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South Mill Centre

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corporate offices and private luxury apartments 

Managing agent 

Metway Real Estate


9 Bowman Street, South Perth West Australia  google map link

google map link South Mill Centre has been submitted to google maps

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Virtual tour

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South Mill Centre 

 Drone and Street / Ground

View from the sky or from the ground 
various positions around the course with google street view and WA biz hangar drone 


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Facebook Album - WA Biz Achievers

various drone spherical images taken see list in virtual tour page - section Photos

Street view

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Starting point:   Entrance 

note: if not accurate use .. 

Street view map tips summary
  • Desktop Fullscreen: Icon top right | Arrows: direction; click to move | White frame on cursor: click to jump or zoom  | Reposition: drag street Icon (orange person)
  • Smartphone: get Google street view app  
HOW TO access "Street view and 360 Photo Spheres":  from google map drag street view Icon to Position help video 

Map tips in detail this link



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South Mill Centre comprises corporate offices and private condo's in South Perth WA, SM hub

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