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adding sections to extend from Burswood north along the river 

Oct 2019 we are creating "Street View" on the riverside trail


we are building knowledge base of the trails 
pls be welcome to join is to discover them and upgrades
we visit, make drafts and revisit to make it better

life is a journey

Most are shared; walk & pushbike - look for signs
average people speed is 4 to 6 kph and all age groups change direction without warning 

what we do

Step Inside

from Google map SV (Street View - Virtual tour)
we STEP INSIDE on paths, trails and venues

red arrow right.gif  Project Page: Mapping Tourism Burswood
    • How it Works
    • What we do
    • how you can help


    The area around the Swan river Burswood and inland is mostly flat within 2m elevation

    Bridge Loop

    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    July 2019 Path scanned to 
    Google Map Street View 



    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    July 2019 Path scanned to 
    Google Map Street View 

    East Perth

    Distance: 2400m
    Point Fraser - East Perth South to Mardalup Park - North
    hard surface track I elevation change: 02 m

    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    July 2019 Path scanned to 
    Google Map Street View 

    to South Perth

    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    July 2019 Path scanned to 
    Google Map Street View 

    in page Bike trails Perth CBD  see maps with elevation


    From Burswood to   Bilya Kard Boodja Lookout

    Distance: 3400m from Burswood North side
    surface: hard surface I Elevation: North: 19m

    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view
    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    Sept 2019 Path scanned to 
    Google Map Street View 


    to Belmont Adachi Park

    Distance: 3800m from Burswood North side
    surface: hard surface I Elev: N: 01 Mid: 19m S: 01m

    note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

    FREE 360 Virtual tour 
    As at Sept: NOT scanned path
    North of Bilya Lookout 

    Google Map Street View 

    Trans ops


    Major tourist options 
    Boat (ferry), Bus, Train, Car (Parking) , taxi / uber, Bike / Hire & foot 

    journey on the river by ferry or boat taxi AND explore trails with bike hire

    1. Google map link this page

    Google Virtual tour: fly, jump, walk 

    see Street View this page 



    Burswood: by latest changes

    under construction - as we visit we log more
    Name and UrlDistance / elevation / surfaceFeaturesdate yy.mm / comment
    Bilya Lookout Rivervale 3800m / 19m / hard surface lookout, riverside trail, many photo spots 2019.10.03  
    Loop Bridges Causeway and Windan 7000m / 20m /  Bridges, riverside trails, Stadium, inlet, parks, gardens 2019.07 drafted  
    Heritage Sculpture trail 1800m from bike hire / 10m / concrete  Icons along river, park, gardens 2019.06.13 drafted 
    Heirisson Island Kangaroos 1800m / elev 5m  Kangaroos, trails 2018.05 visit for map paths 
    zone: Kings Park trails 1000m West of Perth CBD  16sq km Botanical garden  
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    Zone Icons

    sorted by latest edits: open table to sort by any column
    Name & urlTheme / FeaturesDistance from Perth Stadium stationdate yy.mm comment
    Corsaire at Burswood Helicopter Scenic Flights Helicopter Scenic Flight S 920m entrance to Crown Towers 2019.10.25 drafted 
    Trails Burswood riverside, Casino, Hotels, parks, Bridges, Stadium   
    Spinway bike hire Burswood Transport: Bike Hire South 1km basement of Crown Towers 2019.05.13 info drafted 
    Transport Transport systems na  
    Crown Towers Perth Accommodation South 1km  
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    Street view


    DRAG n DROP Pegman  anywhere on map (refer legend) and "Step Inside"
    help link below image 

    2019.10 October - creating Street view along the path

    how to
    1. street view (widget below)
    2. step inside 
    3. tips and tricks

    1. street view 

    fly, jump walk
    sample image with tips - followed by live window

    rotate mobile to landscape mode or use 

    Desktop link 

    Mobile link: see get free app - link below

    Step Inside and Jump - Walk  expand view 

    SI tips 2019.05 WA
    How to 1 min video 
    Map tips / tricks how to Google Street View

    Treck map

    Burswood: Map trails & Icons 
    Icons show: Distance, elevations and link to more in each 

    red arrow right.gif  Menu top left: external link

    Virtual tour

    navigation and start points


    sample image from virtual tour 

    Pls share me

    Related topics

    trails Burswoodelevations & icons


    life is a journey

    Bike Hire

    SpinWAy Bike Hire station - Burswood
    • remote cashless system - stations around Perth with free app


    Google SV (Street View) trails zones
    ZoneTheme / Featuresdate yy.mm comment
    Como trails riverside  
    East Perth - Point Fraser riverside, Parks, Food and Drink  
    South Perth Foreshore riverside  
    Perth Foreshore riverside 14km circuit 2019.05 in progress 
    Trails Burswood riverside, parks, Stadium, Bridge 2019.05 in progress 
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    Places visited

    Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
    2019.10.20 - East Perth Entertain: Outdoor Cinema double bed with food Mov' In Bed Fbk Grp WA Tourism 
    2019.05.20 Perth South West Tourism hot spot  IG Instgram madness at BLUE BOAT SHED Blue Boat House FBK grp wa tourism - pic vid 
    2019.10.10 East Perth F&D Point Fraser  Lunch, river, ferry Soul on the Point fbk grp wa tourism 
    2019.08.27 / Applecross Heathcote Reserve google map visit how that view Heathcote Reserve fbk grp wa tourism 
    2019.09.13 / Point Fraser Perth activity bike along the river Birds of colour Point Fraser fbk grp wa tourism 
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