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2019.07 GSV Step Inside 360 Hyde Park


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Google SV (Street View) - Step Inside in Virtual tour 

from the Traditional Google SV Street View 

we STEP INSIDE and continue the SV onto paths, trails and even inside venues

mutliple themes applicable 
1. Google map: SV  images single or connected (virtual tour)
2. 3rd party sites: virtual tours / videos 

in Progress

stage 1 


Discovery visit sample photos and video 

this info is education to Street view users

1. photos 
appear in GSV map instantly

image from Google SV app - app link in related topics
Photos red dot <> vid is blue line
appears differently in google street map

images can be connected into a Virtual tour (takes more time) 
video overcomes directional issues, automates image linking but lower quality

2. Video
the process takes 1 to 3 days for the Google AI server

The quality of the vid is less than pics but faster 
we use the vid for paths and pics or Icons

the result can be seen in the SV Street View below 
allow a few days for the video to be extracted into images into the map

Test: 7/7/ recorded on overcast day - late sun

This section will be replaced with recording on a sunny day 

see section below - stage 2 for next visit - on sunny day and compare results

Street view

how to
1. street view (widget below)
2. step inside 
3. tips and tricks

1. street view 

google maps logo 300 x 300_resize.jpg
Starting point:  
rotate mobile to landscape mode or use 

external link 

sample image - live map below 

Screen shot:  test run: late sun on overcaste day 

over sections being added and this section wil be replaced on sunny day

2. Step inside 

Google SV (street view) step inside
we may also create a virtual tour in a 3rd party site (see link this page) which has more content


2. drag SV icon to position 
3. fastrack tips below image 

sample image to show steps 1,2,3   expand image view 

Street View tips summary  2019.05 WA
How to view SV (Street View) 1 min video 

Map tips in detail how to Google Street View

Stage 2


Lines of paths to be completed, we did a test run on N.East path  (see stage 1)

the basin (centre) is 10 mts lower than the boundary so the idea would be to walk down from each path or use electric bike

1. map paths with video 
          return with Electric Bikes  

2. map Icons / Landmarks with Photo

17/7/19 added more paths - recorded on sunny day

Stage 3

add links and / or visit places nearby Public Transport and tourism Icons: Food and Drink places 

Your Mapped

During visits we welcome requests to map people along the trail (time permitting)
"Life be in it" sharing is caring ..

to get your map link

1. where's Walley 
find your image in the map 
map tricks this page section  "FREE DROP"


2. Scroll the list to get your link 

list format

Name of places (visitor page link) 
your name (or a hint of your name) is below each place

3. Pls reach out to us (details in name card supplied during photo) 
so we can tell you more & get feedback on knowledge base 

People and dates appear here 

    other big gigs
    2019.08 Kings Park week1  I  week 2 I  Week 3 I Week 4

    Get on board, more pics at places
    DO IT YOURSELF or meet us @  tourism places for more
    Photos or videos - narration or just pose - up to you

    get your team together for a pose normal or whacky

    Did you know
    Google map: more than 1 x 360 can be connected as a mini tour (make your own)
    or use RoundMe site with map Icon for your virtual travel album  (sample this page)

    Google passport: Your contributions to google map creates a global passport of your places 

    Get Googled

    2. People -  see below  

    During visits we encourage people to request to be google mapped  
    what we do with 360 spherical images
    • Google map (faces may be blurred) 
      optional in photos but street view video is auto blur
    • Social media 
      Example:  Theta (see below)
      facebook: accepts 360 spherical - search by name or hashtag
    some sites let you Morph images into Little Planet

    Privacy and Permission
    we respect your privacy, if you don't like the images simple let us know 


    they care about community and tourism WA 

    SpinWAy Bike Hire stations
    remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app


    360 Spherical photos

    some of the shots used for Google are used in tourism page

    see them with trips and tricks

    Virtual tour

    we use various 3rd party private host sites for suit different objectives
    some host sites are images and others are video based


    this tour was created on the fly, random shots taken during visit as a patron.  
    No pre set for lighting or professional config, many upgrade options available 

    RoundMe site has unique URL of each image so we can show various start points

    window below, before you start 


    1. view basic tips below widget to be the best

    sample image - tour window below 

    navigation tips:

    use the external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
    Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

    Screen Icons:  
    bottom of window: images or zones
    inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

    Device will show help options within app

     fastrack: be pro in 1 minute


    WA Achievers - Tourism 

    Phill Smith 
    includes contact options 

    what we do

    Google map - SV - Step Inside
    video and photos

    create a tourism hub page - Lake Vasto
    update google map listings & other social media channels
    Publish the 360 video Youtube or similar
    create soocial media of visit

    update directory
    Trails: walk - ride I Tour zone Icons - detail in tour hub page
    create Virtual tour
    Google and or private sites

    Pls help

    test the links, try the tour - give us feedback to improve the system

    join our socia meida channels - join our tourism FBK Group Perth

    join the best facebook tourism wa group

     News items

    Related topics

    • make 360 spherical images using only a smartphone camera

    Google SV - Mapping Places 

    last 9 by  - open table to sort by any column
    Name & URLTheme / FeaturesDate / comment
    Jenalup Beach Beach, nature trail, cliffs 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
    Point Walter Sandbar Sandbar 1km on Swan river 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
    Herdsman Lake Regional Park Lake, Trails 2020.05 virtual tour and google street view 
    Rocky Pool in Kalamunda 25k East of Perth 2km short cut, Nature Ponds, bush trails 2020.05 photos of trail, virtual tour and trail info 
    Milyu Nature Reserve Swan river, black swans, nature trails 2020.05 info page, virtual tour 
    Lake Gwelup Reserve Lake birdlife trails 2020.05 info page & virtual tour  
    Swan View Tunnel, 30k East 340m Tunnel & trails  2020.05 google map pics, virtual tour, visitor page 
    Roley Pool Reserve, Roleystone 24k East of Perth 300m of Nature Ponds, Trails 2020.04 visitor page, virtual tour, google map pics 
    Lesmurdie Falls, 22k east of perth 1km trail, Water fall, Nature trails 2020.04 virtual tour, visitor page, google map pics  
    Showing 9 items from page Google SV - Step Inside log sorted by Date / comment. View more »


    Places visited

    Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
    2020.05 Point Walter new trail  Loop 1km Jenalup Beach  
    2020.05 Kalamunda Nature trail  create trail page and tour Rocky Pool  
    2020.05.16 South Perth Nature trail 3km loop create trail and tour page Milyu Nature Reserve  
    2020.05.15 Gwelup 12km North of Perth Nature trail around lake 3km loop - create trail and tour page Lake Gwelup Reserve  
    2020.05.11 Herdsman 8km N.West trail section of 8km radius  Herdsman Lake Regional Park  
    Showing 5 items from page Places visited sorted by edit time. View more »

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