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Trails here

known track 

The trail is approximately 1.2 km long from end to end and should take a reasonably fit adult walking briskly about 15 minutes to complete. Please take the time to enjoy a more leisurely walk in order to immerse yourself in the beautiful environment. The numbered posts along the way correlate with the brochure which explains these points of interest. Further descriptions, photos and information has been added to this webpage so that you can learn more and find other webpages that will extend our summaries.

The trail is fairly rocky and uneven. It is not suitable for wheelchairs or people not steady on their feet. Care needs to be taken with walking on the loose gravel. Also be on the lookout for overhead branches, ants, spiders and snakes.   More

walk around the pools


May 2020 

Our program

our Mission is to inspect / survey the track to determine the best media for Google mapping

ie, photos or video 
typically we take photos (360) of Icons / landmarks and video the trails (faster less quality)

360 Photos are shared into fbk album (main page), google maps and used for virtual tour 

after visiting Lesmurdie falls we were looking for a place to picnic and Google suggested so we agreed 
we arrived late in the day around 4pm, set up camp on a flat rock on the river edge , very beautiful setting 

several other families were present

after some eats we did a quick scout to realise its quite special and plan to return to collect more photos

while there we collected some 360 photos (see virtual tour page) 
and record some google video of sections for test - you can see them in google maps

Route map
GPS live tracker route saved to several sites

sample image: All Trails  - shows elevations and pics taken along the trail
link below image

route map & elevation: 
free app to sync to this route 

another app with 3d fly over video: Relive

1. VIDEO:  3d Flyby route: Pending

2. 3d interactive route: Relive 3d Pending
move along the path to see elevation

Welcome aboard

Support local business and DO post in social media to share the memory of your #HappiMess

we test and present various apps and social media platforms ... try them, use them 

most places we visit will have a listing in this page with all social media channels, search copy and paste

Pls share me 

Trail Roley Pool Reserve in Roleystone, various options as well as known tracks includes, nature ponds, picnic zone, wildlife 

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Virtual welcome visitors in Google maps

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ZONE: East Perth 01 km N.East River  
Zone: Burswood 2.5km East Parks, Gardens, river, casino  
Zone: Kings Park 01km West 406 hectares trails botanical gardens views  
Zone: South Perth 02km South Swan river 20.04 includes street view paths 
Zone: Perth CBD  20.04 incomplete use the apps  
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life is a journey


Places visited

Event date / locationEvent typeTitle / summaryVenue / hostPublication link
2020.08.10 Burswood Icons of the trail Stunning food and views City View Cafe fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.07.12 Kings park Icons of the trail update bike hire station Bicycle hire SpinWAy Kings Park fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.08.02 Kalamunda trail - Bushland - creek Natural zone - dog friendly Whistlepipe Gully walk fbk wa trails pic n vid 
2020.08.12 Burswood Icons of the trail 190 m rock serpent The Wandering fbk grp wa tourism 
2020.08.08 Hillarys Icons of the trail Awesome Marina with so many attractions Hillarys Boat Harbour fbk wa biz 
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