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what we are doing and how you can help map them

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Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesDate comment
Name & URLDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesDate comment
Law Walk 2000m West to East South Escarpment connects with many icons under construction 
Tour icons Kings Park  Directory Icons Kings Park  
Drone Virtual tour Kings Park  Directory drone tour  
Zamia Path 1500m concrete - follows Forrest Dr  Toilets, Car Park, Roe Gardens Picnic  
Mud map and pdf map of bushtracks Kings Park issued map  
Nuytsia Track 2019.04 under construction  soft surface West May dr parklands to   
Crawley Path 1400m Lovekin Dr to Mounts Bay road Hard surface, mainly downhill, pass Broadwalk and other 2019.04 under construction / inspection 
Broadwalk see intel Honeyeater as it appears to be same trail   
Crawley Steps 0103m Forrest Dr to Mounts Bay Rd (river) Blue Boat House 2019.03 virtual tour 
Balga cp to Swan cp 0550m elevation 53m to 23m soft surface hard sand, narrow winding nature track between 2 capr parks 2019.04.21 page updated  
Serventy Path 0850m Bitumen path top car parking, toilets, centre pass of Broadwalk   
Goanna path 1250m East to centre North    
Kokoda Track Memorial walk 0205m 06m east to 60m west bitumen start: mounts bay rd parking to kings park plaques, gardens 2019.03 virtual tour pics and vid 
Jacobs Ladder 165m elev North 48m South 08m surface concrete 242 steps cafe at base otherwise painfull lol   
Honeyeater Path 1300m East e:61m to West e:11m  30m wide grassed with connecting paths, Major Icons each end  2019.04.23 updated 
Wren Path 0550m I 15m I Maydrive Dr down to Lovekin Dr cuts thru Honeyeater boardwalk 2019.05.17 Google SV (street View) done 
Speargrass path 1600m / 10m concrete N.West to Centre Boundary path North West 2019.05.20 google map and vid made 
State War Memorial 0210m / e:05m WALK ONLY concrete  Car park, Memorial, lawns, views  2019.05.17 google SV 70% complete 
Magpie path 0320m North to South   
Lotterywest Federation Walkway 1100m / 15m mostly walking Botanical gardens, Tree top Glass bridge 2019.05 google map in progress 
Showing 20 items