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Three (3) zones for South Perth

1. North Centre @ Mends St jetty on Swan river 
main node - Ferry to city, shops 

2. North West @ MillPoint road on Swan river
Narrows bridge, personal water activities 

3. North East @ Coode Steret Jetty on Swan river 
Cafe, personal water activities 

Pending: West on Milyu reserve 

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South Perth and surrounds

Mapped paths, tips & tricks 
Icons show: Distance, elevations and more

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Name / URLTheme / FeaturesDate / Comment
Name / URLTheme / FeaturesDate / Comment
Trails South Perth Foreshore bike trails riverside East and West 2019.06.10 added 5 or 8 
WA tour zones Directory  
Swan River Icons Swan river  
Virtual Tour South Perth Swan River Drone Swan river 2019.05.25 updated 
Zone West: Mill Point Swan River Bridge / Museum / river bike trails  
Zone East: Coode St Jetty Jetty / Cafe / boat hire / river bike trails  
Zone North Mends St Jetty Jetty / Ferry / Cafe / zoo / hotel / river bike trails  
Showing 7 items