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Milyu Nature Reserve


Milyu is the Aboriginal name for samphire, and the main physical feature of this site is a small peninsula vegetated with sedges and samphire.

This small area adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway provides good feeding and resting areas for waders and other waterbirds.

Watching birds
The bird life is easily viewed from the beach or from the foreshore path. You can almost always see Australian pelicans and black swans, with perhaps an osprey overhead struggling with a large cobbler or bream it has plucked from the shallows. There are information panels on the Milyu foreshore.


A-Class Reserve Number 33803 – Milyu Nature Reserve – is situated adjacent to the heavily-used Kwinana Freeway in South Perth.

Because it is a very narrow strip of foreshore abutting major infrastructure, it is too small to enable natural processes of regeneration to take place. It is exposed to weather conditions, and lacks protective vegetation cover. Erosion is a significant problem.

Successive infrastructure projects associated with the Kwinana Freeway and the construction of a bike pathway have placed enormous pressures on this site, as has disturbance from the nearby jet-ski area.

Of more recent concern has been the Swan River Trust's approval for a sea-plane to use the River immediately adjacent to the Marine Park as a take-off and landing strip; while City of South Perth foreshore development plans indicate the construction of a marina.

Milyu is used by migratory wading birds principally during the day, when tides are too high for other places (such as Point Waylen and Alfred Cove) to be used for resting and feeding.

Milyu is the Aboriginal word for Samphire, which is the low-lying and succulent vegetation found at the site.

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Length: 1500m flat surface river foreshore
30 wide nature strip 
one side is concrete track bike track, other side is river foreshore
Experience: Family Friendly
Elevation 01m change 

600m North Mill Point Reserve 
bbq stations, toilet, water, parking 
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last updated: 04/8/2020


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Swan River South Perth WA 6151, Australia

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  • Milyu Nature reserve is Swan river S.West side of South Perth BEST HASHTAGS  #MilyuNaturereserve  #SouthPerth  #VisitPerth #theta360
  • Milyu Nature reserve is Milyu Nature reserve is 1.5km narrow strip along the Swan river South Perth BEST HASHTAGS  #MilyuNaturereserve  #SouthPerth  #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure  #WaTourism #theta360
  • Milyu Nature reserve is Milyu Nature reserve is 1.5km narrow strip along the Swan river South Perth BEST HASHTAGS  #MilyuNaturereserve  #SouthPerth  #VisitPerthWA   #PerthAdventure  #WaTourism #theta360

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Milyu Nature reserve is 1.5km narrow strip along the Swan river S.West side of South Perth joining to Como Beach, alongside the Kwinana cycle path. Milyu is Aboriginal for samphire, the area has a large variety of dense vegetation and birdliife, access SM hub

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