
    Magpie path 0320m / e:15m / hard / loc:W / dir:W-E Thomas Rd to May Drive 2019.09.10 v.tour published 
    Jacobs Ladder 0165m / e:45m / h 242 steps / loc:NE / dir:N-S open staircase, cafe at base  2019.05 Google Step Inside added 
    Hacketts Path 1114m I e:S30m-N64m I hard I loc: E-S I dir:N-S lookout, memorials, tracks, landmarks 2019.09.01 v.tour published 
    Crawley Path 1400m / e: N60m - S23m / soft / dir: N-S historical path North to South at river  2019.05.01 v.tour mapped 
    Broadwalk see Honeyeater (same trail) 30m wide lawned area 1300m East West 2019.03 draft page  
    Crawley Steps 0103m / e:20m / h tiered steps / loc:S.W / dir:N-S S: Blue Boat Shed N: trail & Hop on bus stop 2019.05 v.tour published 
    Marlee Pavilion - Place of Reflection 0400m / 01m / hard / dir: N-S walk only Gardens, Pavilion, seats of place of reflections 2019.08.02 Google Step Inside added 
    Western path 2300m / e:36m / hard / loc: West / dir: n-S  N: node S: river 2019.09.16 pending 
    Bellevue Terrace 0500m I e:02m I hard I loc: N.E I Dir: N-S views city river, node Fraser ave 2019.09.05 v.tour published 
    Aberdare Path 0235m / 0m / hard, crosses 2300m Western Path West Thomas St / East May Dr parkland 2019.09.15 map in production 
    Poole Track 0820m / 15m / soft / dir: N-S, crosses 2 soft tracks  North node may Dr, South boundary Pole ave 2019.09.15 map in production 
    Prionotes Path 0700m / 10m / hard old bitumen N.W boundary 2019.09.15 map in production 
    Kings Park Loop 9400m / 50m / various loop the park 2019.09.18 page draft 
    Lovers Walk 0650m / 06m change / hard wrap around base on East side 2019.09.29 drafted 
    Loop John Oldham 2500m / 02m - 65m stairs, views, Monuments, Cafe, Lake, Waterfall 2019.10.29 drafted 
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